Aqu 08, 01 / Jan 8, 17 08:36 UTC


Required immediately turn science to the law because the crime in the sphere of computer technologies will be one of the main, because our income will only go from scientific discoveries, and this is our bread.

Aqu 24, 01 / Jan 24, 17 20:35 UTC

Sorry but I do not get your point. How can we turn science to law? Are you talking about getting scientific discoveries stolen by cybercriminals?

Pis 02, 01 / Jan 30, 17 12:23 UTC

If the research as accessible to all, it is stoll tout take thé research ? Or use or?

Correct me if I am wrong, but it's for the use of this knowledges we need laws. Exemple: if we have law before the discovery of nuclear, bomb will be made? Will be punish for that?

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