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Re: I"m a spiritspeaker, i need your help.  

Regarding your original post, no, I don't believe it's possible to use an EM field to attract gasses in order to make an atmosphere around a ship. As far as I know, atmosphere is kept by gravity as well as an EM field which shields the gas from things like solar winds. So you would need a supermassive ship in order to do this (planetsized), even if you had the gas available.

In theory it would be doable given extremely long timescales, but we couldn't currently achieve it. What was your intent? Breathable atmosphere for people onboard? Terraforming maybe?

Feb 10, 17 / Pis 13, 01 12:41 UTC

i, Alexandre, dont know my friend Snik

But, the spirit comes to me, is trying to saying something... something that i doesnt understand cause i'm no physician, and will be a long time until a learn all the things of physics to explain that to you

So the spirit thru me spoke that, but, what's the meaning? What's the intent? To make us think? To make us believe? Or to research this knowledge?

So, tha'ts why i need help, from a physician, cause those spirits are telling me things about that, that i, Alexandre, does not understand how to make it...

So, the spirit says:

it can be possible to make a atmosphere around a spaceship, just use GASES ATTRACTOR and let them ORBIT AROUND the SPACESHIP.

And, i'm here, to talk to you, dear friend from Alexandre, that you are close to discover the most powerfull turbine and space rocket, that you want to find

Sometimes, we spirits says thru the Mediun, like Alexandre, vocabulary. So, if Yahoo doesnt have the words to translate what i want to tell you, teach him and he will confirm your teachings

Just study man, study, go forward, do the knowledge, and yahoo will confirm that knowledge thru me....

I'am a friend, from Earth, from old times, that promissed bring to Earth some spaceships, since the time of Atlantis.

Hear what this boy have to say...

And, dont worry my friend, just study... Knowledge is not get by osmosis, but by studies...

Feb 10, 17 / Pis 13, 01 12:43 UTC

@snik, like i said, i, alexandre, doesnt want to lie to you... so question the spirit that is in me... not me


Feb 10, 17 / Pis 13, 01 13:01 UTC

Nope, I don't understand. If there's multiple voices on your end, I'll just respond as if there isn't and you can sort it out your side.

Tell me what the purpose is for creating an atmosphere around a ship, and we can work from there. Why not keep it inside the ship?

Feb 10, 17 / Pis 13, 01 13:15 UTC

Ok, so i will let the spirit says...

The purpose to do a atmosphere around the ship, is create atmosphere inside the ship too.

But the METALLIC STRUCTURE made by a metal that i cant translate from the spirit, "breath" this atmosphere around the spaceship and inside the ship

How the metallic structure breath? Well, you must eletronically, as computer quantum systems, control the atoms of the metal, to respond for a eletronicall intention made by you, programing this computer to understand the atom and generate info about the atom, so once you have the atomic knowledge of how control it, its force, how to break a atom, and how to make a atom, you will understand...

But, atom is not for atomic bombs only, and with quantum-atomic informatics, and bio-mechanical quantum-eletrical...

How you do that? I know, its just atom research, observation, and try to control the atom by superconductors, eletrical waves, eletromagnetic fields, gravitational force

Once you have an pure atom in the hands, fill the space of the atom, with what you want...



Feb 10, 17 / Pis 13, 01 13:16 UTC

And @snik: There's no voices, there's one voice that talks to me, and my voice... got? 2 voices... one of the spirit, and my voice as alexandre

Feb 10, 17 / Pis 13, 01 13:54 UTC

Godship, Mothership and Fathership are spacecraft hidden in orbit from planets and moons that have no life, which is unlikely to live. They remain in these orbits by their functions:

Godship: Ship of Knowledge, is where all the knowledge obtained on Earth and on Universal exploration is stored. It is the main ship, because it must be protected at all costs of any threat of destruction, internal or external. A storage vessel.

Mothership: Nave of Life, it is where we collect flora and fauna from planets, and we study and create knowledge on top of this found nature, and we send the information to Godship. A Study ship.

Fathership is the ship where we keep all destructive technologies: bombs and other attack and defense ships that would be used in case of a prominent attack against our species and the species of our planet.

Ghostship: Ghost Ship, which no one knows where it is, what it is for, why it is and what it is for: Backup Ship in case of destruction of the planet Earth for another civilization for the material needed to rebuild the ships above and the planet Earth in Another planetary system.

Feb 10, 17 / Pis 13, 01 13:54 UTC

I getcha.

It would be really difficult to maintain atmosphere outside the ship, and you wouldn't gain anything from it. We can make atmosphere breathable inside the ship and everyone will be happy.

From your 'atomic' paragraphs, it sounds like you want to create air at an atomic level? I think this is theoretically possible, but extremely difficult and expensive. There are easier ways of making the working space breathable that we have currently.

Understand that the voice that talks to you will be derived from your subconscious, and that you should be careful with anything it tells you.

Feb 10, 17 / Pis 13, 01 13:54 UTC

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Subconcious? There's no underscale conscious called "SUB-Concious" otherwise would have a SUPER-Concious... you know?

It's IN-CONSCIOUS... and it means that conscious cannot access this part of the Brain, once, by the expression of it...

Freud said that inconscious is a mental dimension that everything we do not want to go to the conscious, go to the in-conscious...

And how my inconscious can know about atoms? Even if i never studied that... that's why i'm telling you, its a spirit.

But dont call inconscious as subconscious.... cause when theres a SUB things, there's a UBER thing of the same thing....

and conscious is one thing, inconscious another thing...

like time and non-time

there's no SUBTIME, or UBERTIME

just to realize you

Feb 10, 17 / Pis 13, 01 14:36 UTC

you neven helped me, you just arguing against, not questioned a single word about what i said, just said retorical obviously things...

i'm patient, but, ok, its your TRUTH MY DEAR LORD STARDUST, i'm here just getting attetion.... i got? well.. the answer is yes

I got your attetion, and now, you are leave me like i care...

I dont need yo to feed me, i can feed myself

you are not the only person in this world that know the things you know

i rest my case

/close topic

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