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Re: Decree N1 by The Asgardia Head of Nation  

Hi saizakout.

Not only you don't got any notification. I think they will start inform people about they ability to work on constitution, after some deadlines will be set (for example exact date for government election etc.), now it is June of 2017 (https://asgardia.space/en/page/government). So, we must be informed closer to that date.

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Re: Decree N1 by The Asgardia Head of Nation

By: Korvin(Asgardian) on 21 January 2017, 9:39 a.m.

"until Asgardia adopts a Constitution and elects its authorities."

Okay. But where's the guarantee that it will do so? Where's the deadline? This decree practically grants Ashurbeyli power indefinitely. It should be extended by, for example, "but only for a maximum length of 24 months". That way even if there's no constitution and authorities by that time, we'd have to elect a new head of nation. Or him again for another 2 years, the who is not important at this point, the important part is that it shouldn't be indefinite. If you grant powers but don't limit them or make them expire in time, you're advocating totalitarianism, not democracy.

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Please have you not read the Government statement on this site say:


is a nation of free thinkers representing humanitarian values and supporting the intellectual and ethical development of all people.

ASGARDIA is governed by a Council of 12 Ministers.

Acting Ministers are appointed by the Founding Father for a limited period until the first elections, which are planned for June 2017.

Just click on the Government and read. Therefore it means election for our leaders will be held in June 2017 and after that he will not have power again. He will only be remembered as a founding father.

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I would like to see a [ROADMAP] tab, into homepage or as a sub-tab of [GOVERNMENT] one, where to read about the actual state of:

  1. contests (Flag, Insignia, Anthem, Motto, Salutation): is each of it "done"? have been the elements "chosen"? which ones?

  2. government itself: planning elections' dates, candidates (and for which ministry) to choose, their plans, their references (are they able to act as a ministry?). It's also really NOT clear how the Prime Minister will be chosen: direct election by asgardians? will he/she be elected by the 12 ministers? what will happen if (and that's really possible) he won't be Mr. Ashurbeyli? Will he need to agree with Mt. Ashurbeyli's policy?

  3. UN things: was the asking document delivered? are we waiting for an answer? are we waiting for something other?

  4. technology developing to have an orbiting satellite/colony/whatever: projected dates to place into the roadmap.

If we have to trust into our new-founding nation we need TRANSPARENCY, or doubts (of ID scam and others) will grow over and over the more time will pass. In some places I read Mr. Ashurbeyli and Asgardia's project will rely on crowdfunding: at the moment we gave nothing at all and the actual state of information can be considered "decent" to the fact we're paying nothing, but I hope there will be more clarity for the time some money will be required.

By the way: having FaceBook as a reference seems "not correct", from my point of view, as FB is a private company (different from Asgardia and AIRC) and not all asgardians are (or even wish to be) registered on it: just to say, my first and only (official) reference is this forum.


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The "roadmap" suggestion is indeed a good one - you should possibly open up a thread in https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/feedback-11/ requesting such, or possibly tag it into one of the applicable feature request threads.

I also agree, entertaining FB isn't going to work out well, long term. I was under the impression this forum's very existence is owed to that fact. Quite why there's references that still point in that direction - along with many other perculiarities - are a mystery. At least to me.

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Samuel Ofosu-Hene: As a matter of fact I have read that. But have you read what I've written? At the moment he doesn't have to step down until the elections but he also has the power to postpone them, decide that there will be no elections or make a new decree stating that he can stay in position after the elections. I'm not saying he will, I'm saying he can and this is exactly the thing every nation, every government, every society has to avoid. Also he's not an acting minister, he's the founding father who forced us to elect him to his current position. Remember the application form? If you didn't agree that he can have full power, you couldn't apply for "citizenship". Of course at the moment everybody can just leave, there's no real risk, sure, but this creates a seriously dangerous precedent we should not tolerate, not even from the Founding Father.

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Yes, he currently can posttpone or nullify elections.

Is there any reason to think he would? I'll grant it wasn't a particularly clever way to of solved the problem - but it was possibly the easiest way to of solved the problem. June isn't that long to wait, on the whole - and there's nothing really lost within the waiting. As you rightly point out, there's nothing binding keeping people to "citizenship" should they choose to leave - thusly there's no real risks.

The precedent is unbecoming indeed, But I think it muchly more productive to focus on the form our government should take at this stage, more than how it is, and how it got to be. How would you of avoided it?

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I would've included limitations in the decree regarding his role, his powers (e.g. cannot postpone elections and no veto right) and the maximum length he can stay in position even if the elections didn't happen in time. Also I would've defined unequivocally what being the Head of Nation means at this point.

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Better hold the constitution as fast as possible,and better use more accurate words in an important document like this,the first file of our nation should be serious