Jan 22, 17 / Aqu 22, 01 23:40 UTC

Political Structure  

Hello, I am excited to be part of this community.

I have been looking around for something I consider the basis of everything we are trying to acheive. Our basic structure. I've seen various opinions, and a few that assume we are going to go for a democracy. Of course, since this is the first thing I started to think of when going through the forums and considering the whole project, I have been considering options.

The problem I see with a straight democracy is twofold. First it creates complications in the manner of political competitiveness. We see manipulations of media, money, and other things all in the name of politics. I'd rather not see any of that in our ideal society. Secondly it is more open to curruption.

Since we naturally divide ourselves into industries, wouldn't a modified democracy potentially work. In this case each industry apoints or elects their own leaders, which are then confirmed by the others. It breaks down the voting process to a smaller portion of population who will be able to be sure their needs and requirements are represented. Also, instead of having people 'run for office', have the current leaders pick a few people they feel will be good replacements. Then the people in that industry can then choose between them. Thus political service and leadership is earned through working in that feild, and not run and possibly run dirty.

Jun 17, 17 / Leo 00, 01 01:40 UTC

Hello!! I think that is very important to establish the goverment first, then goals for each ministery, so they can make they politics of development. We are far away to built a space station for all us, but we can built our society first and make it strong.

Then me must on base of this pilitical goberment we must find our recourses. Technology must have recourses to have breakthrough. 

We need make Asgardia on move, take actions and make our politics.

Jun 20, 17 / Leo 03, 01 21:26 UTC

How exactly do I reject the constitution as it stands? All I see is a button saying I accept it?! 

There are many problems with the constitution, to name a few -

The constitution says all Asgardians are equal, yet it also says the first 100.000 citizens are "preferential citizens"

The constitutions say members of government must put companies owned by them into a blind trust... nowhere does it say the head of nation must, indeed on his page he lists his company

Asgardians are not allowed to make or spread material that is judged improper (by who we do not know)

There are arbitary age limits for elected office and the stipulation that office holders must hold a degree, how is this equality?

The head of government has far too much power, seriously, read the constitution as it is written people. As an Asgardian I reject the constitution as it is written

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