Sco 07, 03 / Sep 16, 19 13:08 UTC
Parliament Update 16/09
As you know, we have been working hard on furthering the development of Asgardia’s economy. This ecosystem is going to be vital for us as we need to generate an income, but It’s important to remember that while we’re talking a lot about the economy and money in general, Asgardia’s ...
Sco 11, 03 / Sep 20, 19 17:11 UTC
That we do, ChristopherBoardman! That we do.
Sco 11, 03 / Sep 20, 19 17:10 UTC
You can't currently get a passport from Asgardia for paying the Citizenship fee, no. The Citizenship fee will make you a resident - This way you're supporting the growth of the nation, and you also get to vote in referendums, have a say in changes to the constitution and a ...
Sco 11, 03 / Sep 20, 19 16:36 UTC
This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free.
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Sco 00, 03 / Sep 9, 19 14:52 UTC
Parliament Update 2019-SEP-09 | 0003-LIB-28

Before we launch into our weekly update, on behalf of all members of Parliament, we wanted to wish Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli a happy birthday. A true visionary, without whom there would be no Asgardia and it would be a big step back for humanity’s journey into space. We wish ...

Sco 02, 03 / Sep 11, 19 11:26 UTC
It appears that not "all Asgardian residents have 100 Solars in their wallets" but only the ones who made a financial contribution or paid fees... before the new website was launched on April 12th 2019... Since that date, it doesn't appear possible to "buy" solars...
Sco 01, 03 / Sep 10, 19 05:09 UTC
Where can I get acquainted with the personal results of the voting of deputies on the calendar of Asgardia. Give thanks!
Lib 21, 03 / Sep 2, 19 14:56 UTC
Interview with Fernando Motte on The Asgardian Institute of Standards

There is a lot going on in Parliament ahead of the upcoming Sittings - and as outlined in our previous update - there is going to be a core focus on building up the Nation’s economy so that we can start to implement important Government services and strategies that ...

Lib 22, 03 / Sep 3, 19 02:37 UTC
Intense work with the collaboration of manufacturing deputy Mr. Burham, congratulations on your work and delivery
Lib 14, 03 / Aug 26, 19 12:11 UTC
Physical sitting to serve as a summit on Asgardia’s economy.
In Asgardia’s most complete digital sitting that took place on 26-28 July Parliament passed approval on the distribution of funds to hold a physical sitting. In recent meetings, Chairman of Parliament, Lembit Öpik revealed details about what will be Parliament’s second physical sitting since they met in Vienna on June ...
Lib 21, 03 / Sep 2, 19 00:48 UTC
Se eu não estiver enganado, este padrão usa o XML como base de arquivo.
Lib 15, 03 / Aug 27, 19 17:09 UTC
What is the Akoma Ntoso?
Lib 14, 03 / Aug 26, 19 19:49 UTC
Happy to hear that Estonia has not only singers but also astronomers. :-)
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Lib 07, 03 / Aug 19, 19 13:33 UTC
Parliament Update 0003-LIB-07 (2019-AUG-19)

We mentioned in a previous update that Parliament had approved the resources for a physical sitting and we are pleased to say that this has now been confirmed. The second physical sitting of Parliament will take place in Tallinn, Estonia in November and it is expected to run between ...

Lib 10, 03 / Aug 22, 19 22:18 UTC
Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing what happens with Trade and Commerce.
Lib 00, 03 / Aug 12, 19 13:14 UTC
Parliament Update 0003-VIR-28-SAT  (2019-AUG-12-MON)

Voting results from the last Parliament Sitting have been published this week and participation was reported to be 97%! This data shows that Asgardia’s parliament is in good spirits and that they’re carrying out their duties. AMPs continue volunteering their time and best efforts, representing all Asgardians in creating ...

