Pis 21, 04 / Feb 18, 20 16:23 UTC
Parliamentary Update Pisces 21, 0004/February 18, 2020

Parliamentary work has been focused on preparations for the upcoming digital sitting. Pending legislation continues to be refined and avenues for more are being identified.

Chairman Lembit Öpik has been meeting with the developers of Zoom, the platform in which the Asgardia Parliament uses ...

Pis 22, 04 / Feb 19, 20 18:35 UTC
Can we get an answer please about the points and levels? For what do the levels stand for? Are there any plans to combine these levels and points to rewards or solars? Can we use this to build a community leadership panel to advice the government? Are there any benefits ...
Pis 14, 04 / Feb 11, 20 16:58 UTC
Parliament Update 06-February-2020 / 10-Pisces-0004
This week’s meeting focussed on preparing for the upcoming Parliamentary digital sitting taking place from 03 - 05 Aries 0004 / February 28 - March 1, 2020, promoting Asgardia and licensing ideas. In the digital sitting, parliament will have eight pieces of legislation to discuss during the sitting. Two pieces ...
Pis 21, 04 / Feb 18, 20 18:27 UTC
Very true but we as To start Practicing the constitution. Chapter 3 of the constitution Space citizenship of Asgardia / Article 8 Rights and freedoms of citizens #4.f Right to access to information about the Activities of governmental bodies and Monitor them.
Pis 20, 04 / Feb 17, 20 22:24 UTC
I'm sure it will come in its own time. Let's be patient and in the meanwhile content ourselves with the news shared by the AMPs' own social media comments and other sharing after the sitting will be over...
Pis 19, 04 / Feb 16, 20 21:18 UTC
🥺 why not? We need to be as much involved as we can be.
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Pis 06, 04 / Feb 3, 20 16:23 UTC
Parliamentary Update 03-FEB-20 / 06-PIS-04

This week, Asgardia’s parliament moves closer to passing key legislation and setting precedence as the most organized parliamentary systems in the world, working at every level of parliament. It also brought back Head of Administration of the Head of Nation Lena De Winne to attending the weekly meeting which ...

Pis 16, 04 / Feb 13, 20 19:07 UTC
thanks for telling us. http://allin1captions.com/workout-captions/
Pis 16, 04 / Feb 13, 20 19:06 UTC
thanks for informing us.
Pis 06, 04 / Feb 3, 20 17:05 UTC
I am surprised Helena has resigned
Aqu 21, 04 / Jan 21, 20 14:05 UTC
Parliamentary Update 21-JAN-20/21-AQU-04
This last week was busy for the Parliament of Asgardia. Parliament held two meetings, the weekly touch-base Q&A with the Chairman of Parliament and an all-day working meeting to discuss legislation that is being worked on. In the weekly meeting, the Chairman of Parliament and AMPs discussed the goal of ...
Aqu 22, 04 / Jan 22, 20 05:07 UTC
Thank you, Chairman for pushing the currency agenda and trying to add value in SOL. We are looking forward to the growth of this development, so that we can start building community with this unique currency.
Aqu 21, 04 / Jan 21, 20 20:29 UTC
Kulai si necesitas algo envíalo a la coordinación del parlamento ya sabes el correo para que se analice y si es viable ya saben que todo queda en el registro y archivo
Aqu 21, 04 / Jan 21, 20 20:28 UTC
Saludos a todos los que han colaborado y siguen semana a semana las noticias de lo que estamos realizando , poco a poco pero con paso seguro ahí vamos!!!
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Aqu 13, 04 / Jan 13, 20 15:54 UTC
Parliament Update 13-JAN-20 | 13-AQU-04
Members of Parliament met digitally for the first time in 0004 (2020) officially with the Chairman of Parliament, Lembit Opik. The meeting launched with a brief new year greeting and outlining the agenda of the day. The Chairman outlined the confirmed schedule for key parliamentary meetings throughout the year which ...
Aqu 19, 04 / Jan 19, 20 06:57 UTC
I am eagerly waiting for that live performance by Electric enemy. I think that would help send a message to people of our pop based culture
Aqu 16, 04 / Jan 16, 20 14:45 UTC
Is there any video of the meeting?
Aqu 14, 04 / Jan 14, 20 21:28 UTC
Great Job!
Aqu 06, 04 / Jan 6, 20 17:22 UTC
Reflections on Asgardia, 0003

What was 0003 like for Asgardian parliament and What challenges are the parliament facing this year? https://bit.ly/36u6cHH

Aqu 08, 04 / Jan 8, 20 03:34 UTC
It was long due process, which was large and by far a crazy ride to building the digital nation. I know that we are getting there to this day, as I can agreed that there was few bumpy road behind. But it is the experience that counts.... Yet, we can ...
Cap 14, 03 / Dec 16, 19 18:00 UTC
Parliament Update 16-DEC-19 | 14-CAP-03
Members of Parliament have been working hard this week as they return from Tallinn bundled with important tasks to progress the development of the Nation. MPs are very inspired after the meeting and we are working hard for Asgardia. Ariadne Gallardo Figuero from the Citizenship Committee shared a little information ...
Cap 07, 03 / Dec 9, 19 17:35 UTC
Parliament Update 9-DEC-19 | 7-CAP-03

We’re hot off the heels of the 4th Parliamentary sitting that took place in Tallinn, Estonia between 23-25 November and we wanted to give a little rundown of our time at this groundbreaking physical sitting. The Physical sitting was opened by the Chairman of Parliament, Lembit Opik (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z642ZH9KWGw) and ...

