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Hello from North Carolina, USA  

Hi, I've Steve. I'm a former 11B paratrooper (3/505 PIR) with two degrees in architecture (UNCC 2015, 2015) . I'm currently working on my license to practice. I'm a huge science fiction and futurist fan. My recent architecture school training has driven home the point that the Earth's ever-increasing population has become unmanageable and will eventually outstrip our planetary resources. I realize attempting to rectify that situation (not that such may even be possible since most humans won't stop procreating) isn't Asgardia's mission but I feel that the formation of such a state could at least be the beginning.

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Hello, Welcome to the forums finally, We hope you have a great time sharing collective visions with others from around the world. please keep to the rules what can be found by clicking this link

Much respect Mod Stott.

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Will do! Thanks!