Vir 21, 03 / Aug 5, 19 12:25 UTC
Parliament Update - Vir 21 0003 (Aug 05 2019)
// Physical Sitting Confirmed // Parliament has agreed to hold a physical sitting after passing a vote on the matter during the Parliamentary sitting earlier this month. Chairman of Parliament, Lembit Öpik cited this physical sitting as an important moment for the nation as it would allow Parliament to come ...
Lib 00, 03 / Aug 12, 19 12:20 UTC
Do not forget closed caption as for Deaf and Hard of Hearing community as well.
Vir 24, 03 / Aug 8, 19 21:55 UTC
As an Asgardia MP I know our work may seem small at the moment but we are building a great foundation of our blossoming space nation.
Vir 07, 03 / Jul 22, 19 15:15 UTC
Parliament Update 0003 VIR 29 SAT | 2019 JUL 22 MON
Exciting times in Parliament. This week we are having our fourth digital Sitting. We will discuss important points like our legislative priorities for the next year and the process of amending the constitution. The Citizenship Committee recently had a meeting with mayors of several cities around the world, like Kuala ...
Vir 25, 03 / Aug 9, 19 00:37 UTC
With the mayors that were available for the meeting.
Vir 25, 03 / Aug 9, 19 00:37 UTC
The meeting was not in Damascus, it was online with mayors from different cities.
Vir 25, 03 / Aug 9, 19 00:35 UTC
When date and place are confirmed we will publish it. Turkey is not confirmed.
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Vir 00, 03 / Jul 15, 19 13:14 UTC
Parliament are gearing up for the digital and physical Sittings
Hello Asgardians, if you’ve seen the updated Calendar, today is Saturday 28th of Leo and although it might be the weekend in Asgardia, for people using the Gregorian calendar, it’s the start of a new week and with it is our Parliamentary Update. It's been another busy week for Parliament ...
Leo 22, 03 / Jul 9, 19 15:45 UTC
AMPs in Chile: Attending Rare Solar Eclipse Event
This year 2019, we witnessed the star event most awaited by the astronomical world. On July 2, and for almost three minutes, a total solar eclipse was observed in the central zone of Chile that darkened the skies of the southern hemisphere, generating a halo of mysteries and emotions to ...
Vir 23, 03 / Aug 7, 19 14:06 UTC
Thank you friend, It was really an adventure for the Asgardians who made this trip, as well as Parliamentarian I feel the responsibility of pushing the actions and ideas to make things happen and not only be a spectator .... for Asgardia a Unit a Humanity I will soon be ...
Vir 23, 03 / Aug 7, 19 01:11 UTC
This is an incredible rousing article.I am essentially satisfied with your great work.You put truly exceptionally accommodating data. Keep it up. Continue blogging. Hoping to perusing your next regards-
Leo 21, 03 / Jul 8, 19 14:29 UTC
Parliament reaffirm commitment to transparency
Parliament is deepening its level of commitment, transparency and communication with Asgardians. Opening communication channels in our webpage and consistently sharing Parliament news in social media was the first step. Soon we are going to be sharing in an article more details about the functioning of parliament. Also soon we ...
Leo 23, 03 / Jul 10, 19 15:47 UTC
Yeah , i am really happy i can see light in our dreams . Thank you our parliament for changing how parliamentarian are usually
Leo 22, 03 / Jul 9, 19 16:38 UTC
Very good!
Leo 22, 03 / Jul 9, 19 04:09 UTC
Awesome, thanks for the information!!!
Leo 17, 03 / Jul 4, 19 12:14 UTC
Meet John Fine, Chair of the Trade & Commerce Committee
John Fine is a big Star Trek fan. He has watched every Star Trek movie in existence at least 4 times, and some many times more. It is only natural that when MP Fine saw information about Asgardia in social media he was fascinated about it, and after some research, ...
Leo 18, 03 / Jul 5, 19 13:55 UTC
Thank you Yana, you are the best and continue to inspire me 😊
Leo 18, 03 / Jul 5, 19 10:30 UTC
I met John in Vienna. On the way back from the inauguration, we wound up at the airport together and had a really great conversation while waiting for our flights. Very genuine guy working hard for Asgardia.
Leo 17, 03 / Jul 4, 19 18:18 UTC
Dear John, what a great story of a very kind person!
Leo 16, 03 / Jul 3, 19 09:12 UTC
An Interview With Chairman of Parliament, Lembit Opik
Asgardia’s Chair of Parliament, Lembit Öpik, answers questions from AMP Helena Aramendia about his involvement with Asgardia, his expectations for its future and what’s going to happen next. For Lembit, Asgardia is a necessary step for the human race - and he says those who don’t believe in a space ...
Leo 22, 03 / Jul 9, 19 03:19 UTC
I’m more interested in what is to be gained by asking this question.
Leo 16, 03 / Jul 3, 19 18:15 UTC
its a good question. Id also be interested to know.
Leo 16, 03 / Jul 3, 19 18:05 UTC
Actually I'm talking total out of the 1 million, I'd like to know if they are still active or not. more than likely a lot of them left, but are still being counted
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Leo 14, 03 / Jul 1, 19 09:00 UTC
Parliament Update, Asgard 14, 0003 (01 July 2019)
It's our birthday! The 24th of June of 2018 the first parliament of the first Space Nation in the History of Humanity had his first session. This week was the anniversary of this historical event. Since then Asgardia has grown up to over a million followers and more than 18.000 ...
Can 19, 03 / Jun 8, 19 14:01 UTC
Actualización del Parlamento 7 de junio de 2019
Nuevos nombramientos, planes para el “Día del Asteroide” y actualizaciones de comités, nuestras noticias semanales están aquí. Nos complace ofrecerle otra actualización sobre el trabajo del Parlamento de Asgardia, comenzando por nuevos nombramientos. Hoy felicitamos al MP Ismail Sengul, (Distrito 3, Turco) por su nombramiento como Secretario Ejecutivo del Comité ...
Can 19, 03 / Jun 8, 19 08:28 UTC
Parliament update June 7, 2019
New appointments, plans for Asteroid day and committee updates, our weekly news are here. We are pleased to bring you another update on the work of Asgardia’s Parliament starting with announcements. Today we congratulate MP Ismail Sengul, (District 3, Turkish) on his appointment to the position of Executive Secretary of ...
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