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Re: Personal defense, the debate on carrying weapons on the person.  


No, it does not, I have only had dealings with one member who was banned and can not speak regarding the other as I know nothing about his/her situation. In my honest opinion any post less than ten lines is more likely to be none factual and/or trollish. Because anyone with a valid point to make surely has more than ten lines of information to add to the discussion. With the exception of topics that do not require lengthy answers. I do not consider anyone as a nemesis, that implies that I somehow dislike that person. I do not know any of you well enough to like or dislike you

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I have no intention to argue with anyone. First I presented my qualifications. Second I closed my point with request for scientific rigor. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. No one is allowed to have their own facts. 

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To whom are you talking? If myself I have a question, if you have no intent of arguing with anyone why bother to comment at all? You can't possibly comment and not expect someone to challenge what you have said when what you have said is incorrect. Especially, since you say you have a military background and know full well that my rebuttal to your comment is correct. To use a weapon effectively all one needs is the proper training in it's use and upkeep. Also, you can not demand that people behave in a specific way you want them to when debating. Not all cases require rigorous scientific validation in order for the information to be correct. 


While that maybe in most cases, it is not in all, some things require a more detailed explanation

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We will always need to protection, what would happen if we are attacked and defenseless?