Nov 6, 18 / Sag 02, 02 10:11 UTC

Re:How much will it cost to be an Asgardian?  

I am still new on this and I have been meaning to ask about a few things. I have read few posts and I was very interested the Asgardian concept however my questions are rather based on the following:

1. How are we going to get to the space considering the fact that I would be expensive for the community.

2. What mechanism are we going to follow in getting the community there meaning the selection criteria.

I would be very happy if these questions would be answered.

Nov 12, 18 / Sag 08, 02 21:41 UTC

I do not have a problem paying a tax to help solidify the fledgling nation. just so long as it's

1. Fair 

2. Spent with oversite