Dec 27, 16 / Cap 26, 00 01:36 UTC

Anime in asgardia  

Well I would like to welcome all fans of anime asgardia as we all know we can not let this Japanese art in the future space nation many ideas that are being shaped are based on various ideas proposed in the anime and I would like Share what do you like

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Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 22:17 UTC

I absolutely agree with you my friend, the souls as well as Japanese culture, I think we should enter our ecosystem, as we should also do the cultures of other nations, and who knows ... maybe the souls will be the point d ' encounter between different cultures because they love them all

Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 13:42 UTC

Apoio a tematica de anime, mas gosto também de várias artes, quem se lembra do Asterix e Obelix? Contos japoneses são bem diferentes, por isso são bons, mas podíamos experimentar contos de outros países. Que tal? 🤔🤔✌🎈

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Jan 6, 17 / Aqu 06, 01 21:24 UTC

@LeoZ : fale em ingles nos topicos em inglês caraio. Deixa pra falar em portugues somente aonde for tópico em portugues senão vai dar treta ok ?

As i said to my friend Leoz, i request that they change the language to english, so, we can still talking about animes. i think that we can produce animations with an caracteristic draw, like animes have, we can have too. but we need to create an official digital library with all the animes that we can, as it stored digitally, we can store tons os files, having an backup of decades of productions ! it´s will be better than Netflix :D

Jan 7, 17 / Aqu 07, 01 13:09 UTC

A mi me gusta mucho el anime, tambien dibujarlo les dejo aqui una pagina donde está lo que hago, si alguien lo interesa pase a mirar :) I really like the anime, I also draw it here a page where is what I do, if someone is interested, go and look Eu realmente gosto de anime, desenho também deixar aqui uma página que é o que eu faço, se alguém estiver interessado, ir e olhar

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Jan 11, 17 / Aqu 11, 01 00:40 UTC

I'm confused on why you would want to in more or less ban anime because it reflects part of Japanese culture? Should we also ban certain styles of art all together because it reflects other cultures as well? I really would like you to explain the logic behind your reasoning.

Jan 12, 17 / Aqu 12, 01 22:53 UTC

dear @ Okkabogga : you are talking to ... ? i want to know who is trying to ban animes.

i just propose an characteristic draw style. to be called our art style.

Jan 16, 17 / Aqu 16, 01 10:22 UTC

What are you trying to say OP? Are you suggesting that we do not allow anime in Asgardia? If so on what basis? Without having a credible basis the idea can not be taken seriously and I honestly do not think you have one. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with calling anime anime. Anime is not an art style rather it is an artform. Anime is short for animation the technique used to create such masterpieces as Princess mononoke, Howl's moving castle, and Spirited away to name a few. The drawing style you are referring to is actually called manga, anyway I disagree with your proposal. It just does not make any sense nor would it serve any beneficial purpose

Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 03:09 UTC

Hi Edward Phantom, I was talking to the 2nd poster on this thread. I don't really care what we call it but let's not exclude it.

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Jan 21, 17 / Aqu 21, 01 05:38 UTC

Anime? Cool I´m in :) I thought There will not be anithing of this in the new space nation (for all the science and stuff) but it's nice that some people in our new Homeland like it too ^^

Jan 21, 17 / Aqu 21, 01 18:36 UTC

@Okkabogga: I think you refering to the first post, since the phrase seem quite confusing. ''as we all know we can not let this Japanese art in the future space nation''

@Offroad, I'm pretty sure you mean something else here, maybe you should try to rephrase it ... or maybe you really ment how it is said?

To my personal point of view, there is other historical novelist that brang many future idea that been now a reality; such is Jules Verne (Twenty thousand leagues under the sea (1869-1873), From the earth to the moon (1865), Around the moon (1870), The floating Town (1871), just to name those) But, I do agree that anime bring another aspect to our view of futuristic avenue, way beyond the one brang by Jules Verne. Even so, I name this autor, but there is many more too.

Jan 23, 17 / Aqu 23, 01 19:57 UTC

This art form, as most art forms, should be allowed as a freedom of expression! I believe an anime on Asgardia itself would make up a great series or even a movie.

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Mar 13, 17 / Ari 16, 01 03:06 UTC

yeah... i d like this topic

May 17, 17 / Gem 25, 01 21:20 UTC

If anime were not allowed in Asgardia, I'd literally look for another station to immigrate to, because I am too passionate about it to let it completely leave my life. I get that it has a bad rap, and that parts of it's fanbase are not a very pleasant crowd, but as long as you watch it with an open mind and don't take some of the more fucked up parts seriously, you can definitely find enjoyment from it. I know that if I get in, I'm definitely helping set up Asgardia's first anime convention, however that would work.

May 23, 17 / Can 03, 01 06:44 UTC



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