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Netherlands, Belgium, Germany NRW ( North Rhine-Westphalia)  

I will tell you briefly, who I am. And why the hell I am not the right guy for this job. Yet I am still running, because I care about future of mankind. At politics is what I do almost every day.  


Let's start from the beginning. I am a Polish, born in Warsaw, at the twilight of the Era. I was born, the same year when the Communism officially ended in my country and the Fall of the Iron Curtain was due in a just couple of years. As each and every one of you, I am grateful to whiteness history in making. First, fall of Communism,  a transition period and then the accession of  Eastern- Central Europe to structures of the EU and NATO, in meantime we had the war on terror, that is still going on. Other words we live in very interesting times.  Now we can see the dawn of two eras in history mankind, maybe even three:  dawn of space age and conquest of it by man, raise of multipolar world order, that has been heralded for few years, and perhaps the rise of AI in next 10 -30 years.  All these events will change a fate of mankind forever. Given if we survive this century...

I believe that Asgardia will become a beacon of stability and enlightenment, in upcoming turbulent age.  I want Asgardia to succeed and become an important player in the international arena. With nation-states raising their attention toward space. A lot of changes are bound to come, changes that will reshape international order.  


In the European Parliament, getting reading to work

Now, when we covered bit of my ideology and into, let's get down to the business. I am not a man of words. But you can say I am a politician of sorts. civic activist and probably one of the funniest people you will encounter in your life.  In my life I have two general principles, I am trying to follow:

I'm not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it

 Aut Caesar, aut nihil.

 I am an ambitious guy and when I put my mind to something, there is no way in the hell to stop me, Currently I reside in Netherland, a small town of Maastricht, where I graduated with my second bachelor degree in European Law and started Masters at United Nations University, however I haven't finished it.  If we're on the subject of education let me mention that I also studied European Studies, IT, and I am a graduate of Political Science of  Warsaw University.  So when it comes to theoretical background, I guess that's more than enough. 

Where it comes to practical application of my knowledge, I am quite active in few political youth organisations on the local and European level. And these days, I find myself travelling to EuroCapital, Brussels, quite often, due to my obligations to the organisations I am a member of.  There are a just bit too many to remember,  and may Cthulu be my witness, I don't want to bore you with my blah blah. 

However, if you want to know my credentials,  I am a Polish born resident of Netherlands. Soon to be the Vice President of the Young European Federalists (JEF) in Netherlands. Currently, I am Secretary General of JEF Maastricht. I am active in European Youth Politics and my interests cover cyber security, space law, future of the European integration, and Trans-Atlantic relationships. I part of Young Mediterranean  Voices Plus (YMV+), which is an initiative of Vice President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini. We are trying to establish peace in the close Middle East and change the dynamic or relations between Europe and the Middle East, North Africa Region. A selfie with boss :)

To be concise,  the world is changing, and things won't be the same anymore. Asgardia needs people with vision, who will be on the forefront of these changes. And that's, where I want to be. 


Until now, I was telling, who am I and what makes me suitable to represent you in Asgardia. Well to begin with like majority of us, here in Asgardia. I am a nerd. I love Sci-Fi, Anime, Fantasy and I could dwell in books for hours, and hours. Just reading them. Only if I would have time for it... chlip chlip. :( I should also mention, that I love to cosplay. 

For years now I've been a member of the costuming organisation, where I pose as a Sith Lord.  You could see that coming, didn't you?  Come on, what can you expect from a guy, who studied politics and law, and goes to Brussels, for shit and giggles... Of course, I am evil. Who in right mind would want to study, those subjects and be a good person?

I believe that Earth needs a new hope so mankind can finally spread to other places in the galaxy and then... I can proclaim the first Galactic Empire, for a safe and secure society, which I assure you will last for ten thousand years!

Except having the Dark Side of the Force and my evil ambitions of becoming first ever real space villain. I am a pretty chilled dude. I love sleeping till noon, being lazy and playing with dogs. ( Btw did you know that anagram of dog is god?). Defo I love staying up until late night.  Future is yours, as the vote. Will stand with me, so together we can rule the Galaxy.... Or you're a traitor and part of the Rebel Alliance?

Oh and those who prefer, to make Earth capital of United Federation of Planet... Well, guys how should I break it to you? Live long and prosper.  


