Apr 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 14:30 UTC
Asgardia Executive Congress

The First Asgardia Executive Congress is at work in the heart of Vienna. We’re committed to following it closely for all of its 3 days. Here’s our photo report of the first day, with some notes. Enjoy! https://asgardia.space/en/news/Asgardia-Executive-Congress-Photo-report

Apr 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 13:32 UTC
The creation of Asgardia is a historic moment for all mankind

At the end of 2016, according to the Gregorian calendar, the creation of a new state was announced - Asgardia. 2017 was year 0001 by the Asgardian calendar, now we're in year 0003. Our community is growing, but many more on Earth have not learned that a new era ...

Apr 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 13:58 UTC
Historic moment I actually remember.
Apr 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 13:32 UTC
Did you know that there are more Asgardians than the population of San Jose?

Today, Asgardia’s population is more than 1 050 000. The population of the capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose, is about 1 027 000.

Apr 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 13:32 UTC
Why don't we use our flag more often?

The Asgardian coat of arms and logo are used lot in different publications. Why the Asgardian flag get as much attention?

May 24, 03 / May 16, 19 18:48 UTC
We could use it as a test- or start-picture of our news channel from space. :-)
May 9, 03 / May 1, 19 07:02 UTC
Remember me a solar system
May 3, 03 / Apr 25, 19 23:05 UTC
I guess this is because, we have not exactly done something national that involves flying our flag amongst other nations
Apr 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 13:32 UTC
A common language for all mankind: Is it a possible dream?

I think almost every asgardian dreams of a common language for all people. And it's not English. For those who are not born into an English-speaking family or do not speak English fluently, it is often an offense why English has become a kind of international language. In the ...

Apr 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 19:16 UTC
exactly :)
Apr 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 14:47 UTC
The most perfect language is non-verbal: from heart to heart. But to be honest, sometimes you want to chat :)
Apr 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 13:32 UTC
Citizen of the world

For anyone who wants to be a "citizen of the world", Asgardia is a great solution. We all unite and support this great undertaking. There is no Citizenship in Asgardia now. And it won't appear until signed several agreements with other countries, in other words, while Asgardia unrecognized. Yet ...

Apr 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 13:32 UTC
Welcome to Asgardia!

A place to discuss all things Asgardia, from national symbols to legislation and future plans for the First Space Nation!

Apr 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 13:32 UTC
Why are pearls so pricey?

Ever wondered why pearls are so expensive? Well, I certainly did and here’s what I found out. Pearls are a great example of the simple though irrational principle according to which we humans behave when it comes to prices. When a vendor places an item in the same row ...

May 8, 03 / Apr 30, 19 17:41 UTC
As an artist that is some good advice.
Apr 23, 03 / Apr 17, 19 12:22 UTC
they are scarce and valuable
Apr 17, 03 / Apr 11, 19 13:32 UTC

The most cosmic musical instrument ever is Handpan, it first appeared in 2007. It consists of two metal half-shells glued together, a center tone field surrounded by a circle of at least seven tone fields. Sounds like pure space!

Apr 27, 03 / Apr 21, 19 13:56 UTC
Can we find a video on internet so we can hear the space?:)
Apr 2, 03 / Mar 27, 19 14:28 UTC

After public tech demos, leaks and teases, a video teaser has been released for what appears to be the latest game in the Borderlands series.

Publisher 2K says ...

Oct 22, 02 / Oct 29, 18 21:09 UTC

Greetings Asgardians!

I am running for the position of Mayor of Toronto for Asgardia. It is my hope that I can help with representation for other Asgardia communities within the Golden Horseshoe so that we can build the southwestern Asgardia ...

Feb 10, 03 / Feb 7, 19 17:23 UTC
Congrats Bekah! Impossible to think and believe in Asgardia, if you don't know Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Flash Gordon, Star Trek, DC's or Marvel's. If you like or not, it is not a problem because Asgardia is Real. But, I think with myself why not make Asgardia ...
Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 22:09 UTC
congrats for being mayor
Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 11:28 UTC
Congratulations and Happy 003 Mayor Berg!
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Jul 19, 02 / Aug 3, 18 18:32 UTC
Rediscovering Toronto

My in-laws and my adorable neice are in town and I am out sight seeing with them and recorded this brief video!


