Jan 19, 17 / Aqu 19, 01 22:45 UTC

Re: We nation must serious control new apply people. Can”t accpter criminal and morale bad peoples.  

Ain't racism a bad moral thing? No need to answer that.

Jan 24, 17 / Aqu 24, 01 10:54 UTC

I'm really interested to see how the record dismissal system would work in Asgardia. How would one go about proving he/she deserves a second chance despite being guilty of one crime or another? Would they work through manual larbor, military, or mining resources (To give an idea of the path said potential citizens would take.) for a specified number of months or years? Would this also transfer over to their Earth records or would it stay there? How would we deal with repeat offenders? Revoke their citizen and send them to Earth for punishment or would we have some sort of a ward for that on the space station itself?

Jan 31, 17 / Pis 03, 01 07:16 UTC

jacuqes ou, what you are saying will only hold Asgradia back from being a peace free nation, to divide us only distracts us from our real goals, because instead of achieving our potential and goals we will be too focused on fighting among each other, and when i mean each other i dont mean Asgradians fighting among one another but humans in general fighting among one another, and does that sound like peace to you?

I can understand those who want to keep Asgradia safe from " criminals or bad people" of earth, but as people have stated before i think everyone should get a fresh start once a citizen of Asgradia and leave behind the mistakes of earth and learn to better ourselves from it. Also i like to believe anyone right now who is wanting to join Asgradia wants to for the better of mankind, earth and Asgradia and not for there own greedy views and selves. Also i believe we all came to correct the mistakes of the past that were made on earth and truely make a nation of peace among humans.

Lets not let fear control us again or let "the men" as some like to say put fear amongst one another to control us and blinded us of there wrong doings.

I have said this in a reply to a immigration post and ill say it here:

Lets not let our people of Asgardia make the same mistakes we have on earth and be blinded, let us never forget how our colony was started and built which was on immigrants of all nations and there ideas :)

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Jan 31, 17 / Pis 03, 01 08:21 UTC

Also i forgot to mention, what one natiom sees as a crime in its laws can be completely different in another country and the crime be seen as fine or even everyday life.

For example canibus and the plantation of it is illegal in many countries but some like even north Korea (crazy i know :) ) see it as everyday life.

Asgradia has not yet made offical laws ( from my understanding ), so how can we deem who is a criminal or not if even me and you being from different nations of earth can see differences in someone being a criminal or not under our own earths nations laws. See what im getting at here, that is why i think if everyone gets a fresh start if they are granted citizenship to Asgradia is a great idea and very open thinking which what Asgradia wants and needs :).

Feb 12, 17 / Pis 15, 01 06:23 UTC

Its true that eventually we will need control but under what premise are we acting?.

Fear of the "Bad" people?, Well fear numbs the way we think so this must be a "No" to act under fear. Who are we to determinate "hey you come from a low-develop country so no Asgardian nationality for you" ? People do not decide where they were born.

Just don't forget that if someone applied for an Asgardian Nationality it has a meaning

this meaning could go from a simple "make the world a better place" to persecution.

I do not want to be rude but do not step-out to think and act just for the "we are in the space nation" remember to step your feet hard in the ground first so we can actually build with a solid foundations.

This means Right now.. How can we help people that are actually in danger? What is OUR (as Asgardians) official position from refugees? What can we do Right Now to start changing the world?

I can assure you, taking a policy/statecraft of "closing borders" when we do not actually have borders (neither in space could we), It is not how a nation is build. Delineate first our reach here on Earth and Size the dimensions of Asgardia as a nation.

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Feb 13, 17 / Pis 16, 01 00:08 UTC

This idea is not feasible, it also assumes that bad people have already been able to register and become citizens. The meaning of bad is also subjective so there is no way to know what is bad or who is bad! For example we all agree that murder is bad but, we also all agree that in situations involving self defense that it is justifiable. But that in the end murder is still murder the only difference is in one case it was in defense of self. So, since murder is bad that would make anyone who had to take the life of another even if in self defense a bad person. Even though there only choice was to allow themselves to be killed. Do you see the problem there?

Feb 20, 17 / Pis 23, 01 08:35 UTC

I think that we should keep in mind that many people are targeted for political and racist reasons in countries like Finland and Estonia.

In such a countries people are often racist and discriminating towards people who are from countries like Russia or supporting people from countries like that.

Being a victim of human right violation like that shouldn't be considered the same as being an actual criminal. And like others have stated here it's difficult to say who did wrong and who didn't. There are huge cultural differences between nations of origin here and we must keep that in mind and respect the rules of Asgardia.

Jul 31, 17 / Vir 16, 01 08:42 UTC

LOVing one's own country of birth is not a bad thing every one does it , if you not then i will wonder my friend.

besides this i support equality of all asgardians regardless of their religions, their race, rich-poor etc.

their are always some good people and some bad people every where on earth , their will always some good people and bad people no matter where you go in space.

Jul 1, 18 / Leo 14, 02 03:54 UTC

If you want to expel the Chinese, you should be expelled first. Don't you come from Shanghai in China