Dec 28, 16 15:56 UTC

applying for  

I want to become refugees.Please help me

Dec 28, 16 17:45 UTC

Thank you for your interest in Asgardia: the Space Nation.

We know a person can have many important reasons to change their citizenship or to apply for political asylum. For now, Asgardia is not an independent nation recognized by the United Nations. We have no formal diplomatic relations and cannot issue legal passports.

If you require urgent assistance, please contact your nation's departments of international relations, a foreign embassy, or the immigration division of a foreign government.

We wish you safety and peace.

Dec 28, 16 19:27 UTC

Tanks. If I go to embassies I can go to Asgardya?

Dec 29, 16 01:32 UTC

There is no Asgardia here on Earth or in Space ! We are just talking about a future together that will be years and years in the future. We also do not even have any available funds yet , we are just online. Sorry !

Dec 24, 02 / Dec 26, 18 19:29 UTC

We should already have embassies, or at least places where people can go to collect their passports. but this is a situation that becomes common when we have a fixed territory