Aug 18, 18 / Lib 06, 02 00:29 UTC


I was just about to come here to suggest this when I found your post. I agree that it would be relatively easy to create a cryptocurrency for Asgardians to use!

Aug 21, 18 / Lib 09, 02 11:38 UTC

This is really a useful post, thanks for sharing.

Oct 2, 18 / Sco 23, 02 07:36 UTC

Cryptocurrency is money of future But there’s much work to do, many strange things needed correction… Asgardian was right when he wrote about “no identifiable reasons” of changing crypto’s value…It is a strain. I used to trust something which has feedback, which is more or less predictable.  For example I’m reading the news: MobileGo has started the partnership with Xsolla. It could mean the rising of MGO value shortly I think (or maybe no – what’s your opinion?). In any case it’s an identifiable reason of changing (in contrast to BTH)