Dec 20, 16 / Cap 19, 00 16:34 UTC

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Hello and welcome to the Ministry of Equity and Resources - Resource Acquisition and Management Forum. As the name implies, this board is intended for discussions on topics related to the procurement of assets for Asgardia and their administration. We encourage all of you, fellow Asgardians, to discuss how this Ministry should operate in this regard; inputs and reviews from the citizens of Asgardia are always needed and welcomed! Don’t hesitate to use this board to ask relevant questions you wish addressed by this Ministry and its officials.

Example of topics that belong in Ministry of Equity and Resources - Resource Acquisition and Management:

1) Questions and concerns related to this specific area of the Ministry

2) Reviews of relevant policies

3) Ideas and suggestions on how to acquire resources and manage them

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Dec 20, 16 / Cap 19, 00 23:41 UTC

I believe our first major resource that will help our Admins out will be the resource of Asgardians! As we continue to create/build our nation, we'll need able bodies that can put boots-to-ground and build! While I've emailed my resume already, I posted a little different intro here: Some of us may have felt lost as to where we're going in this world. I'm one of those, and this new nation seems to fit a direction that I not only can support, but feel I can make a difference.