Hello everyone! My name is Areli i'm 16 and Once I'm 18 I hoping I can officially be a Asgardian. I want to get involved in Asgardia in politics seeing I want to see as much of positive change in this space nation. I'm a true advocate for a need of strong mental health care policies and laws (Police Mental Care and Soldier Rehabilitation) as well for youth education, rehabilitation for prisoners, No Police Brutality,  Immigration  Laws. 

Though I'm a teenager and I love teenage stuff. Like Playing Videogames and drawing. I have a deviantart and a Tumblr.  http://northnixon.co.vu/ and https://northnixon.deviantart.com/ 

I'm Very Spiritual too, I believe in Angels and God and the Third Eye. I see a lot of synchronicity within numbers like 111, 444, 555, 888 and such. I meditate quite a lot. I just want everyone to be happy at the end of the day and I believe asgardia can represent that happiness. Thank you for reading <3