Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 16:15 UTC

Re: space travvel  

err and how we will take control of the water sphere?

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 18:00 UTC

something like this?:

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 18:04 UTC

I think it is not a bad idea.

  • The ice and the water can reduce the radiation.
  • We can use the water as a fuel.
  • This type of ship/space station can repair itself. (The fluid water fill the holes in the ice.) It is useful against the meteorites.

I think the best idea to combine it with the bigelow's inflatable modules. First you inflate that module, and after it fill the walls with water.

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Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 20:50 UTC

Ice as a shield for starship has been already theorized long ago, and I think it's a good idea against radiations and cosmic dust. But making one like that image wouldn't be a great idea. You have to consider the fact that the ship should be able to dock and trasnfer both materials and people easily. There should be emergency pods but building inside that sphere of water and air would slow them from escaping, and the water would transfer all its impulse to the pods in case of explosions, killing everyone inside, and building them next to the engine wouldn't be advisable too. There surely are other problems with that idea, but I'm no engineer so I could be wrong, but I'd go with a more standard ship with just the hull covered in ice.

Dec 27, 16 / Cap 26, 00 00:47 UTC

There is a couple of problems... beyond travel only has one "v".

  • How would you keep the external water sphere as a sphere?
  • How would you keep the internal air sphere from "floating" to any particular edge of the fluid boundaries?
  • How would you provide stability to the section in your diagram labelled "spaceship/engine", to prevent it pushing straight through the air/water bubble and keep giong towards the nearest gravitational body? or to be able to apply thrust without simply pushing through it.
  • How would you prevent the liquid water sticking to and pooling on the "spaceship/engine" via surface tension of the fluid?
  • How would you prevent conduction of heat(or the lack of it) from the solid water section to the liquid water section, resulting in just a solid ice section?
  • If using the water shield as a fuel source, how do you propose the exhaust be collected to prevent expiration of a critical life support system?

Hull/ship construction isn't anything that particular represents a problem. What would potentially represent a problem is the propulsion system suitable for long term/long distance use. Closest viable device I've seen at the moment that ticks appropriate boxes would be the EM-Drive AKA Q-Thruster. That has low specific impulse however.

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Dec 27, 16 / Cap 26, 00 13:20 UTC

I prefer to develop an UFO. Physics of UFO is understand for me. In 2002 I flew already with velocity circa 1100-1200 km/sec. And "slow" light created I also. Such possibilities arise, when People come into so-called "changed state of consciousness". Unfortunatelly, I do not have an Equipment which helps to achive this State. Therefore, Progress goes very slow. But, the needful conditions are formed within UFO automatically.

Dec 27, 16 / Cap 26, 00 23:01 UTC

Perhaps you'd be prepared to divulge some details of this "UFO" - Specifically the propulsion method.

Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 14:26 UTC

"Perhaps you'd be prepared to divulge some details of this "UFO" - Specifically the propulsion method."

Yes, of Course. The Propulsion method in UFO is the same that we see in EMDrive: electromagnetic field of Spaceship forms the Stream of physical vacuum through the Spaceship, this Stream interacts with the gravitational field of the ship and puls the gravitational field ahead, in one´s turn the gravitational field of the Spaceship puls the Ship.

Such Technology allows to solve the problem of overload cardinally. Remember, when you drop upon Action of gravitational field, you feel weightlessness but not overload. Why? The state of overload is the consequence of Deformation of molecules, cells and organs of our Body. But, the force of gravity renders the same acceleration to all molecules, cells and organs independent on mass. Consequently, all molecules, cells and organs show one and the same velocities, they do not deform one another and we do not feel an overload.

Physical vacuum interacts with fields only (electric, magnetic, gravitational) and does not interact with substance. Therefore, the force of Propulsion that is created by the vacuum Stream is proportional to the field strength or proportional to mass. In such case, created acceleration is not depended on mass. And we shall feel a weightlessness independent on Speed and acceleration. That is why, the UFO demonstrates so complex manoeuvres and great accelerations: Pilot is in state of weightlessness inside.

