Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 03:41 UTC

National security (Weapon)  

National security is inevitable without a weapons system. What kind of weapon should we use, understanding that resources are very limited? I would opt for the laser at a great distance. Because we will be close to many satellites and these can become weapons of war and be used against us. In addition we can make a shield with laser to protect us of any type of threat

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 18:04 UTC

Laser is a good weapon especially in space also microwaves can be use as a form of em weapon it would take little energy to provide an effective way of defense

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 20:30 UTC

What type of weapon ? Weapon that is fixed to Asgardia Structure or Weapons that we put in the "pocket"?

In case 1: Today, laser gun is used by US Navy but is for destroying drones and small targets.

In case 2: I will say electric(shock) guns and a fiber stick.

Dec 27, 16 / Cap 26, 00 02:58 UTC

"National security is inevitable without a weapons system."

Um, Whut?

In space, resources are infinite. You just have to fetch/process them. It's almost as simple as that sounds. It would be lunacy to attempt anything significant until we have access to these resources.

As a weapon, lasers are not a good option - otherwise they would currently be in large scale deployment. Large energy requirements make it impractical in a portable format. The ground based "star wars project" was also doomed to failure, not for lack of funding.

Microwaves as EM weapon would also require insane amount of energies to provide. Using the microwaves themselves to melt steel as opposed to a weak electromagnetic field generated when contacting metallic structures would take a lot less energy, but still only useful for an incredibly small range of senario.

By the time we get to building structures in space, satellites will have too low specific mass to cause problems, collision being the most probable - and this should be mitigated by being in a different orbital belt. At the moment at least, a remarkably small number of satellites face away from earth. Even less have weapons systems, or systems that could be used in an offensive capacity.

How do you propose to use lasers as a "shield"? Photons don't tend to pose much resistence to kinetic weapons, and it's highly doubtful they would provide any impedence to particle or wave based energy weapons.

For use in offensive capacity, laser has been incredibly limited. I recall a system that detects lenses over a 16 mile stretch or so and then burns out the sensor behind them - being unable to distinguish between organic and artificial lenses it would be morally and ethically reprehensible to deploy such a system. Similarly, lasers can be used to burn out the seeker heads on inbound missiles. For actual destructive capacity, they have been focused on vessels fuel tanks in order to cause a rapid unplanned disassembly of the vessel. This is more a function of the chemical energy of the fuel being released, than the laser itself.

Weaponry isn't really a facet we should be specifically focussing on, it's not something that's overly difficult within itself. Any tool held right is a weapon. It's just about how you use it.

Dec 27, 16 / Cap 26, 00 04:25 UTC

@EyeR 100% agree with you. The Laser and EM weapons while are cool ideas should probably not be focused on in the immediate. The amount of resources required for those weapons will probably not be available for some time as well as the weapons still classed under experimental tech. An idea could be to focus on equipping a small yet highly trained NS force with good quality gear, or go for the broader range low quality, more quantity. Some ideas for specifics would be up for discussion, yet I'd like to point out the Australian Defence Force, they have a solid and relatively high-tech force yet are one of the smaller militaries in the world placing fairly high in comparison to other effective militaries.

Dec 27, 16 / Cap 26, 00 08:17 UTC

Stun weapons. Missiles/railguns use laser for point defense vs missiles. Lasers can be used for sniper shots on critical systems

Dec 27, 16 / Cap 26, 00 16:50 UTC

Defense is a much more prominent subject than offense.

Physically as much as digitally defense is a much more complicated subject and by it's nature would also encompass all facets of offense. Not to mention it conforms more with the nations ethics.

With space based warfare, like any other, it's tactically sound to analyse the weakness of your opponents and attack that. One thing that is likely to be common regardless of systems and form factors deployed is heat dissipation. Running equipment generates heat and this heat must be dealt with. Take a look at the ISS and compare the square foot used foot "habitation" and the square foot used as radiator panelling(some is in the solar panels, increasing surface area beyond initially visible). Most of what people would think are solar panels are actually radiators. Thusly this is likely to be a priority target. Taking this out means any attempts at further response will bake the occupants if critical equipment failure doesn't occur first. Minimal effort, maximum effect.

For a subject like "national security" it would possibly make more sense to focus on things like assuring attacks on thermal dissipation systems are mitigated.

For something like a laser weaponry - why has no-one considered that a simple mirror will reflect the greater precentage of energy?

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Dec 30, 16 / Cap 29, 00 04:20 UTC

I think the first priority is to build space city

Dec 30, 16 / Cap 29, 00 12:40 UTC

I think the first priority is to establish resources that would both be able to be used to construct and supply multiple city stations.

Dec 31, 16 / Cap 30, 00 18:58 UTC

Anti Satellite weapons already exist and are in space. Do you really think that if we place a colony at L4 or L5 that everything will be cool? There is limited space at these points and they are full of geo sync satellites. Any one of which just needs enough propellant to boost itself into a collision with the colony. There needs to be no bomb, no lasers, no nothing to wipe out a good chunk of the colony. Now then the best defense is to have our own ASAT weapons along the kinetic lines.A shotgun blast would shred the incoming problem but leave us with more little issues to deal with.

