As Asgardian, you will be obligated to pay an unknown amount of money in taxes and levies. Do you agree?

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30.0% Yes

70.0% No

Jul 11, 17 / Leo 24, 01 16:12 UTC

How much will it cost to be an Asgardian?  

After briefly perusing the Asgardian Constitution, it is concerning to me that there is lack of clarity in certain aspects around citizenship obligations. One specific area of concern is the paragraph that reads "citizens shall pay voluntarily established taxes and levies in accordance with Asgardia’s laws", when such laws have not yet been created. 

Another area of concern is that there does not appear to be an official platform or mechanism to provide feedback, ask questions or express an opinion, other than this forum.

Jul 12, 17 / Leo 25, 01 13:30 UTC

Membership is free. On the topic of taxes, Lena DeWinne mentioned in her latest Q&A that taxes for individuals will be voluntary. Other things such as bank transactions, purchases and etc... will be taxable.

This forum as well as the main page of Asgardia on Facebook is the best way to communicate your feedback suggestions. If you should have any other questions or problems, do not hesitate to ask. We will be more than happy to answer.

Jul 12, 17 / Leo 25, 01 23:45 UTC

Laws regarding taxes will be made more clear when a government can be formed and a national economy can established and is measurable. I would like to state I am not a tax professional, but i do pay taxes. As a Washington state resident working in the state of Oregon I pay taxes in two ways. 

My federal taxes are dealt with my Oregon income taxes. This money is taxed because i get it through an employer licensed through the state. If my friend hired me for something or i sold something online,  below a certain amount i do not have to report it thus making it tax free income.

The other way i pay taxes is through purchases made within Washington state. Although Washington income is still taxed through the federal government, the state instead taxes a flat rate varying between counties.

Now if i made income from a foreign body i would still be required to pay taxes but the rules become complicated and i could pay the required foreign taxes to supplement domestic taxes. 

All that being said, i do not believe that the Asgardian government would tax an individual if said individual had no economic relation. When laws can be passed we will establish Asgardian licensed companies that deal in Asgardian goods and services. These will most likely be taxed to support the government and socioeconomic structure that the companies are based in. Since there is no current Asgardian territory, and people will be free to establish businesses anywhere,  the complexity of international taxes will be a common issue.

My guess is that most citizens will only be required to pay taxes if they work for the government or an Asgardian business, and/or through purchases of Asgardian goods and/or services via sales tax. In the US the taxes you pay to Asgardia will most likely go dollar for dollar to what's required to pay from also being a US citizen.

Apr 1, 18 / Tau 07, 02 04:53 UTC

I'm ready to go...

Jun 27, 18 / Leo 10, 02 17:30 UTC

Taxes and Levies would be nice, to improve nation's economy. I agree with tax payment but it should be affordable 

Jul 1, 18 / Leo 14, 02 03:14 UTC

It is unreasonable to repeat the tax collection

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Jul 8, 18 / Leo 21, 02 16:15 UTC

Thanks for the information. I was confused too.

Jul 9, 18 / Leo 22, 02 14:58 UTC

Well, taxes are somewhat required for a nation.

Tax money is a form of public contact, a person giving money in exchange for pre-defined benefits.

However until the benefits are announced in public I'm strongly oppose giving money in exchange for yet unknown benefits.

So in short my position as follows:

1. No tax money unless reasonable social benefits & tax rules are unveiled.

2. If the benefits aren't equal amt of tax moneys paid see p. 1

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Jul 14, 18 / Leo 27, 02 10:39 UTC

I won't give anything until I know 1) what the benefits are 2) what are the rules concerning these taxes (how much ? how often ?).

Jul 16, 18 / Vir 01, 02 15:26 UTC

I had sign in to asguardia.But the detail of payment is not,i search in many google websites all the comment were written as free and fair,but the membership of asguardian hadtyped tax.but i dont know the payment.I become an asguardian today

Jul 17, 18 / Vir 02, 02 16:33 UTC

As a citizen or working as any position in asgardian ngo should get paid extremly highly salaried then other people working in the world so can living porch life and this is make different between earth people and asgerdian citizen. Even a volunteer job should get paid highly salary so he or she can develop their lives and thinks

Aug 1, 18 / Vir 17, 02 15:32 UTC

I do think that taxes are extreamly important in the first years of the asgardia .. it provides more strength of the economy and more loyality to the new state .

Aug 27, 18 / Lib 15, 02 15:24 UTC


Sep 3, 18 / Lib 22, 02 08:13 UTC

You could always give a certain amount of Asgardia space shares or claims to the citizens. (Like property) If you want more shares it's purchased and taxes applied after so many shares. Now question lies in what will having more shares than the other give or get you..what's the incentive

Nov 6, 18 / Sag 02, 02 10:11 UTC

I am still new on this and I have been meaning to ask about a few things. I have read few posts and I was very interested the Asgardian concept however my questions are rather based on the following:

1. How are we going to get to the space considering the fact that I would be expensive for the community.

2. What mechanism are we going to follow in getting the community there meaning the selection criteria.

I would be very happy if these questions would be answered.