Gem 01, 01 / Apr 23, 17 11:43 UTC

Re: The Asgardia News Network (ANN) nears completion  

I'd be pretty cool if ANN could be a newspaper about Asgardian citizens achievements and such. New scientific theories from asgardians, discoveries from asgardians, arts from Asgardians. 

A news site not limited on asgardians, but most certainly focused upon them.

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Gem 02, 01 / Apr 24, 17 19:00 UTC


Thank you

Do you mean by the Asgardian media initiative creating a blog to announce asgardian news in the local languages ?

I know nothing of this blog; I know the new website may have a blogging option, in which case the current case for the ANN will become defunct. 

In this case, there will be Ads announced in the blog, will these Ads only relevent to Asgardia (such as asgardian companies and institutes even if not located in the country of the asgardian community) or will these Ads announced from companies from the country or region of the community even if they are not asgardian ?

NO ADS. The ANN was designed to be more of an Associated Press, to deliver facts about developing news stories by one of three sources. You can read about it here:

What will be the source of the rewards to volunteers for (asgardian media initiatives) as ANN and VOA ARE individual initiatives from you ?

I wish them a good night's sleep with a clear conscience. Aside from that, I offer no rewards or incentives. People are free to contribute as they see fit. ANN is not an individual initiative from me, it's constructed as a subprogram of Civic.Asgardia to benefit the community. VOA is my initiative, and is entirely unrelated to Civic Asgardia or the ANN.

Note: I am not so satisfied of the website ( The facebook link in this website leads to a personal account in Facebook, not a Facebook Page. It violates the terms of Facebook itself.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I believe your statement about violating Facebook terms is incorrect, unless you can show me exactly where the infraction happened. It has since been fixed, thanks to your input. Originally when we (NOTE: VOA isn't just me - we have a full multinational staff who work independently as our daily lives allow) set up the site, our page was not cleared by Asgardia yet. We must have forgotten about it. I thank you for the reminder.

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Gem 02, 01 / Apr 24, 17 19:07 UTC


Please feel free to share Articles from the ANN on your own mediums, blogs, newspapers, ezines and social media. Contributions to the ANN are welcome.

Gem 05, 01 / Apr 27, 17 12:19 UTC

I've read through the guidelines, and I have just one question. 

Most articles are written at the third person. "John Doe has discovered that... Etc". So even if I am the author of my discovery, and want to make an article submission, is it okay if I write it in the third person? Such as, "John SkieSwanne has uncovered evidences that dark matter... Etc", even though I'm John Skieswanne?

Gem 05, 01 / Apr 27, 17 15:29 UTC

I suppose. I generally talk about myself in third person to my children, so I don't see the harm in it. :)

Gem 05, 01 / Apr 27, 17 17:50 UTC

It only makes it less confusing to read. ;)

What would be great, in the future, would be some sort of article template, so to clarify what format the submissions should have. 

Anyway, thanks for your time, I'll be making my submissions now. 


Can 06, 01 / May 26, 17 12:00 UTC


How do we work for the network? I can help with audio, video, post production or other.
Can we work from internet ?

Best Regards,

Can 10, 01 / May 30, 17 10:08 UTC

I would like to volunteer as an editor, if one is needed.

Leo 08, 01 / Jun 25, 17 11:11 UTC

@skieswanne once the network is up and running, I am sure that you would be able to post your findings. Ryan is currently unavailable as he is moving but once he gets back, I am sure he will have a way for you to submit news to ANN. In the interim, I am working on doing newscasts for Voices of Asgardia. If you would like to do an interview with me and have it broadcast on VOA, please contact me and we can make arrangements. 


Lukas Jones

Vir 16, 01 / Jul 31, 17 14:23 UTC

 Dear Ryan and other Asgardians.

I am inviting you, to read my blog. Pleased to meet you!

Hope to read many excellent articles and contribute in future.

I live in Oman.

Kind Regards

Sharmaine Pretorius

Lib 12, 01 / Aug 24, 17 10:35 UTC

@ Ryan  Zohar,

You have been doing a great  job. But when I see   you named it as  VOA which  stand for Voice of Asgardia  , I  rather turn to be less enthusiastic over this name. Wouldn't people be  confused with already famous  Voice  Of   America ?

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