Sag 14, 03 / Nov 18, 19 13:26 UTC
Parliament Update 18-NOV-2019 (14-SAG-0003)

With the Physical Sitting due to take place in Tallinn just days away on 23-25 NOV, Parliament is all systems go for this groundbreaking event. Much of Parliament this week has been preparing for the Physical Sitting. As well as the huge logistical undertakings that need to be completed ...

Sag 18, 03 / Nov 22, 19 08:23 UTC
Sag 15, 03 / Nov 19, 19 03:37 UTC
Will parliament also be discussing the amendments submitted by residents using the official avenues? =).
Sag 14, 03 / Nov 18, 19 13:40 UTC
Nice to see everything evolving qua professionalism on a day by day basis and thanks to everybody involved to make this a new reality.
Sag 07, 03 / Nov 11, 19 13:52 UTC
Parliament Update 11-NOV-2019 | 07-SAG-0003

In this update, we’re going to be giving information about the upcoming Physical Sitting and sharing the exciting news about Parliament’s official Space Art Contest. Asgardia’s Parliament has officially launched its SPACE ART COMPETITION. The focus of this competition is Space Art and other Visionary Art dedicated to our ...

Sag 07, 03 / Nov 11, 19 14:21 UTC
Great news.
Sag 00, 03 / Nov 4, 19 14:02 UTC
Parliament Update 04-NOV-2019 | 28-OPH-0003
With the Physical Sitting due to take place in Tallinn this month, Parliament and Government have been buzzing with activity - The Physical Sitting will be one of the cornerstones of Asgardia’s financial development as it will see laws, processes and systems debated and agreed upon to allow the Nation ...
Oph 21, 03 / Oct 28, 19 16:02 UTC
Parliament Update 28-OCT-2019 | 21-OPH-0003
There is a lot of momentum happening in Parliament right now with members working hard to prepare for the Physical Sitting which is due to take place in Estonia on 23-25 November. Members of Parliament are working to develop important legislation that will define and empower our economy and allow ...
Sag 03, 03 / Nov 7, 19 00:38 UTC
Reward should be from understanding, the ability to do, and paitchens to learn.
Sag 03, 03 / Nov 7, 19 00:35 UTC
Tho as we truly transcend to space fairing we should transform to a monetaryless beings to truly equal society with goals always for the advances in understanding and awareness. To be as peaceful as possible. Money causes unnecessary indeffrences. And selfish actions.
Oph 14, 03 / Oct 21, 19 12:39 UTC
Parliament Update 21-OCT-2019 | 14-OPH-0003
We are writing this Parliament update off the back of #ASIC2019 - The Asgardian Science and Investment Conference - several members of Parliament were able to attend the conference and what a huge success it was. People came from all over the world to share in the common goal of ...
Oph 21, 03 / Oct 28, 19 13:01 UTC
Thumbs up!
Oph 20, 03 / Oct 27, 19 07:53 UTC
Its great thing
Oph 15, 03 / Oct 22, 19 02:04 UTC
What is happens with all the wonderful pictures there ?
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Oph 07, 03 / Oct 14, 19 13:52 UTC
Parliament Update 14-OCT-2019 | 07-OPH-0003

This week Parliament has been getting stuck into a wide range of activities for Asgardia including marking the 3rd Birthday of the Nation and bagging an invitation to the United Nations/Austria World Space Forum. ASGARDIA’S BIRTHDAY One of Asgardia’s most notable holidays happened on the 5th of Ophiuchus (Oct ...

Oph 00, 03 / Oct 7, 19 16:36 UTC
Hello there! This week, we've got quite a lot of news on the back of our extended parliament meeting - to prevent duplication of the content, you can go and view it in full at the following link: If you have any questions or comments, please don't forget that ...
Oph 05, 03 / Oct 12, 19 10:56 UTC
Good news! Regarding the digital meetings of Parliament, are there any recording of proceedings or documents, minutes, agenda etc available?
Sco 21, 03 / Sep 30, 19 12:28 UTC
Parliament Update 2019-SEP-30 | 003-SCO-20

Hello, again fellow Asgardians. We’re back with another Parliament update - But before we get into it, we wanted to let you know that it’s possible for you to directly contact Parliament. Our primary job is to represent the will of the people through the development and application of ...

Sco 22, 03 / Oct 1, 19 04:09 UTC
Awesome!! keep up the great work <3
Sco 14, 03 / Sep 23, 19 12:46 UTC
Parliament Update: 14-SCO-0003 | 23-SEP-2019

Hello again from Parliament. We’re back this week with another update about the work that we’re doing and the progress that the Nation is making towards its goals. We want to start out by thanking everyone that has shown their support for Asgardia by contributing the Citizenship fee. The ...

