Can 08, 04 / May 27, 20 20:19 UTC
Well, let's hope that Falcon 9 will launch on Saturday!
Can 11, 04 / May 30, 20 20:22 UTC
Next stop the ISS!
Can 08, 04 / May 27, 20 14:03 UTC
Today's NASA and SpaceX Launch!
Are you a part of the 15K (and rising!) sentients waiting to watch the launch today? This will be the first time since 2011 that astronauts will fly to the space station from the US. In the immortal words of my favourite space engineer: EXCITING!
Can 08, 04 / May 27, 20 15:19 UTC
42k+ now! Wow!
Gem 27, 04 / May 18, 20 14:45 UTC
Umbrella Academy Season 2 premiere date announced!
They're back with a great announcement video recreating that iconic dance scene from season 1. What champs of social distancing! It returns to Netflix on July 31, 2020!
Gem 24, 04 / May 15, 20 14:00 UTC
SpaceX has put online a docking simulator that allows you to get to know the controls that are used to dock their Dragon 2 vehicle with the ISS space station. This is pretty awesome and wouldn't it be amazing if we could develop simulators like this for Asgardia?
Gem 24, 04 / May 15, 20 15:25 UTC
Yes please, simulators are fun and you can learn much of them.
Gem 22, 04 / May 13, 20 16:17 UTC
Van Gogh by Car - Get your culture from your car!
Hey Toronto Asgardians! Get your culture on from your car in the Immersive Van Gogh exhibition next month! This amazing exhibition will be housed at a Toronto Star warehouse that will allow people to drive their cars in and see it over a ten-day period during the Gogh by Car ...
Gem 13, 04 / May 4, 20 17:14 UTC
A little Star Wars music for today!
A few years ago at the Moscow Conservatory, Darth Vader and his Troopers came to listen to the Imperial March theme from the movies.
Gem 14, 04 / May 5, 20 09:04 UTC
good video
Gem 00, 04 / Apr 21, 20 12:46 UTC
Star Wars backgrounds for video calls? Yes please!
Come on, admit it, who hasn't wanted to sit in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon or view Naboo from a window on the Interceptor or plot your next takeover from the throne room on Exegol? Well, now you can, virtually, during those long work video conference meetings. (And hide ...
Cap 14, 03 / Dec 16, 19 16:00 UTC
Top Gun: Maverick - Trailer #2 is out!
What a way to start off a Monday! Set for release on June 26, 2020. The summer blockbuster battle is heating up!
Cap 09, 03 / Dec 11, 19 23:15 UTC
Star Girl coming to the CW
Well, looks like we've got the series that is going to replace Arrow next fall. Definitely reserving judgement until I see more about it but at least the effects are pretty nice.
Cap 08, 03 / Dec 10, 19 14:44 UTC
War of the Worlds - 2019
This looks really good! I really like the multinational characters and cast. It has already aired in North America so it's going to be fun hunting down a copy to watch. Have you seen it? What did you think?
Cap 07, 03 / Dec 9, 19 15:01 UTC
TOGO Official Trailer
I'm already tearing up from emotions just from the trailer. I think Disney+ may have another classic story on their hands.
Cap 08, 03 / Dec 10, 19 15:57 UTC
That's touching. Looks like it's worth the time. Unfortunately, I don't have a friend anymore. They leave too quickly. Another one has been hunting in rainbow fields for a year now.
Cap 07, 03 / Dec 9, 19 14:51 UTC
Free Guy - Official Trailer
Video games take on a whole new life... with Ryan Reynolds. I have to admit, this looks really fun! Here's hoping the movie lives up to the trailer.
Cap 07, 03 / Dec 9, 19 14:40 UTC
With one trailer, the 2016 reboot movie never happened. Ghostbusters is back baby!
Cap 08, 03 / Dec 10, 19 15:44 UTC
:-) However, the time machine works!
Cap 07, 03 / Dec 9, 19 14:23 UTC
Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer
A wonderful treat dropped over the weekend for me. I've been a huge Wonder Woman fan since I was young and when the first Wonder Woman movie was released I've spent the years since waiting for the next one. Come on June! I can't wait to find out the rest ...
Cap 02, 03 / Dec 4, 19 16:32 UTC
James Bond No Time to Die trailer is here!
Daniel Craig is back in his final installment as the titular role of James Bond in the new trailer for the upcoming No Time To Die trailer! It looks like this movie will have almost everything I'm looking for in a Bond film, explosions, gadgets, femme fatale, over the top ...
Cap 03, 03 / Dec 5, 19 07:26 UTC
Cap 02, 03 / Dec 4, 19 17:25 UTC
Oh! Surprised it is scheduled for April! Bond movies are usually set for around Christmas! :-p I'll also go and see it! Promising!
Cap 01, 03 / Dec 3, 19 20:55 UTC
DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover Final Trailer
~ Insert undecipherable fangirl squeeing here ~ Oh my gosh oh my gosh! The 'final' trailer for the DCTV Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover has hit the internet! It's a doozy! It shows almost nothing we haven't seen before and yet promises so, so much! I'm still freaking out over ...
Greetings Asgardians! I am running for the position of Mayor of Toronto for Asgardia. It is my hope that I can help with representation for other Asgardia communities within the Golden Horseshoe so that we can build the southwestern Asgardia community so that other leaders can step up and take ...
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