Feb 25, 17 / Ari 00, 01 16:05 UTC

Any type of pollution will not be created in Asgardia.  

There are many type of pollution like air,views,water,light and sound etc.It should be prohibited through our constitution. Every body will feel relax in daily routine

Feb 25, 17 / Ari 00, 01 16:44 UTC

As much as I would like to have a pollution free society, and have it yesterday if possible, our technology hasn't yet reached a point where this is feasible. We've progressed quite a lot toward this goal, yes, but there are still many issues we'll need to solve before we can obtain a society with no waste or pollution made.

Rather than outright outlawing pollution of any sort, given that our current level of technology often involves some amount of waste product, we should instead take a more proactive approach. We should encourage our fellow Asgardians to invest in solar panels (if they can, of course), to fund research into more effective recycling measures, as well as research into green energy, and to recycle the waste products that they already can. As for official policies of the Asgardian government, a more reasonable and realistic approach would be to make 0 pollution the end goal. We're not quite there yet, but when it comes to building infrastructure, we should always favor green energy over oil and coal, and favor recycling plants over landfills where ever possible.

tl;dr: Mostly agree with you, but I feel like we must acknowledge that a society that generates 0 pollution is not yet possible, and should make obtaining that goal a priority.

Feb 25, 17 / Ari 00, 01 22:04 UTC

Short of getting Asgardians to stop breathing, using the toilet and sweating, you can't stop the creation of potential pollution. All living things create waste and all waste can cause pollution if discharged to the environment in an unsustainable manner.

The key is managing how potential pollutants are managed - maximising the recovery of useful resources and minimising potentially harmful emissions to the environment.

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Feb 28, 17 / Ari 03, 01 19:51 UTC

The problem with pollution, especially on Earth, is that there are very few people who attempt to either improve upon technology to minimize the pollution and waste already produced or actively keep track of the amount that we produce. Until we either evolve or improve our technology to the point where we can altogether eliminate the creation of pollution, all we can truly do is keep track on the amount of pollution that is produced while also actively looking for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Feb 28, 17 / Ari 03, 01 23:13 UTC

Elimination of production is likely unfeasible.

Reduce, reuse and recycle are certianly viable prospects. Anything unable to be directly used, or reacted with something else to create something usable should in theory be possible to contain. Once contained this can be launched into Sol for safe disposal.

Mar 22, 17 / Ari 25, 01 16:34 UTC

What a short-sighted thought... before I make too many assumptions, can you clarify what you mean by (and define) the word "pollution?"

Mar 22, 17 / Ari 25, 01 17:30 UTC

By the strictest definition of pollution, our acts of digestion produce pollution (methane a.k.a. farts).

I think a more sensible alternative is to say that air quality will be maintained for the betterment of all Asgardians, and actions which violate air quality will be appropriately punished based on both intent and extent.

Mar 29, 17 / Tau 04, 01 11:05 UTC

+1 @Phicksur

I think a more sensible alternative is to say that air quality will be maintained for the betterment of all Asgardians, and actions which violate air quality will be appropriately punished based on both intent and extent.

Is this really something that must be defined explicitly? Is it not enough for the declaration of the right to live be enough?

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Apr 20, 17 / Tau 26, 01 01:07 UTC

That's just unrealistic, as human survive there will be pollution. We can regulate the quantity of pollution but ruling them out is not possible

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Apr 20, 17 / Tau 26, 01 11:34 UTC

>> Paint it in black or any other absorbing paint.

Oh, wow, that would completely screw with heat removal. Bear in mind, radiating heat in space is not as easy as it is on Earth, so the likelyhood of overheating the whole station is possible. You actually have to shift the energy into infrared to radiate it, thereby causing 'pollution' in the infrared spectrum. I have been reading about generators which convert heat into electricity recently, but they generally require very high temperatures to work properly.

So, realistically, it is not possible to NOT pollute, but it may be possible to make such pollution inconsequential by comparison to what nature naturally radiates.


Apr 22, 17 / Gem 00, 01 22:00 UTC

I agree with not having any pollution in Asgardia. We should almost, if not entirely get rid of pollution, in Asgardia as first, and then spread this idea throughout Earth as much as possible.