Dec 27, 16 / Cap 26, 00 17:44 UTC

Money type  

Will Asgardia use Bitcoin or any other crypto currency like Bitcoin to be the official Asgardia currency?

Jan 9, 17 / Aqu 09, 01 18:53 UTC

maybe money type that asgardian use is from median money currency from all country and i think thats the fair one ,only my opinion

Jan 10, 17 / Aqu 10, 01 18:52 UTC

I think we should create our very own currency. Any currency which is controlled by earth would fetch bad consequences to our nation's economy in the future.

Jan 11, 17 / Aqu 11, 01 10:36 UTC

Bitcoin or maybe our own new cryptocurrency will be good.

Feb 24, 17 / Pis 27, 01 08:06 UTC

We need money as long we have to pay of energy, food , clothes. So if we have free energy and other stuff, we don´t need money to anything.

Feb 24, 17 / Pis 27, 01 19:33 UTC

I do not think we would use a crypto-currency as our form of currency in Asgardia. Most likely we will have a physical currency since crypto-currencies are not widely accepted enough to prove beneficial. Also, cyrpto-currencies allow for anonymous transactions and that is not good for security. Anyone would be able to get anything as long as crypto-currencies are an accepted form of payment. Which works well for the black market and bad things can be obtained from said market

Feb 25, 17 / Ari 00, 01 11:59 UTC

I also don't think we should be using cryptocurrencies, but for different reasons. Like the the way you can reverse engineer the ledger and thusly it's transaction history. Which is hardly anonymous, unless you'd obtained the cryptocurrency via an anonymous form, like cash. Their lack of universal acceptence is another issue - something to be made worse if we was to attempt our own. The lack of stability another. Security has definitely demonstrated itself to be a concern also.

I'm dead-set against the general trend of digitisation of money - I understand how easily a 0 changes into a 1, and that computers are for doing as they are told - But physical currency isn't going to work long term on Earth, let alone in space.

As Plom accurately identified, citizen needs being met elimates the requirement for money, and needs will be met. Putting a lot of people into deep space and then not meeting all of their requirements would be chaotic to the point of assured failure. Ergo, everything you need will be provided. Due to meeting "challenges" involved with being able to construct on the scale to realistically provide for mass habitation then providing for desires should be feasible additionally. There should be no requirement for a monetary type.

Mar 31, 17 / Tau 06, 01 00:38 UTC

Bitcoins, as a paperless digital currency, it could be quite useful. The system is already accepted practically everywhere and it is not submitted to the same fluctuations that other currencies have. Also, there's no need to mint solid currencies (some bitcoins are mint, but only for collectible issues), nor the need to establish a traditional "national bank" system since all transactions are done computationally or via the internet (and since all Asgardians living among many countries, and already using other currencies, they could use "Asgardian" Bitcoins in their own Earth countries). The only use of an Asgardian National Bank, would be to produce virgin debit cards (like telephone cards) that users would charge themselves at their own Earth banks.. or maybe even at an ordinary convenient store.

To produce a unique cryptocurrency could be superfluous and useless in our daily Earth-transactions... imagine having to go at the currency exchange office once per week to get Earth currencies, and the dissatisfaction of not being see as an "Asgardian buyer".

When shoping in an Earth store: vendor:"how you'll pay your purchases? Credit card? US$ or Can$?" customer: "I'll to pay in Bitcoins" vendor:"but why?" customer:" because I'm Asgardian!" vendor:"that's fine for me! Your national currency is already accepted internationally! Enter your Asgardian debit card there! I love to serve Asgardians... you're all so sexy and nice!!! <3 :P"

The Bitcoins however have some bad reputation, as a currency ment to do illegal transits, but it's getting better over time. However, the Bitcoin system is ment to be limited to 21 millions of units (evaluated to 19 billions € in 2017) ... once the limit reached, they don't know what they'll do to keep it's value. Still, it's a safe system.

Some other micro-nations/very small countries mint some currencies, but more as commemorative coins than real currencies. Most using well known currencies instead.

Mar 31, 17 / Tau 06, 01 19:16 UTC

Not gonna lie, i have no idea what cryptocurrency is. But I think we should start the credit currency system.

Apr 1, 17 / Tau 07, 01 02:37 UTC

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency who's produced through cryptography and softwares, to control the debit and the total amount of money produced to keep its rarity and therefore to maintain its value on the market (if too much "money" is produced, it becomes worthless). Like Bitcoins, cryptocurrencies are usable-exchangeable with debit cards, credit cards or with serial codes-numbers on the net. However, something bought with Bitcoins is not refundable (since paid with virtual money, you can't get physical money as refund, and also because stores aren't autorized to create Bitcoins to give back as refund. and also because there's no Bitcoin bank so a used Bitcoin is sent back in the system and automatically repurposed elsewhere due to its rarity, therefore there's no way to get it back). The Bitcoins system is still very marginal, but it getting more popular by days. To use such "no-country assigned" currency could mean that we'd have no need to mint solid money, and also not requiring to "force" stores and countries to accept our currency since the system is already in place and working.

However, money and stamps are a huge parts of a country's identity (looking in your pocket, you know where you are and if one of your coin is from an other country)... and sadly Bitcoins are impersonal and empty of any identity and patriotism (they been purposely designed that way). If Asgardians decide to get a real solid money system, with real Asgardian currencies (A$?... or maybe like the viking money; the "Skatt", S$?), it'll probably be like micro-nations do, with "bullion money" (where the value of a coin depends of its weight in metal and its metal current value on the market, whatever what's stamped on it and how much you paid to stamped it). However, bullion moneys are usable/exchangeable only by selling them in jewelry stores and pawnshops for their weight in gold or silver (no ordinary store have scales to weight people's money). That's why money produced by micro-nations are mostly sees only as collectible objects and not as real currencies.

We don't have a flag, no logo nor any coat of arms yet... so it might be a little bit early to think about that :)

Apr 24, 17 / Gem 02, 01 17:13 UTC

Earth is the only place in universe where money is used because cabal gets that way much richer. That is why we pay taxes, pay for energy , pay for living and pay for food.

Apr 24, 17 / Gem 02, 01 17:19 UTC

>> Earth is the only place in universe where money is used because cabal gets that way much richer. That is why we pay taxes, pay for energy , pay for living and pay for food.

Exactly how many other places in the universe are you familiar with?


Apr 27, 17 / Gem 05, 01 20:21 UTC

Eu sou a favor de Asgardia criar sua própria moeda de base de criptografia como os bit-coins e os lite-coins  e outros tipos de cripto moedas, mas apenas para relações externas, para interagir com empresas e países. E fazer para os seus cidadães modos que os não necessitem utilizem dinheiro, como ferramentas e serviços gratuitos, ou de preço simbólico. 

May 8, 17 / Gem 16, 01 23:26 UTC

I think no one today familiar to us currency will not fit in Asgardia,all currencies are vulnerable. We need to create new concepts of money.We will be privately connected to the Earth economy, and all economic crises and inflation will hit us, that's the main reason to create a currency that will be held on other principles than on Earth.

May 9, 17 / Gem 17, 01 08:35 UTC

In my opinion, considering current monetary systems and economic issues, the idea of crypto-currency is appealing. Its more controllable. Its not like other currencies where you can just print and print and print, without having the actual collateral to back it up. Its just empty paper. I think that no matter what currency or monetary system we decide to go with eventually, it would be better to utilize one that undergoes either continuous or periodical evaluation so that inflation does not become a problem and our monetary system set a precedent for other currencies and economic structures to follow.