Sco 15, 03 / Sep 24, 19 10:13 UTC
This is a great update, thank you 😊
Sco 14, 03 / Sep 23, 19 13:47 UTC
Thank you for your hard work!
Sco 07, 03 / Sep 16, 19 13:08 UTC
Parliament Update 16/09
As you know, we have been working hard on furthering the development of Asgardia’s economy. This ecosystem is going to be vital for us as we need to generate an income, but It’s important to remember that while we’re talking a lot about the economy and money in general, Asgardia’s ...
Sco 15, 03 / Sep 24, 19 18:05 UTC
Hello Asgardia Parliament Official, I sent by email a business proposal that you should find very interesting and will make all what you have said above a reality. I ask that you please read my email and reply. Thank you kindly in advance.
Sco 11, 03 / Sep 20, 19 17:11 UTC
That we do, ChristopherBoardman! That we do.
Sco 11, 03 / Sep 20, 19 17:10 UTC
You can't currently get a passport from Asgardia for paying the Citizenship fee, no. The Citizenship fee will make you a resident - This way you're supporting the growth of the nation, and you also get to vote in referendums, have a say in changes to the constitution and a ...
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Sco 00, 03 / Sep 9, 19 14:52 UTC
Parliament Update 2019-SEP-09 | 0003-LIB-28

Before we launch into our weekly update, on behalf of all members of Parliament, we wanted to wish Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli a happy birthday. A true visionary, without whom there would be no Asgardia and it would be a big step back for humanity’s journey into space. We wish ...

Sco 02, 03 / Sep 11, 19 11:26 UTC
It appears that not "all Asgardian residents have 100 Solars in their wallets" but only the ones who made a financial contribution or paid fees... before the new website was launched on April 12th 2019... Since that date, it doesn't appear possible to "buy" solars...
Sco 01, 03 / Sep 10, 19 05:09 UTC
Where can I get acquainted with the personal results of the voting of deputies on the calendar of Asgardia. Give thanks!
Lib 21, 03 / Sep 2, 19 14:56 UTC
Interview with Fernando Motte on The Asgardian Institute of Standards

There is a lot going on in Parliament ahead of the upcoming Sittings - and as outlined in our previous update - there is going to be a core focus on building up the Nation’s economy so that we can start to implement important Government services and strategies that ...

Lib 22, 03 / Sep 3, 19 02:37 UTC
Intense work with the collaboration of manufacturing deputy Mr. Burham, congratulations on your work and delivery
Lib 14, 03 / Aug 26, 19 12:11 UTC
Physical sitting to serve as a summit on Asgardia’s economy.
In Asgardia’s most complete digital sitting that took place on 26-28 July Parliament passed approval on the distribution of funds to hold a physical sitting. In recent meetings, Chairman of Parliament, Lembit Öpik revealed details about what will be Parliament’s second physical sitting since they met in Vienna on June ...
Lib 21, 03 / Sep 2, 19 00:48 UTC
Se eu não estiver enganado, este padrão usa o XML como base de arquivo.
Lib 15, 03 / Aug 27, 19 17:09 UTC
What is the Akoma Ntoso?
Lib 14, 03 / Aug 26, 19 19:49 UTC
Happy to hear that Estonia has not only singers but also astronomers. :-)
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Lib 07, 03 / Aug 19, 19 13:33 UTC
Parliament Update 0003-LIB-07 (2019-AUG-19)

We mentioned in a previous update that Parliament had approved the resources for a physical sitting and we are pleased to say that this has now been confirmed. The second physical sitting of Parliament will take place in Tallinn, Estonia in November and it is expected to run between ...

Lib 10, 03 / Aug 22, 19 22:18 UTC
Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing what happens with Trade and Commerce.
Lib 00, 03 / Aug 12, 19 13:14 UTC
Parliament Update 0003-VIR-28-SAT  (2019-AUG-12-MON)

Voting results from the last Parliament Sitting have been published this week and participation was reported to be 97%! This data shows that Asgardia’s parliament is in good spirits and that they’re carrying out their duties. AMPs continue volunteering their time and best efforts, representing all Asgardians in creating ...

Vir 21, 03 / Aug 5, 19 12:25 UTC
Parliament Update - Vir 21 0003 (Aug 05 2019)
// Physical Sitting Confirmed // Parliament has agreed to hold a physical sitting after passing a vote on the matter during the Parliamentary sitting earlier this month. Chairman of Parliament, Lembit Öpik cited this physical sitting as an important moment for the nation as it would allow Parliament to come ...
Lib 00, 03 / Aug 12, 19 12:20 UTC
Do not forget closed caption as for Deaf and Hard of Hearing community as well.
Vir 24, 03 / Aug 8, 19 21:55 UTC
As an Asgardia MP I know our work may seem small at the moment but we are building a great foundation of our blossoming space nation.
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