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Re: Sharing your Asgardia ID Number  

Greetings every one. Happy new year and best wishes for 2017. I have a queation about this website. That is can you try to find a way to develop android and IOS applications for mobile devices so that it could be easy to use and also alerts of activities and annoucements will be very helpful. Thank you please let me know when we have something like that. Thanks

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Thank you for the warning.

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It makes sense, thank you...

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Thank you for information Rebeka!

Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 10:57 UTC

Thank you for information Rebeka!

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Hi, you should rethink using the ID for authentication purpose. It's a way to simple and if an account is compromised you have no alternatives as to create a new account. You should consider bio-metric artifacts such as an iris scan. This is unique and everybody with a webcam can provide you with an image of the iris to add this to the asgardian passport. The tool to verify the image can be acquired later when there is a real need.

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That would be a terrible idea. I mean seriously terrible. Although biometric authentication sounds good at first, on a personal level it's good enough and if you're physically present it's very hard to manipulate, still, there's a huge problem with that. It cannot be replaced when compromised. When (not if) someone gets hold of your fingerprints, iris and retina scans and voice profiles, they can use it to impersonate you online and you're left with no options. You can't change the skin on your fingers, your eyes and your vocal cords.

We leave our fingerprints literally everywhere we go, moreover most smartphones have fingerprint sensors nowadays, and every device with a microphone can (and often will) record our voices without our knowledge. These two are already unsafe methods of authentication unless we are physically present and we're getting to the point where our smartphones have front facing cameras good enough to at least partially take a picture of our eyes, some already use it to unlock the lock screen. Iris scans are already here and in a few years retina scans arrive to consumer electronics and from that point onward it will be as useless as fingerprints and voiceprints are today. I mean not useless to lock your phone but useless to authenticate yourself digitally.

The safest method is an NFC chip with a huge amount of randomly generated data. It would be unique to everybody and when it gets compromised, the authentication can be disabled and you can get a replacement. And it would be very cheap, much cheaper than biometric scanners. You could also have more of them, each with a different purpose.

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Hi people of Asgardia ! I want to thanks Mr Igor Ashurbeyli and all of you.

About the ID's number I totaly got it ! Thanks to everyone peace upon you السلام عليكم

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大家好!我来自中国!; )

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Thx for hint.

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Thx for hint.

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Thank you, Rebekka. Greetings from Tyrol

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Many thanks from Stoneman !

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When I saw the title, I thought we meant to share our ID Number, but no. LOL Thanks Rebekka!