Every nation certainly has ideals that want to be realized in life and real life. The ideal is the direction and / or the true purpose and has a function as a determinant of the direction of national goals. Nevertheless, the achievement of national goals and goals is not something that is easily realized because in the course of that direction will emerge positive and negative energy that forces a nation to find the best solution, directed, consistent, effective and efficient.

Positive energy can arise from two situation conditions that is in the country and abroad. Both situations will serve as motors and stimulants to raise awareness on the nation to build a holistic and comprehensive national resilience. On the other hand, negative energy will also emerge from two situations of the condition, which are usually the obstacles and barriers to building national resilience. Negative energy usually appears partially but can not be denied in many ways is a systematic and neatly structured product in an operational system that takes a long time.

Positive energy mentioned above in many discourse is usually called the power and efforts to strengthen the development of a nation in order to achieve its goals and national goals. Meanwhile, negative energy tends to hinder the ultimate goal of undermining and even destroying a nation.

The ability, strength, resilience and tenacity of a nation weaken and / or destroy every challenge, threat, obstacle and disorder that is called National Resilience. Therefore, the absolute national resilience is always to be nurtured and built and continually developed simultaneously in order to maintain the life and life of the nation. Furthermore, the higher the national resilience level of a nation, the stronger the position of the nation in the world.

So virtually every nation everywhere can not escape and escape from issues related to national resilience in the course of its history, every country must have experienced ups and downs in maintaining the existence and survival as a nation and an independent and sovereign nation. When viewed from geopolitics and geostrategy which is then associated with the potentials it has in fact every nation can be in a position that is prone to national instability resulting from various interests such as competition and / or seizure of influence both from domestic and from abroad. It will certainly give impact to the life and life of any nation and country both in the short and long term.

A strong nation is a country that relies on the power of the law so that the power and administration of life and state life is governed by applicable law. In other words, the law as a social order is structured for the benefit of all people and nations, namely to maintain order for all its people. The condition of national life becomes one of the strengths of national resilience because of the guarantee of legal power for all parties in Indonesia and further than that is to be a mirror of how the Indonesian people are able to grow and develop in an area that puts the law as the principle of nation and state with Relying on the interests and aspirations of the people.