Jun 17, 17 / Leo 00, 01 01:53 UTC

Small mistakes in English version of constitution  

To whom it may concern, 

Hi, my name is Paul Newton and I am proudly a citizen of Asgardia, upon reading the English version of the proposed constitution,  prior to accepting it I have noticed a few things that require amendment, firstly well done on such an extensive, all encompassing and wordy document.

 It may just seem like nit picking and may possibly have been addressed by other citizens but, 

In article 8, section 4, F. There is no need for the second "to" in the sentence "right to access to information", right of access to information, or right to access information would be sufficient. 


Article 8, section 9. Is missing the letter "p" in "protect".


Article, 35 section 9. It is not clear what is meant by "shall not to be replaced".


Article 48. There is a missing "t" in the word "parliament".

I look forward to your response and seeing the continued prosperity and expansion of the great kingdom  of Asgardia.

Sorry for the repost but I just realised that I posted the original in an unrelated forum. 

Jun 18, 17 / Leo 01, 01 06:37 UTC

Hello! I will bring this up with the writers! Thank you for your in-depth reading and feedback! And Happy Unity Day!

Jun 18, 17 / Leo 01, 01 07:57 UTC

@Allie Vee(Asgardian, Interest Mod) on 18 June 2017, 6:37 a.m.

Also, the TEXT/HTML version of the English Constitution is completely missing the contributors section found in the PDF version. Can we get that updated as well?

Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 12:15 UTC

As I was reading the Constitution, I also found some mistypes I wish to report:

– Article 9 - 3 “Asagrdia
– Article 29 - 5 “Asgardia shall build international relations and collaborates
– Article 31 - 7 “shall X set by the Constitution and relevant Asgardia’s laws.” (where "X" stands for the word that seem to be missing to give meaning to the sentence)
– Same as OP, unclear meaning issues on Article 35 - 9 “Justices shall not to be replaced after five years in office, and after having been appointed by the Supreme Justice and further resolution by the Chairman of the Parliament, in accordance with Asgardia’s laws.”
– Article 39 - 2 “Banking secret may be limited by Asgardia’s laws or an international agreement.” Here, the plural form “…or international agreements.” seems more fitting.
– Article 43 “Asgardia’s Constitution shall be adopted if, in the period of the vote, more than half of the Asgardian citizens who took part in the vote, voted in favour and, for the adoption of the first Constitution, the number of persons pursuant to Article 42 of this Constitution.”:
the last part of the article is detached from the meaning of the first part. “…the number of persons pursuant to Article 42 of this Constitution.”
– Article 50 “national site of Asgadia

I have more essential comments on a legal basis to contribute to better this so important document that I will post in another thread.