Jan 26, 03 / Jan 26, 19 10:43 UTC
hi my friends i need these two books mathematical principles of heat transfer perturbation methods for engineers & scientists
Mar 9, 02 / Mar 6, 18 01:10 UTC

Hello Asgardia,

For those of you who may not know me, I am the Head of Community Affairs for Asgardia. I have been overseeing the social media and volunteer teams for Asgardia for the last year. Recently, I was given the mandate to help ...

Jan 23, 03 / Jan 23, 19 04:47 UTC
Attention: Rebekah Is there any Updates to the following items you spoke of : "》- The Asgardia Business Center. A multiphase project that will allow businesses of all sizes to connect with consumers, allow for start up and charity funding initiatives, job boards for businesses to recruit talent, mentorship opportunities, ...
Asg 17, 02 / Jul 4, 18 17:02 UTC
Need to learn as much as i can about Asgardia
Asg 17, 02 / Jul 4, 18 16:29 UTC
hi, what is the timeline for these services..... Online resource library for scientific papers and other open resource literature. - All ages Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), a resource to offer education for all Asgardians no matter the age they may be. Eventual plan is to partner with accredited institutions ...
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Oct 25, 01 / Nov 1, 17 17:24 UTC
NANOWRIMO 2017! Are you participating?

Hello Asgardia!

It's that time a year again! The time when writers everywhere start a monthly project in hopes of reaching a certain goal by the end of the month.


Are you participating? I know I ...

Jul 13, 02 / Jul 28, 18 14:38 UTC
There's sadly nothing advanced about the election process, the flood of notices are annoying, just like impersonal handbills. I have not been welcomed, this is very unimpressive, please tell your "visionary" thinkers that they are already going deaf, and failing to be approachable. I am so disappointed. Anyone with global ...
Mar 6, 02 / Mar 3, 18 00:42 UTC
Hello Rebekah, the countdown of the final round of voting begins, so I invite you please to confirm again your vote. If you are an undecided voter, I advertise you please to check my updated profile. If your are satisfied and convinced by my Parliamentary program, vote for me and ...
Sep 17, 01 / Sep 26, 17 16:42 UTC
Uploads to the Asgardia-1 Satellite Closing soon!

Hello Asgardia!

We'd like to let you know that uploads to the Asgardia-1 satellite are still open until October 1, 2017!

After that time, uploads will be restricted to the website only and uploads will not be transmitted the ...

Asg 9, 02 / Jun 26, 18 22:37 UTC
Its our property right? Guess that means I can sell the space I was given in the future: Unless... what was awarded is really just nothing, or "the government" has confiscated my asset without a hearing on the matter.
Asg 9, 02 / Jun 26, 18 18:36 UTC
Hello My name is Gunjan Taingoria. I am a Government Candidate #AsgardiaElections2018 Here is my blog in Asgardia: https://asgardia.space/en/user/975351/profile/view/ I Applied in Ministry of Youth and Education in Asgardia. Please vote for me. Thank you very much! ASGARDIA: THE SPACE KINGDOM
Sep 27, 01 / Oct 6, 17 04:50 UTC


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Sep 6, 01 / Sep 15, 17 22:55 UTC
National Symbols Available for Download

Hello Asgardia,

As requested by the community, we have made the new temporary National Symbols available for download for citizens personal use on the Asgardia.space website. Asgardians may use the national symbols of Asgardia for non-commercial purposes only, such as introducing and promoting Asgardia, ...

Asg 18, 02 / Jul 5, 18 09:07 UTC
itsamazing sugumaran
Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 23:07 UTC
GREAT! now i can make my thirt jeje.
Oct 24, 01 / Oct 31, 17 17:49 UTC

Thanks , hi from Mexico City

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Greetings Asgardians! I am running for the position of Mayor of Toronto for Asgardia. It is my hope that I can help with representation for other Asgardia communities within the Golden Horseshoe so that we can build the southwestern Asgardia community so that other leaders can step up and take ...
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