Dec 21, 16 / Cap 20, 00 21:47 UTC

Writers Guild  

Would it be too soon to establish an Asgardian writers guild?

Dec 22, 16 / Cap 21, 00 15:18 UTC

I don't see why not? It would give those who enjoy expressing themselves through written work the chance to shine and share their stories with the rest of us.

Dec 23, 16 / Cap 22, 00 17:04 UTC

Not only that, but also the opportunity to realize the Asgardian dream in fiction. All accomplishments began as dreams, and literature is one of the greatest ways to express and share dreams.

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Dec 24, 16 / Cap 23, 00 03:15 UTC

Yes. I'd like to see cooperative anthologies, too. We may have a poetry reading program on Voices of Asgardia radio, as well.

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 15:03 UTC

A writers guild and cooperative anthologies sound like a great idea! It's also a good start to creating a cultural identity overall :)

Dec 27, 16 / Cap 26, 00 17:04 UTC

You can count me in! I'm not much of a poetry guy, but I can do standard narrative fiction (fantasy and science fiction mostly). We could start with something small, like a collection of short stories or something.

Dec 29, 16 / Cap 28, 00 17:57 UTC

I would like to be part of it.I'm a writer (sci-fi mostly but with some opinion articles and poetry too).

Dec 30, 16 / Cap 29, 00 07:46 UTC

I could say that it happened with the votes of the flags, we already have banner would be appropriate to write a hymn, is there something about it?

Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 15:34 UTC

I would love to share my book, Future's Past The Begining. I would have to type it here though as my laptop was hacked. It works fine but it wants some sort of softwear to reset the password.

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Jan 8, 17 / Aqu 08, 01 13:05 UTC

It would be great if a Writers guild is set for Asgardians because it will provide a platform for potential writers who wish to express their thoughts regarding Asgardia and its potential through different mediums.

Jan 8, 17 / Aqu 08, 01 13:07 UTC

And I would be honoured to join the guild too.

Jan 8, 17 / Aqu 08, 01 14:00 UTC

I'd love to be a part of it, writing standard novels (particularly sci-fi and fantasy). I actually have a sci-fi story idea already thought up, and Asgardia could very easily be inserted into it.

Jan 15, 17 / Aqu 15, 01 13:31 UTC

A writers guild may be a good idea and I would be happy to participate(depending on regulations).

Jan 15, 17 / Aqu 15, 01 18:42 UTC

I'd love to be part of this too, I'm a good writer/typer, I write a novel now from Turkish language, I know Turkish,English and farci type and write.

Jan 18, 17 / Aqu 18, 01 16:04 UTC

Agree with you. Really good. It is very necessary.