Aug 26, 18 / Lib 14, 02 12:55 UTC

The connection between lucid dreams, astral journeys and interstellar travel  

I am sure that almost all of us are interested in many of the concepts in this title. Well, have you ever thought that they were somehow connected to each other? In fact, it is possible to find many articles explaining that even the astronomy is involved in our minds, our bodies and almost every field of our lifes. It can be also found a lot in Stephan Hawking's books, if you haven't read yet, I would highly recommend you to have a look at. What do you think about this topic? Share your opinions.

Aug 26, 18 / Lib 14, 02 12:57 UTC


Dec 10, 18 / Cap 08, 02 14:21 UTC

Proximag, I do not know what you mean when you write about lucid dreams. I am Russian and our language does not contain such term. What do these words stand for? The dreams that we realize? If yes, I can answer.

Yes, man can realizes dreams and use such dreams for astral journeys. Once, I have understood that I see a dream, then I had made a special construction in the my dream and went from my body out. In several seconds, I have flew from Germany (I live in Germany) to Belarus. According to my estimation, the velocity of this my astral journey was 1100 to 1200 km/sec. Unfortunatelly, I was in Belarus 5 to 10 seconds only, since I had made an error and Astral Connection had pulled me in my Body back. 

May be, I was on Jupiter´s satellite Europa also. May be! I perceived the ice mountains of Europa very vaguely and cannot guarantee the reality of this my astral journey.