Apr 3, 17 / Tau 09, 01 17:20 UTC

Civic Asgardia Recruitment Initiative - April 3, 2017  

Greetings Asgardians!

Civic.Asgardia, the Administrative arm of Asgardia: the Space Nation, announces its April, 2017 recruiting drive for volunteer staff members. 

We are actively seeking help for the following roles. Brief overview of positions follows. Position descriptions, organizational structure and details about our training steps are linked below.

  1. Social Media Specialists (Moderators)
  2. National Chapter Advocates
  3. National Chapter Assistant Advocates

The current recruiting period ends 15 April 2017.

All positions receive training. Volunteers are encouraged to work with us long-term for at least six-months. Scheduling is flexible to work around daily life. The daily time commitment varies by position, typically 1-2 hours/day for moderation duties and basic advocate work.

Each position needs people who possess fluency in both the English Language as well as local language fluency, who have experience using Facebook groups/pages and other discussion forums, and who can maintain a calm, professional, diplomatic manner when confronted with debate. Get ready to multitask and work well within a global team. Reliability and communication are needed.

Apply via email to volunteers@asgardia.space. Include your name, position applying for,  timezone (GMT +/- x), and list any relevant experience. To verify language fluency, also provide the birthdate of Asgardia (hint: Visit the asgardia.space website).

This is your chance to help Asgardia grow.

Comment below if you have questions. Off-topic material will be removed.
Administrative team of Civic.Asgardia

For more information about the recruiting drive and our training process, see Volunteer Recruiting Round 2017-4

To learn more about Civic.Asgardia and its structure, see the Civic.Asgardia Organization Structure

General information for the position vacancies is included here. For more information, review the position descriptions (PDF):

National Chapter Advocate: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BydyXO59FB2GRUJCVmQ1ZE83NHc
Chapter Assistant Advocate: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BydyXO59FB2GSU8tdTNtNVhMTmM

Social Media Specialists (Moderators)

The need for balanced moderation continues. There are over 100 areas across several social media platforms which need to be monitored and supervised. Moderation staff does more than enforce rules. They are also content creators who start lively, creative discussions and help the group stay engaged. Training period includes a series of steps to develop proficiency with moderation skills, such as active engagement, application of our Code of Conduct, and regular observation of discussion threads. There will be an application process and an interview. This is a long-term volunteer position that will work closely with Civic.Asgardia and Asgardia’s Community Chapters. We hope to work with our staff for months to come.

National Chapter Advocates and Assistant Advocates

We work directly with our members through our Community Chapters. In the future, there will be member groups in many cities around the globe. For now, we begin with National Chapters in countries that have a significant population of Asgardians.

Each National Chapter is led by an Advocate who coordinates the staff and resources of that organization, serving as a single point-of-contact for an Asgardia Chapter. The Advocate works with the Assistant Advocates to create an active, engaging, and informative presence that connects local members with the global Asgardia community and which promotes the mission of NGO Asgardia. 

All staff of National Chapters are expected to manage the social media presence for their group, helping to moderate Forums, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other media platforms. Asgardia orientation training and moderation training are provided.

Many National Chapters have yet to be formed, but these existing chapters need additional staff.

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
New Zealand
South Africa
United States of America

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Apr 3, 17 / Tau 09, 01 17:52 UTC

How many forum moderators (for here) do you have at present?


Apr 3, 17 / Tau 09, 01 18:06 UTC


Moderators are cross platform for both the forums and Facebook.

Currently we have five full time active volunteer moderators that are supported by the department Coordinators when they are available.



Apr 3, 17 / Tau 09, 01 19:52 UTC

I'd apply for a moderator spot, but I don't do Facebook. If you take forum only mods, I'll apply. 

Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 00:38 UTC

How do I register my name on this topic? I want to participate

Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 02:07 UTC

@ayman samy From the original post "Apply via email to volunteers@asgardia.space. Include your name, position applying for,  timezone (GMT +/- x), and list any relevant experience. To verify language fluency, also provide the birthdate of Asgardia (hint: Visit the asgardia.space website)."

Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 08:04 UTC

I'd love to apply to National Chapter Advocate of the country I'm in now, but the problem is I will never be able to travel here anywhere. I could only handle matters in internet.

I speak both English and local so it would be really nice, but what can I do, if it takes traveling I can't do it here.

Maybe when I get into another country I can participate somehow. Of course by then all the positions are full. But I'll see what I can do.

Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 14:27 UTC

well i have the same problem of matti, i can help being a assistant advocate but i can not travel since i have things to do in my city (job,family and so on..)

Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 14:32 UTC

@Matti Viikate, and @Bahzao, exactly which countries do you live in? I'm also curious, as I don't see that the positions require travel. I, myself, live in Washington State, USA, and would love to be able to go to the meetup that's happening in Canada, but can't afford the cost for travel right now.

I do all my moderating via internet, with a lot of help from the rest of our team!

Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 14:59 UTC

@ Leomarquie i live in brazil at the southeast region

Apr 4, 17 / Tau 10, 01 16:59 UTC

As an active speaker of Turkish and English fluently, I would kindly like to help you provided that all my travel expenses etc. are handled by you. Besides I am a professional social media promoter and graphic designer. Whenever you want, we can keep in touch. It would be a great honour for me to participate in such a cool position 

Apr 5, 17 / Tau 11, 01 08:48 UTC

@Leomarquie I'm currently in Finland. Like I said I would love to do it but if it comes to the need of traveling I can't do it. It would be great to do something though.

But for me it would have to be internet based thing.

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Apr 5, 17 / Tau 11, 01 11:42 UTC

Hello everyone!

There seems to be some confusion, this is all 'volunteerfrom home' and no travelling is currently required. 


Rebekah Berg
Lead Community Administrator

Apr 5, 17 / Tau 11, 01 12:43 UTC

So like I said, it would be nice to be National Chapter Advocate here in Finland where I'm at right now if you're excepting one. I understand both Finnish and English so I could easily do it.

But it quite clearly says in the document that traveling among other things is required.

But if it's not required then there's no problem.


I contacted you via e-mail provided, so we shall see how it develops.

Thank you for all.

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Apr 5, 17 / Tau 11, 01 16:46 UTC

How can I register? 
I'm from Brazil. I am available to help as National Chapter Assistant Advocates