May 17, 17 / Gem 25, 01 13:46 UTC

Re: Community Quotes  

Ahhh, I believe in humanity above all, nationalities, creeds, politics ... When I learned that this project was being developed, I felt fully identified ... A new Nation, the result of the efforts of all, with the Roots on Earth and the sight set in Space ... this is my motive and being part of it fills me with pride.Greetings Asgardians!
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May 17, 17 / Gem 25, 01 17:42 UTC

Absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government: freedom, Science, science, science, Growth, progressiveness, Amity and tolerance, Revolution, reform, Domain of knowledge and wisdom, Imperishable and sustainable, Adequation…


Fezal from Earth

May 17, 17 / Gem 25, 01 18:23 UTC

I have joined Asgardia because I find it an ideal society where I can realize dreams which I can not realize wherever and to get a better and happier life and most importantly to get a passport by which I can go wherever without ristrictions and thereupon I will get more opportunities to live and work. Finally, the idea of settling space is inspiring for me.

Salam Zakout, Palestine

May 17, 17 / Gem 25, 01 21:41 UTC

"I Believe working in a different nation will be better, global, and more human. A new political viewpoint could be a nice participation for me, in asgardia".

- Harold Eduardo Aponte, Colombia

May 18, 17 / Gem 26, 01 05:32 UTC

I joined Asgardia to better understand the universe, to practice tolerance and compassion & to help humanity progress as individuals and as a species.                  ~April Culberth, USA

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May 18, 17 / Gem 26, 01 05:40 UTC

First I would like to say that I am not a scientist, I am joining Asgardia is my hope for the future of mankind, seen in the twenty-first century Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli founded Asgardia's concept to impress my heart, I am a pacifist , I oppose any form of war, the Earth's own mankind has been fighting never without a real peace, Asgardia's spirit, the goal is to build a  brand new space nation : the first ever space nation -a global, unifying , And humanitarian project , peace, human nature-based sapce nation, in the space to defend the earth while leading the earth man to wipe out the war, my expectations and ideals are the countries of the earth assisting Asgardia and follow the example of Asgardia's spirit of peace All mankind brings hope for the future. This is the reason that I join “the space nation “ ASGARIA.

May 18, 17 / Gem 26, 01 06:48 UTC

I joined asgardia to help mankind understand the universe better then now and live in peace together without destroying earth.

May 18, 17 / Gem 26, 01 11:55 UTC

Why did I decide to join asgardia?

Simple, hoping for a better future for our species, besides the fact that spatial exploration has always fascinated me, I would like to make a contribution, even small, that I do not care.

I really believe in the project and I also believe that it is the future of man in this vast cosmos.

-Giuseppe Alessandro Morgana


May 23, 17 / Can 03, 01 17:35 UTC

Почему я решила присоединиться к asgardia?

Смелое воплощение фантазии, с детства мечтаю бродить, покорять космос, наверно как ступень к достижению моей давней цели. Быть участником в столь грандиозном проекте, вызов системе.

- Антон Zharcov

- Россия

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A bold embodiment of fantasy, a childhood dream to wander, to conquer the space, probably as a stepping stone to achieve my long-sought goal. Be a participant in such a great project, a call system.

- Anton Zharcov

- Russia
Zahira, 23/05/2017, 18:00 UTC

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May 23, 17 / Can 03, 01 18:54 UTC

To boldly do what no man has done before.

Matthias "nihylum" Kaschubowski, Germany.