Feb 4, 18 / Pis 07, 02 09:16 UTC

Re: What is your religion/belief/faith?  

> And it's silly to expect that the crypto currency will do everything for you and you'll be happy.

Sure, the currency of Asgardia will do everything for the head of nation, and HE will be happy. Others may think everything they want.

Feb 4, 18 / Pis 07, 02 09:33 UTC

unlike some people who make impulsive statements and hasty conclusions, I do not believe that anyone can be accused of love of money, or belief in crypto-currencies as a god. it is trivial and primitive, and offensive enough for many. I believe in a person, and I believe that people are able to think this is my religion at this stage

Mar 18, 18 / Ari 21, 02 12:18 UTC

Philosophy of the Symbol of the Faith of Asgardia? (an attempt at understanding)


Jul 12, 18 / Leo 25, 02 13:40 UTC

I'm an atheist myself, I respect people's personal believes but can't say any of them have made much sense to me. As long as they are based on respect for others and their believes I don't have any beef with any. 

I do wonder how democracy and religion will be kept separate, I was born in the Netherlands, I live in Brazil and I'm addicted to international news... From what I see personal believes (and thus religion) always seem to enter politics, I hope Asgardia will be the exception that proves the rule.