A screen of old satellites bought from the corporations that left them in space would be an option. placed a few klicks away they would serve as our main defense and then the ASAT weapons.

Jan 1, 17 / Aqu 01, 01 00:16 UTC

First, placing a colony intentionally somewhere we know is going to cause an issue with other people is at best irresponsible, especially when space is big enough to simply put it somewhere else.

To sensibly grow ourselves to the point where establishing orbital long term mass habitation is sensible, we'll have no need to purchase things to use as a debris field being able to exploit existing debris for that purpose. I personally don't think a building debris field makes ½ as much sense as collections of three drones with a net strung between them. Debris is an issue up there, and I really think we should be clearing it up, not adding to it. IF we do it right, clearing it up can help us get up there.

A sensible station design would take more than one tiny satellite impact to threaten anything more than a small section, and those things tend to be more valuable to the operators in one piece. I'd personally have the radiation shielding in the outer hull that thick(say, five meters of NiFe skinned in ½ meter titanium) that a satellite would have reasonable difficulty penetrating that, let alone anywhere near the pressure hull. This would have people on it, long term, safety isn't something you skimp on. If we build it right then kinetic transfer without rediculous mass is of no concern, and until we can build like that, there's no sense planning to put colonies about.

Jan 14, 17 / Aqu 14, 01 14:19 UTC

Laser weapons like aliens, If war is necessary when they come we have to ready and training for that very well. Weapons can be very powerful for emergency defense to our nation (even from the earth and for future from the space) from anything like Aliens, any guests or enemies from the other planets, galaxies and... we have to not simple training We are not just an simply training or education, perhaps, we have to get special trainings, I think we should also have a more private training than the special forces or army's because we are asgardian, not a simple soldier, Our job is not to arrest a thief or something in earth, we have to protect earth, Our real and important job is to protect the world, (from inside or for future outside the earth), if aliens from the other universes, Before the army of all countries ready for it, they weapons facilities are a thousand times more advanced from humanity army's, if you see science fiction movies, they have a great example from aliens how they can be dangerous for us, like star trek into darkness (khan Laser weapon) he made a man tow piece in kronos it's terrible, and Thor into the dark world (man's or enemies like malekith) if they coming, we never know it, before we wake up they army hunt us down and And they takeover whole world,

more terrible examples about aliens like: -the avengers (luki and his army, Chitauri), -Thor (in new Mexico, destroyer), -Avengers age of ultron (ultron robots army), -War of the worlds (2005), -edge of tomorrow (2014),

And more than close to us asgardia: -Independence Day: Resurgence: (they try to made a defense for protect earth.) ... this solution is we have to learn more that anyone else or army from aliens, they weapons, they armys, how are they fight, we have to ready and can fight and destroy them, If they are tough we have to be stronger and tougher than them, I'm sorry for take your time guys, but i have to say that.

And for a military or asgardia army or peacekeeper we have to can use any guns or weapons including laser weapons and responding fast and smooth and quick if they alians or enemies attack. I'm so want to be a military or special force in my whole life,this is my dream to be a solider, now i feel myself an asgardian solider or peacekeeper, Let's protect our humanity, our world asgardian solider's, One humanity, One unity, one Asgardia With love and respect...fatemeh ghodrari.

Jan 15, 17 / Aqu 15, 01 04:08 UTC

Laser weaponry isn't something to be concerned about for the foreseable future, and when it does we'll take into account principles like reflection.

About all we would need is training. And education. From the provided examples, lots of education.

A list of poor films that represent a concentration of your own personal and unwarrented phobia isn't an entirely good excuse for anything, beyond education.

And as for a military or Asgardian army or peacekeeper then the defined project goals of a peaceful use of space, prevention of Earths conflicts transfering to space and a de-militerised base of knowledge in space should all suggest that army and military are not even options.

Jan 15, 17 / Aqu 15, 01 18:16 UTC

Exactly, training and education is necessary for any asgardian people, And about the movies, they just a example and i don't know the better way to explain my idea, this is the best way i know, And about military or asgardia army, of course we live in peace in earth and for future in space, this is just a protection, like any country in earth we have to protect our country/our nation first, What is asgardia nation mission up there in earth orbit, protect earth from enemies or guest from the other galaxy's,

Have a good day and, This is asgardia forum, like any asgardian i just share my idea and my theorys about asgardia future, no need to Disrespect to my ideas in my post in this page. Please respect to any post and idea.

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Jan 16, 17 / Aqu 16, 01 03:05 UTC

Do you actually read anything, or do you just copy and paste the same nonsense regardless of the topic?

Yes, you share your idea - but it's been shared before, by people who make more sensible arguments. You'd of known this should you of been bothered to actually read the previous content before posting. You'd also be aware of the responses that in any sane-thinking individual should reconcile these disturbing phobias, as well as the clearly defined "de-militerised" stace both provided for by the outer space treaty and the founding ethics, that don't just suggest but explicitly forbid the formation of a military, or an "Asgardian army".