Jul 16, 17 / Vir 01, 01 16:05 UTC

Re: Volunteers for an Asgardian Security Force?  

We need shirts

Jul 17, 17 / Vir 02, 01 05:02 UTC

Defense ,Energy and Prosperity .  I'm campaigning for Security  and Defense  Strategist.  Granted some may not agree but it is some thing that is needed so I am asking for your vote .Its not about power but about protection of our people and Nation .I know that many of us will not be here to see the settlement of our first Platform . but now is the time to start planning for the future of how We as a People will survive .When you have to content with the jealousy of other Earthly nations, hazards from Space itself  Here is my link   https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fasgardia.space%2Fen%2Fblog%2Fcandidate%2F677583-5607-ambassador-nbspdebutant-and-strategist%2F&h=ATPOWZd88E9v2w9TJAchsqpIQ5PpYszQW1R6N1dztB3D5O0cp0amg1s-MZ7Dc7biBDis3YEP3dxqmI7Btp_cpsunM1VDiSS28T_HmvMOTdQpFnBlmG3gbOpnMSwnkeFBeiufynlBm0WomfyL6LFGRihnIrG_KQ

Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 05:14 UTC

Quiero unirme a las fuerzas de seguridad de ASGARDIA

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Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 07:49 UTC

My father was a soldier and i grew up fighting for worthless things and if i am goign to live better life and build better future we can together i would love to share my experience about army and protect the country of ours because it is worth it

Sep 10, 17 / Sco 01, 01 21:35 UTC

I've served 3 years in the us army I'm willing to protect asgardia whole heartedly I'd volunteer in a heart beat 

Sep 12, 17 / Sco 03, 01 05:50 UTC

I volunteer to serve the citizens of Asgardia to the best of my ability.

Our forces should emphasis de-escalation tactics in my opinion, have some non-lethal options, and use lethal force only as a last option.

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Sep 20, 17 / Sco 11, 01 08:49 UTC

I volunteer myself, please vote for me under parliament.

Sep 20, 17 / Sco 11, 01 13:50 UTC

Hello @dasberry
While we do appreciate your campaigning effort, we also want to ask you to post your campaign only in the campaigning forum here.
Thank you for your cooperation and good luck on your campaign.

Nov 17, 17 / Sag 13, 01 07:33 UTC

Ciao a tutti

Mi piacerebbe partecipare al volontariato per le forze di sicurezza di Asgardia e proteggere il mio paese. 

sono onorato di far parte di questa nazione.

I migliori saluti ...

Nov 18, 17 / Sag 14, 01 02:11 UTC

I volunteer.  Quals are small arms used on hunting EMT-Michigan  usa expiared. FF 1& FF2 Michigan USA 

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Nov 18, 17 / Sag 14, 01 02:12 UTC

I volunteer.  Quals are small arms used on hunting EMT-Michigan  usa expiared. FF 1& FF3 Michigan usq

Nov 18, 17 / Sag 14, 01 23:28 UTC

I would be more than happy to put my name forward for a security job (Asgardia space police. :p) i have several years experience as military

Nov 19, 17 / Sag 15, 01 14:56 UTC

I am a 13 Year Old Boy. I am a National Level Shooter. I would like to volunteer.

Nov 19, 17 / Sag 15, 01 17:45 UTC

I volunteer too. A dream need to be protected! :D and so the future, no future, no dream xD

Nov 20, 17 / Sag 16, 01 16:57 UTC

I would like to offer myself too. 10 years front line security