Apr 29, 17 / Gem 07, 01 11:04 UTC

CHRONICLES - 12 Jobs To Expect in the Space Industry in 30 Years  

Good day Asgardians!

We have a new article up in the Chronicles called 12 Jobs To Expect in the Space Industry in 30 Years.

Please let us know what future space related jobs that will be of demand in next 30 years!


EDIT: This has been changed to an ANN article and the link has been updated to reflect that.

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Rebekah Berg
Head of Community Affairs

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Apr 29, 17 / Gem 07, 01 11:23 UTC

I see only one item missing: programming. Stuff like robotic probes, scientific models, etc. will all require programming skills. 

Cool thread! 

Apr 29, 17 / Gem 07, 01 11:33 UTC

All robotics and programming jobs are existing now and definetely they will be in 30 and in 50 years

Apr 29, 17 / Gem 07, 01 13:27 UTC

There's also the arts industry. Absence of gravity would have alot of impact on the industries of sculpture and dances. New stuff is sure to appear in those areas. Perhaps even architecture. Towers with no limitations gravity-wise. 

Apr 29, 17 / Gem 07, 01 15:17 UTC

Terraforming specialist? 

Apr 29, 17 / Gem 07, 01 16:00 UTC

Sales maybe..

Apr 30, 17 / Gem 08, 01 01:53 UTC

So it is possible to learn that jobs during the... let's say... next few years? Can Asgardians do this?

Apr 30, 17 / Gem 08, 01 08:30 UTC

I will tell you the same thing with alphimst1, can asgardia learn us about space jobs in something like asgardia space academy or college or courses or universitys afew years later maybe...

and I think you can add a job about protection our nation (asgardia) and the world too like peacekeeper or police, army or military just for protecting from dangerous things for earth even our nation.

Thank you.

Apr 30, 17 / Gem 08, 01 09:16 UTC

go ahead sis, it's OK to test with different job sets to c which work better, mayb in stage I engineers and pilots r needed more than other, it's dynamic right ? stage II needs more administrators & farmers? stage N more artists? just hope there's better training & recruiting system which doesn't turn down ppl for age, gender or other ridiculous reasons, integrate ppl into this multi-supportive network and make it stronger, sustainable and open for upgrade

Apr 30, 17 / Gem 08, 01 15:56 UTC

I'll say, get acquainted with your math skills, you will need those.

Apr 30, 17 / Gem 08, 01 16:48 UTC

I will choose the job to become an orbital farmer / Orbital bio environment creator. My knowledge and skills in Botany especially in Plant Physiology and Agronomy will help for the development of Asgardian civilization. Currently, I am studying Botany in Postgraduate degree. :)

May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 16:45 UTC

I believe terraforming will be a major one.   As well as ones like an architect for an outpost outside of earth's atmosphere.  As well as astrobiology and astrobotony.  These are the types of jobs that I would look to getting.  As well as things link setting up sources of food and fresh drinking water for our people.  That's not as mundane a job as people think.  Sure it wouldn't get a person as famous as building and terraforming a large area for colonization, but it would ensure that the colony survives, too.

May 2, 17 / Gem 10, 01 15:30 UTC

Time to learn small  controllers'  programming: they're going to have a future.

May 4, 17 / Gem 12, 01 13:55 UTC

I think "genetic programming and genetic adjustment and modification" will be very important.

Also the creation of etheric technology by means of "etheric engineering"

"Application of IA over current technologies"

"Design of educational contents for brain interface"

"Micromatic content design for brain interface"

"Design of virtual realities for training and simulated systems for brain interface"

"Personalized nutritionist based on genetics"

"Geneticist for breeding and genetic correction"

"Zero point power engineer"

"Galactic technology trader"

"Galactic Reverse Engineering Analyst"

"Galactic food analyst"

"Analyst of galactic cultures"

"Spiritual Development Coach"

"Data Analyst Obtained by Remote Viewing"

"Security experts to avoid remote spy vision"

"Guards to avoid spiritual intrusion"

"Engineer for generation of protection and safety energy fields"

"Analysts to avoid future risks"

"Analysts for study and feedback of parallel universes"

"Planners oracles to connect with beings of divine light for general and particular council"

"Engineers for the creation of Cyborg soldiers and weapons for galactic protection"

"Soldiers for protection of unauthorized spiritual channeling"

"Unauthorized interdimensional door heals"

"Healers of negative energies"

"Healers possessions of negative entities"

May 10, 17 / Gem 18, 01 18:19 UTC

Most or all the jobs will need someone to handle the books, do the calculations and the interpretations of the financial statements. But I think Accountancy will never die but accountants will be made up of a human and an AI.