Jul 11, 03 / Jul 26, 19 17:23 UTC
This is over 15 years of work which also includes my work here inspired by the potential of Asgardia. My policy page on my blog grew to 45 pages, but I decided I needed more room to grow so I put it into its own site. My site does have ...
Jul 15, 03 / Jul 30, 19 22:22 UTC
Also, here is the first part of my constitutional rewrite: https://www.freexenon.com/new-constitution-asgardia-2-0-part-i/ this is the part before how the government operates.
Jul 15, 03 / Jul 30, 19 22:11 UTC
Yea, when I ran and was elected into parliament I had a list of things that need to be amended: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KVuicIv0_5STFaEB3dMZ_xpWAG0cNuIXrEikISpvsuw/edit?usp=sharing I am hoping to be able to submit them again through this new initiative.
Jul 15, 03 / Jul 30, 19 12:55 UTC
honestly, this is great, however, Parliament wont rewrite the entire Constitution. it will amend it if they find the amendment worthy to discuss and vote upon. I think they were asking for possibly changes to Constitution to be sent to them. I think they had an article on that.
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Jul 11, 03 / Jul 26, 19 17:18 UTC
This is over 15 years of work which also includes my work here inspired by the potential of Asgardia. My policy page on my blog grew to 45 pages, but I decided I needed more room to grow so I put it into its own site. My site does have ...
Jul 12, 03 / Jul 27, 19 19:57 UTC
Sons? =O
Jul 12, 03 / Jul 27, 19 15:23 UTC
James, I went to your site. You are a smart, developed person. But when will you show us your sons?
Jul 11, 03 / Jul 26, 19 17:13 UTC
"For far too long has Humanity abused and violated the natural world causing irreparable harm which has resulted in the extinction of over 70% of the species that once roamed our planet as well as being the genesis for what may eventually lead to Humanity’s extinction – Climate Change." https://www.freexenon.com/2019/05/28/universal-declaration-of-the-rights-of-mother-earth/
Jul 11, 03 / Jul 26, 19 17:10 UTC
"I have just found this great video of an understandably irate Neil deGrasse Tyson (NdT) speaking the truth in this amazing video from 2012! The power of the innovation and inspiration gained from the NASA and our space program and its accomplishments is worth far more than the paltry 1 ...
Jul 11, 03 / Jul 26, 19 17:08 UTC
Carl Sagan and His Famous ‘Pale Blue Dot’ Speech "So, here is that amazing lecture that he gave at the University of Cornell: Carl Sagan’s 1994 “Lost” Lecture: The Age of Exploration (1:36:00). The total video is 1 hour and 36 minutes long. The first hour is his speech, the ...
Jul 11, 03 / Jul 26, 19 17:06 UTC
Here is an Amazing infographic showing the timeline of Earth’s average temperature from XKCD. I have seen this before, but now, since I am posting much more ravenously I thought I would introduce you all to it. Enjoy! Earth Temperature Timeline (XKCD) Climate Change, Explained in One Simple Comic (Climate ...
Jul 11, 03 / Jul 26, 19 17:05 UTC
Home > Technology > Alternative-Energy > Carl Sagan’s Keynote Speech at the 5th Emerging Issues Forum (1990) Carl Sagan from his Keynote Speech at the Emerging Issues Forum in Cornell University in Feb of 1990 Carl Sagan’s Keynote Speech at the 5th Emerging Issues Forum (1990) Alternative-Energy Climate Change Science ...
Jul 13, 03 / Jul 28, 19 13:52 UTC
Lol! Carl Sagan is the smart one! I am just the monkey that transcribed it!
Jul 12, 03 / Jul 27, 19 23:07 UTC
Ohmy god.. So many text like my brain gonna dizzy right now.. What a smart person you are..
Asg 5, 03 / Jun 22, 19 23:18 UTC
For all of you members, what is the part(s) of a Resource Based Economy that appeals to you the most?
Jul 5, 03 / Jul 20, 19 23:40 UTC
Of course. It could only be implemented on a large scale, or if you had an incredible amount of money to do so, which would also require a degree of economic isolation otherwise you would break the balance.
Jul 5, 03 / Jul 20, 19 23:39 UTC
Yup! My various RBE posts here have links to TVP!
Jul 4, 03 / Jul 19, 19 23:46 UTC
I think everyone who wants to participate in this group should check out thevenusproject.com. It's where the photo for this group discussion comes from. Also if people want a little back ground on what an RBE (Resource Based Economy) is.
