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Re: TELL US: If God created all life and the entire Universe, who created God? Who is the Creator of our Creator?  

God is a social construction, even if there's a next dimension after death, its unreacheable by our dimension. We can comunicate, in certanly ways, with these dimensions

Once, God was the SUN, then becames a MAN, SON OF THE SUN. 



As an example: Middle-African Religions are so based in "nature things", dance rituals, social relationships... 

May 31, 17 / Can 11, 01 03:10 UTC

Atheist and Religious person who are trying to prove their disbelief or beliefs right is a form of extremism where they will get offended easily in every discussion due to their self proclaimed openess. And these extremism is against the Supreme Value of Asgardia which is listed in our currently drafted Constitution. 

May 31, 17 / Can 11, 01 03:20 UTC

I would think an old planet or even a star, as our creator could have been an asteroid.
And as the saying goes god will destroy us, then i suspect an asteroid is coming again.

Grtz, Dirk.

Jun 12, 17 / Can 23, 01 07:37 UTC

Well, as an agnostic I was thinking about this question a lot in the past. I'm happy to share my thoughts. And to be clear, it’s just my opinion so I don't want to offend any believers who think differently.

I don't think God is a person as we consider people. God is more a superordinate concept of life as it is. In other words: Nature. God didn't create the universe; universe is more a nest where God got born into. The way the universe got created is still not entirely sure and I don't dare to presume what was before time (before the big bang) or what initiated this event. Earths nature is where mankind and every living thing is coming from and Earths nature will still be there even if mankind is messing up their own future. But I divagate...

As my answer to your question: God created all life but not the universe. God is an inhabitant in the universe like everything else. The thought he created everything is based on stories in various sacred writings, written down long time ago when people tried to figure out where everything is coming from. I don't believe in that.
The creator of our creator is the Sun because the energy of our Sun is essential to make life possible. And the creator of our Sun is just another story in the history of our universe.

Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 02:52 UTC

This question is both scientific, and philosophically irrelevant. Both atheists and theists have to accepts some form of ultimate or pre-existing origin as in the present. The theists which includes myself believe in a conscious force or being, that also created the very concept of time, and human comprehension. Thus, saying where did God come from is irrelevant, as the very concept of god is irrelevant to relative time, as God is not bound by time itself. Thus God has no origins and in some way's no future. We both atheists and theist accept we are in a state of existence and must both accept that something was eternal whether that be matter or God. For instance I could ask the same question to an Atheist, Where did matter come from? you would have to say it was either eternal or it came from nothing which is illogical. Hope you see where I'm coming from, all said with the upmost respect.

Jun 26, 17 / Leo 09, 01 23:39 UTC

Supreme soul

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