Feb 14, 18 / Pis 17, 02 16:36 UTC

Asgardian Language  


I work as a linguistic in Brazil with a Bachelor's degree in Portuguese and Literatura language and I was thinking: based on Esperanto, why don't we create one Asgardian laguage?
Looking for to the next generations, a unified language would be ideal. No longer borders would exist such as on earth. It's also important to point that it will be gender neutral.

I don't mind to try to start this project, if it's not against any rules and with approval of the community. 

Also, anyone interested to join the team, would be more then welcome. 

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Feb 25, 18 / Ari 00, 02 03:06 UTC

You guys are really persistent about this, aren't ya? I stoped to count anymore. xD

Okay, I will put my humble opinion on the table for this idea.

So far beside my native language Serbian, I have learned English in school's and using actively almost every day. German language I have learned from TV and didn't use it for 10 years, so now I need it and I am learning again. And parallel with German, I am learning Japanese language form scratch. Beside those 3 language I have tried to learn little bit of Spanish, Hungarian and Russian. But I fast lost interest in those 3. So now I am looking in near future to start learning Esperanto and little bit of Chinese language.

From my humble experiences, if we wanna new language I say let vocal be based on Japanese, but grammar simplified as Esperanto. I think that will be middle ground for everybody from America all the way to the Japan. It isn't to hard nor to soft for tong. 

Writing... well alphabet is easiest for writing but spelling to be based like Japanese or Serbian language... or Esperanto, but he has some additional letters which I am not fan of it. 

For new letters, I say to be based on Katakana. They look futuristic, simple and interesting.

Mar 7, 18 / Ari 10, 02 13:50 UTC

I don't speak Korean but it's common sense that its one of the easiest languages to learn. Historically, Sejong the Great tryied to create a language easy to speak and to write, and thats how Hangul alphabet has born. For letters "design" I would sugest something based on Korean. 

Jun 9, 18 / Can 20, 02 03:34 UTC

While I agree with the idea of a separate language for a new country, I feel that due to the way the brain develops and the age gaps of the Asgardians, learning an entirely new language would be a task that may not be worth the effort. 

While it would show the fruit of its labor a couple generations after us, the major issue would be that our generation, without extensive training and learning towards a new language, would be unable to communicate. 

Children would learn the new language in school, but as we would not be proficient in the language, they would be at ends to communicate with us in the preferred "native language." This would end up segregating the generations and putting them at ends with each other. 

I do agree with the point of having a unified language will be beneficial for the future generations, but there still is the current generation to think about as well, especially if the current generation is the one that holds the positions in the government.

Jul 11, 18 / Leo 24, 02 00:33 UTC

Languages are constantly evolving, creating a new seems a bit like a waste of time. You create it, it will be imperfect, it will change (especially if you teach it to children first) and become something different altogether in less than a generation...

Just put a bunch of people speaking different languages together and their kids will create the new uniform language all by themselves. Saves everybody the problem of wasting their time and effort on doing so now and leaves us free to focus on other things...you know, like tech needed and making money and all. 

Jul 11, 18 / Leo 24, 02 03:15 UTC

i think it's a very great idea since asgardian didn't have their own language, im really looking forwards to it.

Sep 10, 18 / Sco 01, 02 18:56 UTC

I have been ... away from things here.... for a while now, issues kept me busy and distracted from this effort; I remember a while back there was huge discusions on a national language and many went this way or that but after months of going back and forth I dont think anything was really settled as to whether there would even be an official language.

That said, if anyone can catch me up so i dont have to spend days hunting info, was an official language ever chosen; if so will there be online courses available for us older people to slowly learn? (everything is slower when you get older lol); what are all the official juicy details?