Mar 14, 17 / Ari 17, 01 11:43 UTC

I am hereby requesting a topic lock

The original topic of conversation has stopped being the argument for a long time now. Seriously. over 60 posts of back and forth vitriol with only 2 posts (one being mine) to try to stop the rancor. They need a time-out. At this point it has been demonstrated that neither has the self-control necessary to stop themselves from arguing.

If they want to just have a place to argue back and forth, have them make a discord channel, an IRC channel, AOL Instant message each other, or even get adjoining ICQ accounts at this point. As far as I can tell, their bromance has almost reached its final stages and we can expect Asgardian wedding bells any day now.

Mar 14, 17 / Ari 17, 01 13:34 UTC

lol @ bromance. I'm actually ordained and can even conduct the ceramony. Got a date in mind?

Seriously much of it is somewhat to do with the topic of eliminating the monetary system, and consequences therof. It is still on topic. Vaguely. With myself being in strong support it is possible, with initatives like deep space mining providing for the physical aspect to make it practical, as it is commonly accepted that the purpose of money is to measure out ability to obtain finite resources. Commonly through methods like trade. And if we don't make it happen then it never will.

I'll agree that it appears to gotten a little excessive in terms of overall length. And incredibly repetitive in some parts. But there has been some pretty rediculous things suggested that ideally require corrections. A good example here would be the suggestion that people having a naturally short lifespan was taken to mean instigations of executions, or that open source is inherently untrustable. For anyone else reading that may think it valid, I'm of the personal opinion that the opposition is intentionally belligerant and will never adjust position. On the other hand, I'll readily adjust position on the proof of it simply not being possible. I personally have demonstrated plenty of self control and have already recieved feedback from those who know me on a personal level and experienced similar things in alternate places expressing surprise at this.

"Arguing" within itself isn't - or shouldn't be - problematic. People to tend to disagree, and it is the process of arguing that can not only adjust the opinion of those directly involved, but via this medium those later reading. These words may also serve some later purpose yet undetermined. Stored sensibly you'd be needing near 400 A4 pages of it to make a megabyte - storage nowadays is cheap.

Ultimately, if you don't like it, you don't have to read it. You could just look and see that the content has been placed there by either and ignore it, knowing by now that you're not particularly interested in what they have to say on this matter. Via such a medium you're granted a reasonable measure of control over what you see.

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Mar 14, 17 / Ari 17, 01 13:50 UTC

I can help you with that phicksur. It is done. Let us know if you need any other assistance.