Aug 25, 18 / Lib 13, 02 05:57 UTC

New to Asgardia from Australia  

Hi everyone. This is such an interesting concept. 

I am not sure I can contribute much but I do have a vegetable breeding farm and can possibly have a voice in plant related matters, or maybe breeding vegetables for harsher environments and less inputs perhaps.

Looking forward to seeing where the ride takes us.

Aug 26, 18 / Lib 14, 02 06:27 UTC

Hi Rowan,

I am from Sydney Australia. It's good to see another aussie on here. I love to grow heirloom veg in my backyard

Sep 27, 18 / Sco 18, 02 02:07 UTC

Hi Lisa and Rowan, how's it going? I'm working on a feature for the Australian Financial Review about "start-up societies" and will be discussing Asgardia - would it be possible to talk to you about why you joined and what you think of the concept? Please email me at mark.white [at] fairfaxmedia [dot] com [dot] au - thanks! Mark