When the powerful Stream of vacuum goes through my Body, it pushes me out Body outside. Such effect is called in esoteric as Astral Proection. When I achieve the Astral Proection, I can fly with very-very enormous velocity (my record is 1100 km/sec and I think that such Speed is not Maximum still) and I can deform my astral Body as I wish. For example, I elongated my astral legs to 15 meters circa and "swelled" my astral Body to dimensions of my flat. When Pilot of UFO achieve the Astral Proection, he could also "swell" his astral Body to dimensions of UFO. In such case, a foreign observer will see a luminous ball. Astral Proection is desirable by two reasons: 1) UFO could achieve very greate velocity (as I made), 2) space Radiation brings no danger for People in such State.

Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 16:24 UTC

HELLO......does our asgardia space ship will look it is on asgardia official page?...or it will be absolute new model..of a space ship.??

Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 18:55 UTC

None of the above. There is no ship. More importantly, it's highly improbable to only have one ship, and the ship's design is highly likely to vary wildy dependant on it's purpose.

The propulsion method you describe in your first paragraph isn't entirely the same as "EM-drive" -=- The system you describe sounds more like a "gravity drive" and would scale impulse with mass of the ship, maintaining an abnormally high power:weight ratio - if I understand you correctly. The "Q-thruster system" has a specific impulse based on various physical factors of the drive itself - the size/shape of the cone, power of the microwave transmitter etc. It's operating principles doesn't particular leverage any concept of vacuum.

I'm aware of studies in the direction of "gravity drive" but wasn't aware of any research resulting in physical manifestation of observable thrust.

Your description apprears to intermingle physical travel with "astral projection", which are intrinsically unreconcilable in the same package to my understanding of the concepts. You seem to imply that inertia is solved by the drive lending equivical forces to the occupants mass to that of the ship - This would not inhibit inertia.

Dec 28, 16 / Cap 27, 00 22:50 UTC

Boa noite a todos Asgardianos! Penso que a melhor forma de nos deslocarmos para a estação espacial e talvez até pelo espaço dentro seria através de "Naves Anti-Gravidade". Desenvolvendo uma tecnologia que utiliza o próprio campo electromagnético da Terra para impulsionar as naves, poderíamos utilizar este recurso para as "Naves Anti-Gravidade", utilizando-as como cápsulas intermediárias para as estações espaciais ou até a "Naves Mãe". Dito isso, penso que o grupo de desenvolvimento tecnológico poderia se juntar e começar a desenvolver a idéia. Acho que seria a melhor aposta, uma vez que bem estudada, é sim possível fazê-lo!

("Uma pedra não segura um castelo em pé, mas 1 milhão de pedras podem fazê-lo!")

Good evening to all Asgardians! I think the best way to get to the space station and maybe even the space inside would be through "Anti-Gravity Ships." Developing a technology that uses Earth's own electromagnetic field to power ships, we could use this feature for "Anti Gravity Ships" using them as intermediate capsules for space stations or even the "Mother Ships". That said, I think the tech development group could join in and start developing the idea. I think it would be the best bet, since well studied, it is possible to do it!

("A stone does not hold a castle standing, but a million stones can do it!")

Quanto ao escudo da nave, eu sugiro organismos vivos. Existe bactérias super resistentes ao frio extremo, o que será muito útil no espaço, e bactérias resistentes a radiação, o que poderia ser feito, era, extrair essas duas qualidades, em primeira instância e combinar com outro tipo de organismo vivo, para que possa crescer de forma controlada(como uma planta) envolvento toda a nave e a protegendo constantemente contra radiação e frio extremo. A única coisa que seria preciso para isso funcionar, seria uma estimulação eléctrica, ou melhor ainda, fotovoltaico.

