Jan 5, 17 23:03 UTC

Re: Certificates preparation - please make sure your name is written correctly  

Hi Michael Davis,

As long as you have provided your legal name in the first and if required on second section that is all you need. You can have an alternative username or profile name. The profile name is what appears on the forum. Some people prefer to use an alias rather than their Legal name on Forums.

I hope this answers your question.

Jan 7, 17 06:50 UTC

Certificate is not issued?

Jan 7, 17 07:38 UTC

Hi @Dream, taken from the original post from Lena;

...the Certificates will be issued and emailed in the first half of January to all those who have filled in the Verification form...

Jan 7, 17 14:32 UTC


Jan 7, 17 23:20 UTC

Can anyone provide a date for when certificates start being emailed out?

Jan 7, 17 23:27 UTC


As per the post from Lena, the certificates are expected to be commence distribution sometime in this month (January) providing no unforeseen circumstances arise.

I trust this answers your question.

Jan 10, 17 18:14 UTC

Hi Lena, So, when will the certificates be ready?


Laís Barcellos.

Jan 10, 17 18:21 UTC

The Asgardia.space FAQ (https://asgardia.space/en/page/faq) under point #10 states:

Certificates will be emailed in the early part of 2017.

I hope this helps...

Jan 11, 17 19:41 UTC

I am guardian of the galaxy

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Jan 12, 17 16:06 UTC

Hi Lena, There is a issue which Turkish character. "Akın" is written on my official ID. Would that be a problem?

Jan 13, 17 12:23 UTC

Hey guys has anyone received their certifications yet?

Jan 13, 17 15:07 UTC

If I have 2 last names I should write them both on the same line or just my first last name would be ok

Jan 14, 17 10:02 UTC

I'm in the thought process to get my legal name drastically changed and already use that name here. So... does that have any implications with my asgardian papers? In more than one way the personality I started with decades ago is not the same that I am now and will be in the future. As my body begins to fail, I can't physically cross borders anyway, so asgardian papers are more a relevant badge of affiliation for me than anything else. If this nation is about to embark into space, I'm one of those who will salute you from earth with his body and accompany you in heart and spirit.

Jan 14, 17 10:57 UTC

Hi mtmontenegro,

I would suggest writing both on the same line as you normally would.

For example if your last name is Smith-Jones.

Write it in the last name exactly as this Smith-Jones

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Jan 14, 17 12:17 UTC

Hi lena, i write my name currently (in English: fatemeh ghodrati, farci: فاطمه قدرتی) and I'm looking forward to my certificate. Have a great day asgardians.