Leo 05, 01 / Jun 22, 17 22:16 UTC

Welcome to the Petitions Forum!  

Welcome to the Petitions forum!

This forum is for citizens to be able to discuss petitions that have been submitted for referendum through the Asgardia.space website. OP's are responsible for maintaining their threads and the discussions contained therein. 

The official FAQ about petitions here:

FAQ - Petitions Section

You can find the page listing all approved petitions here:

Petitions Page

Moderators will only step in if the Code of Conduct has been broken or by request of the OP. 

Please find below a helpful guide on creating, posting and submitting your petition!

Effective Petitioning

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Leo 06, 01 / Jun 23, 17 14:32 UTC

How was the minimum quorum of 1000 signatures reached?

On a related note, do we know what the weekly number of unique users is to the forum? (So, if I visit 5-6 times a day, I still only get counted once.)


Leo 06, 01 / Jun 23, 17 14:53 UTC

Hi Phicksur,

You can send that question into citizens@asgardia.space and they'll be able to chase up the answer for you.

Your question about unique visitors to the forum can be sent to the same email as well.

Leo 06, 01 / Jun 23, 17 14:59 UTC

Email sent. When I get a response (presuming I get one), I will repost it here to share the information.


Leo 07, 01 / Jun 24, 17 21:18 UTC

How can I get feedback on why my petition was rejected? Should I just post in this forum?

Leo 07, 01 / Jun 24, 17 21:28 UTC

@Richard Howell - please do post in this forum your petition, the text that you submitted for it and when you submitted it so that we can look into it and give you a reason.

Leo 07, 01 / Jun 24, 17 21:44 UTC

OK. The petition was described by my topic : Active Population Numbers. I sent it for approval within the last 6 hours, I forget when exactly. I petitioned for the Ministry of Communication and Information to try and further promote active democratic participation in the Asgardian population. I don't have the exact text on hand because I didn't anticipate needing it (wont make that mistake in future), but surely there is some record of it having arrived, even it's in a recycle bin?

Leo 07, 01 / Jun 24, 17 23:39 UTC

@Richard Howell - Your petition was rejected due to invalid profile picture and incomplete information included on the petition. Please update your profile picture to a real picture of yourself and please see the Effective Petitioning document post as well for tips on how to make your petition better.

Leo 08, 01 / Jun 25, 17 02:45 UTC

Profile pic, lol will do. Incorrect information? Surprised, but I'll check again. 

Leo 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 12:25 UTC

It has now been four days since I asked two questions and I have not received anything, not even verification that they have received my email.

I guess, at this point, I really shouldn't expect an answer to my questions, should I?


Leo 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 22:51 UTC

Does anyone know what happened to my petition this time?

Leo 13, 01 / Jun 30, 17 00:11 UTC

@Richard Howell - the petitions team can be contacted at petitions@asgardia.space, they should be able to tell you why. 

Leo 13, 01 / Jun 30, 17 11:23 UTC

I hope he gets more answers than I have gotten. I sent the email a week ago with only two relatively simple questions in it and I still have not gotten even a response that my email was received.

Is there any other channel that can be used? This one appears broken.

IBC (root beer!)

Leo 14, 01 / Jul 1, 17 10:11 UTC

It's gone live! Please visit and sign...


Vir 03, 01 / Jul 18, 17 14:08 UTC

It has now been almost a month since I asked my questions and still no response.

Those emails seem to be the place to send people so that their questions never get answered.