The old space treaty is just that...''old'', It was a cold war thing with some world leaders getting together for the photo, full of hidden interests and messages and the peace in space was just the icing on the cake. It seems to be that the general consense is that a new space treaty is much needed...In my opinion it's time to move on. Less room for misunderstanding and the need for something more concrete. I would like to suggest the following as a possible solution:

                                                                                                    ................... WETOSEE.

World Entire Treaty Organization Space Exploration & Exploitation. (The above description is for demonstration purpose and may be used as is or modified.)

Asgardia is pretty much made of citizens from all walks of life,nations,professions and opinions. It would be fair to say that we are capable of drafting some ideas onto paper of how a new ''Space-Treaty'' could be shaped with enough scope so that all nations would understand the importance of thier involvement in designing and validating a new treaty.

Instead of just some documents signed by temporal leaders, as was the last one in midst of a cold war, I'm thinking more in the line of an ''independant'' organization made up by all members/nations that adhere to the Treaty Organization with the ultimate goal of reaching all world nations. This would greatly increase efficiency of understanding, collaboration, communication and coordination between all members/nations of that treaty.

A treaty may detail what can be and what cannot be done but if it is not able to evolve alongside an ever changing tecnological world where space tourism, exploration/investigation and exploitation is the ultimate destiny of humanity, it would thus become a written hindrance and not a tool of peaceful co-existence. Why? It just seems like we humans are too interested in what others are doing rather than minding our own ''P's'' & ''Q's''. For some reason we do certain things better when an organization, for example, has the task of supervising as in this case, a treaty.

In a primer instance, all this being somewhat hyperthetical, it would be logical to say that such an organization would be comprised from all members/nations. Wether thier space programme is an ongoing project or a fully fledged operation, all should be encouraged to join the WWTOSEE so that we may all grow together. There are many possible members/nations that do not yet have the economic rescourses yet to fund thier projects, but those projects would be greatly benefitted through involvement with the WWTOSEE