May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 16:05 UTC

Factbox: A report on Igor Ashurbeyli's first 100 days  

Good day Asgardians!

We have a new article up in the Chronicles today entitled "One hundred days has passed since the Asgardia Head of Nation appointment"

Also, we are happy to announce that there is more exciting news are coming and will be announced on the upcoming press conference of the Head of Nation Igor Ashurbeyli, and his colleagues will hold on June 13, 2017 (June 24th, 0001), in Hong Kong. 

Keep track of upcoming news and do not forget to vote on June 18, 2017 (Asgard 1st, 0001) and receive unique bonuses!

Kind regards,
Rebekah Berg
Head of Community Affairs

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May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 16:24 UTC

Dirk, I just noticed that, too.  Where can I get more info on the joint-stock company?

May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 17:25 UTC

Where can I buy a share? :O I'd love one

May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 17:38 UTC

The information about the stocks will be announced soon. So stay tuned for more upcoming news.

May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 17:48 UTC

Update! I have just received information about the stocks - The administration is in the process of implementing the necessary procedures. The tentative date for stock availability is November 1, 2017. As things progress, a more exact date can be announced. 

May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 20:48 UTC

theres some hint about the press conference? haha

im curious!

May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 21:44 UTC

  • Hi

  • I look forward to the press conference on the 13th June 2017 (June 24th 0001). I also look forward to possible further announcements regarding stock availability in the near future.

Thanks to all the Asgardia team for all the things that were setup.

  • Regards


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May 1, 17 / Gem 09, 01 23:19 UTC

Let's celebrate our first one hundred days asgardia, cheers to you all asgardian and our founding father mr. Igor ashurbeyli, I'm grateful and thankful to him for Founded Asgardia and we are here to build and make our nation, asgardia, bigger and i believe in the future,maybe a hundred years later, our children or and our grandchildren celebrate this historical day in the asgardia space ship or asgardia space station.

Cheers to you all dear asgardian love one's,

Cheers to asgardia.

May 2, 17 / Gem 10, 01 05:20 UTC

ВАЖНО-когда нам дадут возможность ознакомиться с Акционерное общество и акциях Асгардии???

May 2, 17 / Gem 10, 01 05:23 UTC

100 дней-славная дата! Давайте её праздновать как праздник Асгардии!!!

May 2, 17 / Gem 10, 01 05:25 UTC

НПО Асгардия? Что это? Где можно узнать подробнее?

May 2, 17 / Gem 10, 01 09:19 UTC

i was completely unaware of everything that has been accomplished so far. i am glad to hear we are making some progress. some things i would like to know more about is buying stock in Asgardia and how are we doing this election coming up. i do plan to vote but i am unaware of how we are doing that.   

May 2, 17 / Gem 10, 01 16:44 UTC

@Zahira  Thanks for the info.

May 2, 17 / Gem 10, 01 17:02 UTC

Some interesting news!Await for more information. :-)

May 3, 17 / Gem 11, 01 09:49 UTC

Can't wait for the press conference. Can't help but wonder if the "special bonuses" are free shares. Will Doctor A announce the first satellite? Let me sour the mood -tentatively- that I hope there'll be a limit to share ownership so as not to create a new class divide. 

Congratulations everyone 😀