Lib 22, 02 / Sep 3, 18 08:13 UTC

Re:How much will it cost to be an Asgardian?  

You could always give a certain amount of Asgardia space shares or claims to the citizens. (Like property) If you want more shares it's purchased and taxes applied after so many shares. Now question lies in what will having more shares than the other give or get you..what's the incentive

Sag 02, 02 / Nov 6, 18 10:11 UTC

I am still new on this and I have been meaning to ask about a few things. I have read few posts and I was very interested the Asgardian concept however my questions are rather based on the following:

1. How are we going to get to the space considering the fact that I would be expensive for the community.

2. What mechanism are we going to follow in getting the community there meaning the selection criteria.

I would be very happy if these questions would be answered.

Sag 08, 02 / Nov 12, 18 21:41 UTC

I do not have a problem paying a tax to help solidify the fledgling nation. just so long as it's

1. Fair 

2. Spent with oversite