Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 19:27 UTC

Immigration to what?  


I flicked through a few posts in here.

I think we need to have a better think about what we're discussing before discussing it!

Let's imagine Asgardia is a space nation we build with our own hands. Let's imagine we build stations in asteroids, moons and in hard vaccuum.

The early years will not be easy. Those who are there will be pioneers who really want to be there and make something. If people want to come, let them come, they will have to make something with their own hands as well.

Asgardia will be unlike a regular Terran country. We will most likely be a loose collective of habitats strung together by common ideals. I see emigrating to Asgardia more as a case of building a habitat and subscribing to those ideals or joining an existing Hab who allow you to share their precision food, air and water because you have something to contribute.

Also consider that to emigrate to Asgardia means climbing earths gravity well to an environment of hard vacuum and radiation.

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Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 23:34 UTC

A pretty accurate overal overview, however, all "habitats" will hold the same ideals, they will observe the same law, etc - just distributed elements of the same society.

There's very unlikley to be capacity to support refugees in the early phases - but I think the idea here is to get the details worked out ready for when such concepts become realistically practical.

Also, quite a lot of the construction can be automated and the general manual procedure to simply assemble modular components as required - even most of that can be automated. Primitive techniques like using hands should be possible to be minimised.

Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 15:55 UTC

Our first response should be to get them out off the situation and somewhere safer so this space should primarily use to temporarily house them and supply them with basic needs until the situation is resolved, so perhaps a location somewhere for them to live and produce necessary this such as food and water by themselves.

If after the situation is resolved and the individual wish to stay and become a part of Asgardia, then maybe we can develop a program where they can develop the same credentials that one who would apply to immigrate to the nation would be asked to process? Maybe another facility that is used to provide a service such as farming, manufacturing etc. along with schooling that can be used to prepare the individual and families to settle permanently in the general population while screening etc. takes place.

Jan 4, 17 / Aqu 04, 01 23:28 UTC

We are all immigrants being Asgardian, we are refugees, we want to lay the ground and live in space. Understand this as a metaphor. We are tired of even democratic states that hellish our lives. What about the people who are running out of wars and genocides? These should be the first Asgardians, Asgardia is the home of these people much more than mine. Asgardia is a metaphor, means the human nation. Understood?

Jan 5, 17 / Aqu 05, 01 18:26 UTC

I really dislike the thing about immigration because i dont think we have to take all immigrants to our country but we can pick the most valuable ones to our country like engineers doctors and other worthy people because i think as others we do not need any rapists drug users or other some dishonoring people into our country because i think we will keep asgardia safe from all troubles and we ll keep everything clean after allbecause i tihnk we are all talented and amazign peopel and no need to spoil this kind of beautyfull country

Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 03:09 UTC

Immigration to what? This is a very appropriate statement. At this point in time and into the foreseeable future we will be a nation only. This is plain and simple.

We cannot be classed as immigrants nor can we accept immigrants as Asgardia has no territory of its own to immigrate to, only the ability to for us/people to attain a dual citizenship.

I would like to also like to clarify the point on refugees. We are not refugees like some people purport, atleast very few of us would be. For those few who are refugees, the opportunities Asgardia provides are very small at present. This is not to say that it will always be that way.

I like the suggestion that AllenDeGrey posted relating to advocacy. Once accepted into the United Nations then we are in a position to advocate for others who are in situations where they are not in a position to help themselves.

We have a long way to go and many baby steps to take on the path we now travel and we need to consider short term and the longer multi-generation term. It has been said that we can only work with the resources we have at any one time. Thus both now and into the multi-generational future we need to strongly consider this, once living in a closed loop system, there is finite resources ie. food, water, energy, space, air etc. Given a safety margin for emergencies and disasters, it only provides at best for a short term 20-25% fluctuation in population on any given day/week/month, with no buffer should problems arise.