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May 27, 03 / May 19, 19 16:23 UTC
I have created a community for Resourced Based Economy discussions and information so come one down and take a gander: https://asgardia.space/en/social/communities/88
Jun 20, 03 / Jun 9, 19 20:55 UTC
I have considered that sort of a method of testing such ideas. I don't have the skills for that, unfortunately. =(
Jun 19, 03 / Jun 8, 19 14:05 UTC
That was an abstract model to show that economy is very complex. If Lunar colony is not a good example then we can model a colony on the planet of near star (other than Sol). As a starting point for modelling one can create a game with web access (you ...
Jun 16, 03 / Jun 5, 19 02:02 UTC
A lunar colony of sorts will most likely NOT be completely self sustainable. There would be many things that it could do on its own: * create food * recycle * mine materials * 3d print structures all locally * create solar panels * could do small scale bot production ...
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May 14, 03 / May 6, 19 19:58 UTC
https://www.arionshome.com/2019/05/05/read-the-inner-level-how-more-equal-societies-reduce-stress-restore-sanity-and-improve-everyones-well-being/ Introduction The Inner Level: How More Equal Societies Reduce Stress, Restore Sanity and Improve Everyone’s Well-Being(Pickett and Wilkinson, 2019) is an amazing book and is written as a follow up to their previous work Read: The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger (Pickett and Wilkinson, 2009) which ...
May 2, 03 / Apr 24, 19 23:31 UTC
The Kardashev Scale of Civilizations https://www.arionshome.com/2019/03/22/kardashev-scale-of-civilizations/ I am going to introduce you to an interesting idea proposed by Kardashev called the Kardashev Scale. Here is a quote from science fiction and fantasy writer Veronica Sicoe which has a great introduction to this concept: "In 1964, Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev figured ...
May 3, 03 / Apr 25, 19 01:24 UTC
I cannot imagine that the powers that be would ever allow RBE in Asgardia. I hope to be wrong. In either case, I like your world better! =)
May 3, 03 / Apr 25, 19 01:07 UTC
I think there are races out there sapient in form (like us) that utilize, RBE and a human based economy. Where things based on experience, like bettering society and putting in time to better the whole. have value. Asgardia is sort of the on the way to that.. when people ...
May 2, 03 / Apr 24, 19 23:30 UTC
Check it out: Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur https://www.arionshome.com/2019/03/15/science-and-futurism-with-isaac-arthur/ My next post The Kardashev Scale of Civilizations is coming out on Friday (2019 Mar 22) and, as a part of that research, I have be gifted with discovering an awesomely educational YouTube channel titled Science and Futurism with Isaac ...
May 2, 03 / Apr 24, 19 23:20 UTC
Here is a longer video about RBE from TROM (Be prepared for a Scottish accent!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXtka1ivx9Q
Jun 13, 03 / Jun 2, 19 16:47 UTC
Yea, I tend to agree. Most likely just one or so generation. When I think about how such a thing might happen in my small town, the only real issues I can think of are churches and historical landmarks of which we have many.
Jun 2, 03 / May 22, 19 23:03 UTC
I feel like if this were to be reality, they would have to leave old cities, for the beginning anyways, and then after a few generations, maybe they would be able to start dismantling them. There's just too much sentimental value and historical value in the cities for the current ...
Jun 2, 03 / May 22, 19 20:08 UTC
Completely recycle and build anew. Look at The Venus Project which was created by the man who created the concept of a Resource Based Economy. Also look at The Zeitgeist Movement which is also promoting this too. RBE is the answer to most of Humanity's problems.
May 2, 03 / Apr 24, 19 23:02 UTC
My post: How Do We Transform Unbridled Capitalism Towards a New Ethical and Eco-humanistic Model? https://www.arionshome.com/2018/10/03/transform-unbridled-capitalism/
May 2, 03 / Apr 24, 19 23:01 UTC
My post: Benefits of a Resource Based Economy for Industries and Businesses https://www.arionshome.com/2018/10/03/benefits-resource-based-economy-industries-businesses/
May 2, 03 / Apr 24, 19 23:00 UTC
My post: Productivity and Motivation in a Resource Based Economy? https://www.arionshome.com/2018/04/07/productivity-motivation-resource-based-economy/
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