Jan 16, 17 / Aqu 16, 01 19:48 UTC

Admins Mustn’t Have to Erase Right Topics in Forum, Otherwise Big Sister Comes  

May be she has already come.

Admins erased topics in Religion subset without any warning or regulation and did not give time to copy them. They have talked about rules. None of 30 writers of those topics wanted to breach the rules. Admins are in subjective mood since the beginning.

No state in the world officials erase their citizens messages in social media. All of them have rules.

In Facebook, there was copy of each messages. In Forum, there is not or ther may not be.

As I see, aim of admins goes this way: Control of messages directly.

I have always reminded and I still remind you, there is history, there are records. Asgardian officials and admins are aroundly at 0 democratic point since the beginning. And this was recorded in history.

One of my messages was erased in this topic before copying it. I am a writer and I protest it. Even extreme nationalist and fundamentalist Turkish government did not do such a thing to me.

(January 16th, 2017)

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Jan 16, 17 / Aqu 16, 01 21:04 UTC

Hello rehaulku,

First of all, the reset of the Religion subforum is no secret, it wasn't done secretly of targeting specific topics. The action was made public as explained here: https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/theology-103/topic/forum-restart-676/

Hello everyone! Rebekah here! Due to the reception of a 'religion' forum, we have renamed this section to 'Theology'. Which means we are rebooting all conversation here to a fresh start! Please follow the rules and try to get along! Kind regards, Rebekah Berg, Lead Community Adminsitrator, Asgardia

This action was taken on December, 22, 2016. Almost a month ago, and only a few days after the official release of the forum. I don't know the whole story, but it seems the word Religion wasn't the best choice and it got replaced by Theology, which is, to my understanding, larger than the former.

As for your statement regarding that No state in the world officials erase their citizens messages in social media., I'd like to tell you that it is wrong. Many countries does this indeed.

Please note that Asgardia moderators don't usually delete topics, but rather close them. What happened to the Religion forum was really tragic. They could also delete comments or topics on Facebook (meaning, they have the ability to do so) but usually don't. History is important, therefore only content that is really chocking gets deleted.

Maybe you didn't notice the subforum name was changed, in this case you can continue on your previous discussions on the new one: https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/theology-103/

Please familiarize yourself with the Asgardia Forum Rules before posting. Posting in this forum implies that you have read and understand the rules and guidelines. This forum requires respect, broad perspective and above all else, the understanding that Asgardia is a secular nation.

Jan 16, 17 / Aqu 16, 01 23:03 UTC

Always the same:

I have 10 subjects in my message. Only one them is answered partly. Do you say me that Ashurbeyli is a Russian and may behave like Putin because of Putin deletes messages of Russian citizens in internet?

I say I want freedom and autonomy for declaring my thoughts. At least in my texts. My atheism texts had nothing against the rules of the Forum. Because they were about logic, not religion directly. You can not say this: We have said that we will delete messages and we have deleted them.

You may have limited knowledge about all things, but you may not have the right to cut anything according your subjectivity. You can not delete 1 thousand messages in Facebook even Facebook gives this right to you, if you have any democratic tendency.

I hope democratic thought declaring right will be preserved in the Forum. I critisize it.

Please bring to the Forum 'send message to your e-mail' possibility. I can't believe in your honesty in these conditions. You will be able to delete all messages in this Forum and you have done 2 times before this last stage. You behave overauthoritisized.

Jan 16, 17 / Aqu 16, 01 23:31 UTC

Hi rehaulku, We would like to take this time to remind you that free speech =/= freedom from responsibility for your statements. For example, this may be a thread dedicated to feedback, however, relating the founder of Asgardia (who is not directly responsible for our actions as moderators) to Putin is absolutely uncalled for here, and violates community rules about personal attacks on the forums. You have stated your point. Please rephrase your point in a more respectful manner so that others may consider it more seriously. Thank you.

Jan 17, 17 / Aqu 17, 01 10:15 UTC

I agree, the removal of topics, or indeed individual posts inside, isn't a clever thing to be doing for the obvious concerns of censorship. However, within the natural course of their duties, it should be expected that certain material be required to move to "lesser public" locations, and topics locked to prevent further continuation, and in the more extreme cases, access to accounts denied.

Although removed of general public veiwing, I do not feel this should in any way be beyond access. Just somewhere it can cause no harm. I also feel this procedure should carry supporting documentation, official appeals process etc.

As for your statement regarding that No state in the world officials erase their citizens messages in social media., I'd like to tell you that it is wrong. Many countries does this indeed.

Actually, no. docile media firms don't allow you to delete anything. Move it out of your sight, possibly, but no, things don't get deleted. Such companies use this data for "marketing purposes", for training their algorythms, or direct sale. Basically, that is their product, you gave up all rights to it, it's theirs now - Why would they allow you to delete their revenue stream? They simply record the fact you tried to delete, add that to the data mine as well and put it somewhere you can't get at it. The purpose of having a data mine is to generate it, not deplete it.

In our case, we should have no requirement to engage in the more shady things associated with such companies do with that data once they have it, but by not deleting it we can ultimately end up with a vast archive of knowledge, containing viable and potential solutions for almost any given problem.