As for the ship's shield, I suggest living organisms. There are bacteria that are extremely resistant to extreme cold, which will be very useful in space, and radiation-resistant bacteria, what could be done, was to extract these two qualities in the first instance and combine with another type of living organism, so that Grow in a controlled way (like a plant) enveloping the entire ship and constantly shielding it against extreme cold and radiation. The only thing that would be needed for this to work, would be an electrical stimulation, or better yet, photovoltaic.

Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 16:09 UTC

Bacteria as a sheild isn't a entirely viable prospect.

There might be bateria that are resistent to extreme cold, or radiaiton - but it's own resistence is of little importance, compared to the protection it can provide. Lets say you find one that can survive the harsh negative temperatures and wild swings into extreme positive temperatures that are associated with space, how do you propose to keep that somewhere it's going to be productive?

In both the examples of temperature and radiaiton, density is going to be the notable factor. To afford the same protection thorugh absorbtion as ½ a foot of lead, to amass quantities of bacteria - something with low specific mass - how thick do you think the bacterial layer would require to be? I'll take a ball-park guess at thirty meters.

To take into account this is a biological organism, how would you propose to feed it in order that it can initally grow, and further, how it can be kept alive whilst in use.

Commonly, even some distance from the nearest star, the largest heat-based issue will be how to get rid of it - electrical goods commonly wasting a lot of energy as heat. Radiation being the most probable way to dissipate this energy, and least efficient method.

Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 21:58 UTC

Talvez.. Mas, é possível retirar essas qualidades de tais bactérias, (resistência a radiação e temperaturas extremas) e criar nano-maquinas programáveis e que possuam tais qualidades e uma vez trabalhando em conjunto, conseguiriam revestir todo o casco na nave até possivelmente converter a energia da radiação, temperaturas extremas ou solar em energia reaproveitável para os habitantes da nave ou colônia ou até mesmo em combustível ou energia para a nave. Poderiam trabalhar também ao mesmo tempo na recolha de gelo no espaço, purificando-o e convertendo-o em H2O(como uma peneira que separa areia grossa da areia fina).

É claro que essa não seria a única linha de defesa certamente, teria de ser combinada com outras actualmente conhecidas.

Perhaps.. But it is possible to remove these qualities from such bacteria (radiation resistance and extreme temperatures) and to create programmable nano-machines that have such qualities and once working together, could cover the whole hull in the ship until possibly converting the energy of the Radiation, extreme temperatures or solar energy reusable for the inhabitants of the ship or colony or even in fuel or energy for the ship. They could also work at the same time collecting ice in space, purifying it and converting it into H2O (like a sieve separating coarse sand from fine sand).

Of course, this would not be the only line of defense, it would certainly have to be combined with others now known.

Jan 3, 17 / Aqu 03, 01 02:08 UTC

It's potentially an interesting field of study - however I don't feel it'd have as much merit (in terms of usefulness, now, or by the time we'd actually require it) as a viable system to deploy.

Jan 6, 17 / Aqu 06, 01 00:07 UTC

. Any Asgardians in Sacramento Ca? I Have access to 400 acres of farmland in current crop rotations that reside in between 2 bodies of water one being the Delta/ Sacramento deep water channel and the other river levees and sloughs. It's perfect for a Low Key Asgardian research Base / space and technology training "Fun space camp for kids and adults" with waterfront levee access for small watercraft and and is only 20 min from the State Capitol of California U.S. Our Organic Farm here is in the beginning stages of a massive "farm to fork movement" and entertainment venue to solve massive hunger issues and raise money for Asgardia and the beginning stages of the Northern California Sacramento Devision of Asgardia. I need help for the Investment in this Base itself first and Freeze-drying equipment to make our Asgardian Organic space food from Our organic farm here now. This is all in the effort decentralize stigma and anxiety to initiate "near earth space" travel first before going anywhere like Alfa Centauri let's chill and work from Mother Earth.. Let's Build places to congregate and start to develop these products with 3-d printers etc, robotics, and develop special Asgardian ops on behalf of Dr Ashurbeyli. Any investors here want to help me? Or please tell me when and where we can discuss these things? Thank you 😎