VOTE FOR ME HERE: https://asgardia.space/en/blog/candidate/12122-11520-future-is-in-your-hands-so-please-don39t-vote-for-me-or-i-become-a-space-villain/

If you wish to know me better email me: jacob.sienar@gmail.com

If you want to see how I see Asgarida can become a REAL SPACE NATION. Read the article, I posted months ago for Asgarida Space Nation: Politics and Diplomacy:

As you see I am not that evil. If you want to get to know me better, simply find me on Facebook or send me an email.  If you want to learn, how I see Asgardia, becoming a First Galactic Empi... err First Space Nation.  

Thanks for your time and may the odds with me :D

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Jul 27, 17 / Vir 12, 01 15:40 UTC

So, Jacob "Shadowspectre" Sienar, I'm a (well known) member of Rebel Alliance (look at my pic) and I'm writing you as I'm... impressed.
Yes, I'm impressed that a nice guy such you seem to be, with a so little ID (as you have been registered in the very beginning) is campaigning to be elected as strategist.
But, looking at your post-counter, I can believe you mainly followed channels like FB, where things are, listening to my (rebels) colleagues, much more "candies and fun" than into the official forum (this one).

I know you've no time, 'cause of your many activities about EU (which I ask you to follow far more than asgardian's ones, please, as I'm italian, I'm an EU enthusiast too) but I'm suggesting you to take some time to scrape the forum, also, to be aware of the ton of real problems Asgardia is experiencing, 'cause of its amateurial (on purpose) implementation.

Let me suggest some links, FYI, starting from the oldest ones:

  1. The whos, whats, wheres, and hows of Asgardia (as far as I have been able to find) about the administration's neverending opacity (by @phicksur, user 3618)
    A long conversation with a friend about Asgardia, here to be shared. (Warning: Long) a personal conversation with another rebel, about Asgardia and its opacity
    Research on Igor and how Asgardia should develop under him to succeed 
  2. is asgardia a fraud? 
    It's not to be democratic: it's to be credible short history up to nowadays (end of july)
  3. Petition: No Confidence in Interim Asgardian Government - Demand for Response & Action by the Head of Nation to Ensure Stability & Success of Asgardia and
    Discussion thread for Petition: No Confidence in Interim Asgardian Government 
  4. Discussing the CODE OF CONDUCT for Asgardia Online Resources about "citizenship" and "civil rights" or users
  5. What is the satellite's purpose? about the habit of making all the things without telling asgardians, revealing them only when done (up to you what that does imply)
  6. Banning of Members again about "citizens, civil rights, users, guests...", and
    [POLL] users or citizens? 
  7. Language Barriers and Disenfranchisement about the Official Language(s)
    [Official Thread] Languages of Asgardia - Thoughts and Proposals 
    OPEN LETTER TO IGOR ASHURBEYLI (continuation after the original thread have been suddenly and unreasonably closed)
    It's happening again... about threads' closing for no reason
  9. Discussion of the draft Constitution (official), very important to understand Asgardia's "evolution"
    Today is D-Day for the draft constitution 
    Concern about the voting day... 
    6 days to vote - where is the revised proposal for the constitution? 
    Petition: Cancel of the current vote and creating of a new craft of the consititution 
    ILLEGAL VOTING: it's against official Voting Regulations (Decree n.3) as you're a lawyer, I'm sure you'll appreciate ;-)
    Ok, I am calling bullshit here 
    **Discussion** on Asgardia Constitution 
    I do NOT accept the Constitution 
    WARNING to all Asgardians !!! about Constitutional draft have been changed 4 times during the voting period
  10. Discussion for the Constitution Table of Contents very (un)useful discussion on a ToC
  11. A Farewell Message as you can see, the administration removed the opening post, as soon as removing the user (as they stated): up to you to consider what that means to Asgardia's history, to remove all "rebels" posts (like this one, at the time I'll leave).
  12. News Article - VOTING TO CLOSE ON 18 JULY 2017 
  13. Voting irregularities and call for data release about inexistent certifications of voting, personal IDs, etc.
    Extended voting... about the (il)legality of the voting procedure

I know that the proposed links are mostly from "rebels" side, as they belong to my list of subscribed ones, but don't you believe it can be interesting to listen to the other side of the coin's even? Something the administration constantly avoid to do.

All apart, I'm happy for Asgardia to have such persons like you, as it will need a lot of professional support, in the next months/years.

"All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."


Jul 28, 17 / Vir 13, 01 07:06 UTC

@Elwe Thor(Asgardian) on 27 July 2017, 3:40 p.m.

"All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."


Love that quote! It wasn't scripted either in Bladerunner (original release). The actor made that up as they shot the scene.