Jul 4, 18 / Leo 17, 02 23:17 UTC

Greetings from the USA!  

Hello! I’m from Augusta, GA, USA. I enjoy playing video games, listening to music, and reading. I study photography and I’m currently saving up money for a proper lens to take photos of the night sky. 

Ever since I was a kid I have always loved space and thunderstorms. They happen to be a couple of the things that calm me.  I recently found out about Asgardia and I think it’s a pretty cool idea. 

By the way, happy Independence Day! 😄

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Jul 7, 18 / Leo 20, 02 05:57 UTC

The community seems to be a bit of an echo chamber doesnt it?

Jul 8, 18 / Leo 21, 02 06:54 UTC

It’s great to meet fellow forward thinking individuals like yourselves here in this still growing platform. I share your love of space and also hearing of a deep echo here... 😜 It’s hard to believe that Asgardia hasn’t been launched earlier, however I am overjoyed to be a citizen and meet fellow citizens across Earth! Please feel free to reach out and connect! Viva Asgardia!! ✌️

Aug 4, 18 / Vir 20, 02 13:43 UTC

Hail fellow Asgardian!  I also live in Augusta, Ga.   I also love video games, I have a degree in Computer Programming and would love to talk games anytime, shoot me a message.  I am a big RPG fan, what about you?  FFXV was the most recent game I beat, awesome game, woking on Pokemon Ultra moon and kingdom heart getting ready for KH3 later this year.   I just signed up for Asgardia, I also thought it was a cool idea.  Its even cooler that the first post I look at in Welcome forums, is a fellow gamer in my area, what are the odds lol, I sent ya a friend request.  --For Asgardia!  :D