Cap 13, 03 / Dec 15, 19 23:05 UTC
I hope this will be a stepping stone that will have great ripple effect of showing what Asgardia is going to provide for next stage of community growth. I am looking forward to the activity within 2020!
Cap 13, 03 / Dec 15, 19 12:28 UTC
passport too argardian citizens, very important
Cap 13, 03 / Dec 15, 19 12:27 UTC
I would like them to develop a passport for the Algerian citizens, it would be very important
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Cap 00, 03 / Dec 2, 19 13:41 UTC
A Month of “Paving the Way Into Space”

I can tell you without equivocation, as I fly home in this airliner 40000 feet above the earth surface, that I have just had one of the most fascinating, captivating, revelatory and fulfilling months of my life, and it’s all due to my life as an Asgardian, and specifically ...

Cap 02, 03 / Dec 4, 19 14:43 UTC
Thanks Ubaldo, happy to be working with you too! Thanks for your kind observations!
Cap 02, 03 / Dec 4, 19 14:42 UTC
Thanks, Ivan for your support!😊
Cap 02, 03 / Dec 4, 19 14:41 UTC
Thank you, I’m so glad!
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Sag 14, 03 / Nov 18, 19 13:26 UTC
Parliament Update 18-NOV-2019 (14-SAG-0003)

With the Physical Sitting due to take place in Tallinn just days away on 23-25 NOV, Parliament is all systems go for this groundbreaking event. Much of Parliament this week has been preparing for the Physical Sitting. As well as the huge logistical undertakings that need to be completed ...

Sag 19, 03 / Nov 23, 19 22:40 UTC
excuse me why you don't but the Arabic language in your Translation, I am young Arabic and I ask you but the Arabic language. Thank you very much.
Sag 18, 03 / Nov 22, 19 08:23 UTC
Sag 15, 03 / Nov 19, 19 03:37 UTC
Will parliament also be discussing the amendments submitted by residents using the official avenues? =).
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Sag 07, 03 / Nov 11, 19 13:52 UTC
Parliament Update 11-NOV-2019 | 07-SAG-0003

In this update, we’re going to be giving information about the upcoming Physical Sitting and sharing the exciting news about Parliament’s official Space Art Contest. Asgardia’s Parliament has officially launched its SPACE ART COMPETITION. The focus of this competition is Space Art and other Visionary Art dedicated to our ...

Sag 07, 03 / Nov 11, 19 14:21 UTC
Great news.
Sag 00, 03 / Nov 4, 19 14:02 UTC
Parliament Update 04-NOV-2019 | 28-OPH-0003
With the Physical Sitting due to take place in Tallinn this month, Parliament and Government have been buzzing with activity - The Physical Sitting will be one of the cornerstones of Asgardia’s financial development as it will see laws, processes and systems debated and agreed upon to allow the Nation ...
Oph 21, 03 / Oct 28, 19 16:02 UTC
Parliament Update 28-OCT-2019 | 21-OPH-0003
There is a lot of momentum happening in Parliament right now with members working hard to prepare for the Physical Sitting which is due to take place in Estonia on 23-25 November. Members of Parliament are working to develop important legislation that will define and empower our economy and allow ...
Sag 03, 03 / Nov 7, 19 00:38 UTC
Reward should be from understanding, the ability to do, and paitchens to learn.
Sag 03, 03 / Nov 7, 19 00:35 UTC
Tho as we truly transcend to space fairing we should transform to a monetaryless beings to truly equal society with goals always for the advances in understanding and awareness. To be as peaceful as possible. Money causes unnecessary indeffrences. And selfish actions.
Oph 14, 03 / Oct 21, 19 12:39 UTC
Parliament Update 21-OCT-2019 | 14-OPH-0003
We are writing this Parliament update off the back of #ASIC2019 - The Asgardian Science and Investment Conference - several members of Parliament were able to attend the conference and what a huge success it was. People came from all over the world to share in the common goal of ...
Oph 21, 03 / Oct 28, 19 13:01 UTC
Thumbs up!
Oph 20, 03 / Oct 27, 19 07:53 UTC
Its great thing
Oph 15, 03 / Oct 22, 19 02:04 UTC
What is happens with all the wonderful pictures there ?
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Oph 07, 03 / Oct 14, 19 13:52 UTC
Parliament Update 14-OCT-2019 | 07-OPH-0003

This week Parliament has been getting stuck into a wide range of activities for Asgardia including marking the 3rd Birthday of the Nation and bagging an invitation to the United Nations/Austria World Space Forum. ASGARDIA’S BIRTHDAY One of Asgardia’s most notable holidays happened on the 5th of Ophiuchus (Oct ...

Oph 00, 03 / Oct 7, 19 16:36 UTC
Hello there! This week, we've got quite a lot of news on the back of our extended parliament meeting - to prevent duplication of the content, you can go and view it in full at the following link: https://asgardia.space/en/news/parliament-meets-for-extended-session If you have any questions or comments, please don't forget that ...
Oph 05, 03 / Oct 12, 19 10:56 UTC
Good news! Regarding the digital meetings of Parliament, are there any recording of proceedings or documents, minutes, agenda etc available?
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