Hey everyone! Sorry for the scarcity of updates and posts. I went back to university and I also lost my sole moderator. Soon I'll be posting looking for applications for moderators so watch for that. But anyway, I'm going to do a giant update post right here and now about what Civic.Asgardia, the volunteer run section of Asgardia, has been doing.

All of this information can also be found on the forum in the Civic Asgardia - Public Sector Forum: https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/civic-asgardia-public-sector-145/

Civic.Asgardia Activity Reports:
Feb 26, 2017 - https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/civic-asgardia-public-sector-145/topic/civicasgardia-activity-report-february-26-2017-3033/

Current Initiatives:
Updated March 3rd - https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/civic-asgardia-public-sector-145/topic/civic-asgardia-initiatives-march-3-2017-3047/

Project Proposals:
We are taking project proposals for the 2017A quarter! - https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/civic-asgardia-public-sector-145/topic/quarterly-project-proposal-2017a-now-open-guidelines-and-process-2556/
Civic.Asgardia submissions 2017A update - https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/civic-asgardia-public-sector-145/topic/civicasgardia-submissions-2017a-update-3059/

BOINC Project Launch:

Special Committee: Asgardia Mobile Application Development:
Committee Members Wanted - https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/civic-asgardia-public-sector-145/topic/asgardia-mobile-application-committee-members-needed-3048/

If you have any questions you can message the US Chapter page and I will either be able to answer or I'll be able to find out the answer.
~Christina Cole