Just as we have boat people here on Earth we will most likely have pod people those people who are in short range space faring vessels trying to dock at Asgardian facilities. Advocacy is by far the most practical and cost effective measure that can be employed both now and in the future.

Jan 31, 17 / Pis 03, 01 20:00 UTC

Asgardia can provide a cyber presence in space. Imagine launching a web server with a 1,000 terabyte harddisk. We can start our own cryptocurrency. The money that is generated by those activities can be poured into getting our own first space habitat.

Feb 1, 17 / Pis 04, 01 04:53 UTC

I want to make something clear, there is a difference between a refugee and a immigrant. We are all immigrants to Asgradia and we should never forget that. Immigrants is what helpped make Asgradia slowly become a nation and we should never forget that for all of Asgradias history. Immigrants come to a country to help build it and make a living doing so, a refugee has to flee there country because of war or some kind of devastation.

"Immigrants are subject to the laws of their adopted country. They may only come if they have work or a place to live. Immigrants are usually driven by economic factors, or they want to be close to family. Refugees are forced to relocate for reasons such as fear of persecution due to war, religion or political opinion."

This is what i wrote in another post were someone was talking about having to control immigration as it was some kind of threat to Asgradia ......................................................................................................................................

In my opinion i dont think we will need to protect ourselves from this treat at all.

First i dont think that a everyday person would be able to just get on a ship and try and breech our station, it would be the goverments of earth and Asgardia deciding who would be able to get a visa or citizenship, so we have that advantage.

Also second Setting some kind of strict regulations on "immigrants" (who are also our earth brothers and sisters) will only set fear into the citizens of Asgardia, making our people think as if these people from earth have no right to live amoug us and who only take from Asgardia. Which i believe will never be the case, let us remember that Asgradia was founded on immigrants ( as is many great countries) who wanted to come and make this a great nation of there own, But the moment we tell ourselves and let our goverment tell us that certain kinds of people are not welcome, this is when we will forget this.

History has taught us many of times that when our goverments are in hard times from something they have done or cant control, the first they tend to blame are immigrants and minorities and we all believe them and let them take the attention off who is really to blame n who has really put us here, which is your goverment taking risk with its people, never the immigrants who once help build your economy. Hell it is still happening today, our goverments making us argue over simple immigration laws and dividing us, instead of us playing attention to bigger proplems, they blind us with this. I can bet if you live in a westernized country and searched what peoples biggest agenda on political topics, immigration will be at the top of the list of what people are most concerned about. Not global warning, not about what we should do to help the middle east or under developed countries, just people worried about more boat people and immigrants getting into there country and taking the jobs they dont usely really want to do or cant do ;). We even let them blame immigration from taking all the jobs and the fall of the economy when it was the banks n corporations at fault.

I understand their must be some kind of laws for immigration once Asgradia becomes a real space colony, i would just like to see that we remember how we started and to understand we welcome all kinds of walks of life to our peaceful nation and will for as long as we are a nation. I would really like to even see in our constitution a nice important paragraph about how we were founded on immigrants from all parts of human life on earth, and that we will never let our goverment or people into letting immigration fear us or deter us from the truth of our proplems or from moving forward as past goverments and people of earth have mistakenly done to many times in there history

Also maybe a throught of thinking on what could help with what Asgradia is to do with its laws on immigration, maybe instead of being stricted on immigration we are insteaded very stricted on deportation and making it very clear that immigrants of earth are welcome but Asgradia gives only one chance to those who want to conduct to a wrong manner of Asgradias laws and policy's. Do you think this could help or you have any ideas that could please feel free to have a chat as im sure i have gone on long enough lol :)

Also one most last note, people lets remember we are very lucky to be able to start a country in this modern time that was not formed with death, thief, war and civil war but instead with peace and understandance, Also with what we know and how intelligence we have become we can really try and make this country a utopia of peace among humans and lead the way of peace so we can teach earth to do the same

Lets not let our people of Asgardia make the same mistakes we have on earth and be blinded, let us never forget how our colony was started. :)

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