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Re: Address from the Founding Father - January 12, 2017  

It was great to hear from Dr Ashurbeyli. It helps to continue to energize our nation and show the support of our leader as we move forward. I'm so glad to be a part of this. I can't wait to celebrate our 1st year anniversary. I've added onto my tasks list to go searching for alternative calendar apps to keep in tune. I know it'll throw a few people off, but for those who have served in the military, or government, we've understood Julian calendars, and fiscal calendars. Other countries also celebrate different dates as being their New Year's. It'll just take some time to get used to it. I can definitely get behind and support our new motto. It seems very fitting, and I only wish more of the world could take that to heart.

One humanity, one unity!

Jan 12, 17 / Aqu 12, 01 22:22 UTC

I propose we adopt the HE (Human Era) calendar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czgOWmtGVGs This calendar is explained in the video above, and is much more representative of actual human progress than the calendar most of Earth uses. It would be quite simply to integrate dates with Earth dates as well, since you simply add 10,000 years. I think declaring December 12th 2016 as the dawn of a new era a bit presumptuous. Asgardia is great, and the date should be celebrated, but basing a calendar off of it is entirely unnecessary. If we need a calendar that is not linked to any particular country or religion on Earth, this is probably best and simplest.

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I like the motto very much, and I also find the greeting gesture quite elegant. I hope to see soon another video with more news.

One humanity, one unity.

Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 11:46 UTC

Thank you Dr. Ashurbeyli,

Thank you Asgardia and my friens,

good luck

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It as what as missing: Or Funding Father giving a speech to us.

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cool perfekt Message

Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 23:23 UTC

Thank you Dr Ashurbeyli for that video speech. Quite like the motto one humanity , one unity.



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The motto is great in English but if I translate to Hungarian, that sounds very strange.

"Egy emberiség, egy egység"

Jan 14, 17 / Aqu 14, 01 03:14 UTC

One humanity, one unity!

Jan 14, 17 / Aqu 14, 01 11:57 UTC

Seems, the motto doesn't translate well into most languages, it's odd in German too. As for the videos content itself: Yes he is a likable man, and the symbolism in his office is nice, his words sound nice, and I even do like the motto (not sure if the calendar thing proposes a change away from the gregorian calendar or only marks a national holiday) But overall, he is a politician, making a lot of nice words to say nothing. Yes he does point out some (quite vague) tasks, but there is no real schedule, nor does he tell us what he has done yet, or is planning to do over the year. I am a little bit disappointed.

Jan 14, 17 / Aqu 14, 01 15:34 UTC

I'm agree with SirMcTod about the speech. It was short and nothing important was said only some general things. So we are still just a web community that only talks about space and what technologies we need there, we have no schedule that we can use to organize ourselves around some issue or problem, we can't do almost anything (we delegate our voices to Founding Father) and that's very sad.

I'm only hope that situation will change soon.

Jan 14, 17 / Aqu 14, 01 17:08 UTC

In response to people saying the motto doesn't translate well into their languages, allow me to propose an alternative translation, at least for French: Pour humanité, pour unité (in English: for humanity, for unity). It's basically the same sentiment, but it works better from a semantic viewpoint.

Jan 14, 17 / Aqu 14, 01 17:45 UTC

In Hungarian that is also strange.

What about this one in your languages?

"The humanity in unity."

Jan 14, 17 / Aqu 14, 01 18:24 UTC

Did You Watch Igor Ashurbeyli Announces New Asgardian Calendar in Asgardia.space site:

I'm Proud to be with you all Asgardians, I'm Proud to be an Asgardian,

I'm so excited and looking forward to asgardia future, I'm so want to serve my new and our first space nation country, count on me every time, i hope this year asgardia have a place or building and bring us all asgardia together, if we are a nation now we have a lot work to do and hard route front of us, let's build a nation for our future, let's get to work asgardians , God bless you Igor ashurbeyli and God bless you all Asgardians good people, With Love...Fatemeh.