Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 05:43 UTC

Discussion of the draft Constitution  

This is a place to share your feedback about the draft Constitution of Asgardia published on

All feedback from this thread will be compiled into a document for review. 

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Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 07:43 UTC

Can't wait to see it!!

Quick Link reference:

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Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 07:45 UTC

Asgardia is a Constitutional Monarchy ???

I do not understand why we will be governed by the constitutional monarchy. Is not the parliamentary system a more egalitarian management system for us?

Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 09:36 UTC

Hello, i found no mention to any "Right of Healthness". In my opinion Health should be a right for all, a right you can choose if excercise or not. 

Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 10:40 UTC

The constitutional monarchy was a surprise , I understand it to be an additional check and balance but think we all know how quickly monarchy goes south.

Especially considering the power bestowed on them I see secession being chaotic time and most vulnerable to politics.

Seeing as majority population is quite young I'm a little disappointed to see most positions with a somewhat high age requirement. Generally there is a difference of opinion between elder and younger generation so how will that play out with represent and values 

So unless I'm mistaken is our current Head of State now locked in or do we get a chance to see a new one before they locked in?

Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 10:46 UTC

Before I begin my lengthly synopsis of this draft.. I want to emphasize something that every person MUST consider when thinking about this Constitution.


What are the limits of government?
What are the limits of government?
What are the limits of government?

How is each post in the Government structure balancing the other posts?
How is the HoS balanced by the 4 branches of government??
How is the Judicial branch balanced by the executive branch?
How should the Chambers of Supreme Values balance the HoS?
Where is the appeal process in the Judiciary?
What are the term limits?? Why lifetime appointments?
Why restrict the officers of government to such old ages? Why not start from 30+?

When you focus on your rights, you are actually focused on your limits. When you focus on the limitations of government, you are in-fact empowering your fellow citizens to keep your ideas safe and sound. I implore everyone to please focus on the rights of the HoS! (And the Supreme Justice...)

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Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 10:57 UTC

I am glad to see that the draft is finally up! 

I shall stand ready to compile all your suggestions. 

Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 11:33 UTC

I am curious about Article 9, paragraph 5, "Asgardian citizens must pay lawfully established taxes and levies."

What will be the nature of Asgardian taxes? And is such a system (requesting money from people) truly preferable over a system of donation (letting people choose whether they wish to give money to Asgardia)? One must remember that there is alot of people who are under the impression that Asgardia is more of a profit-driven corporate move than an actual nation; forcing people to give money to something which does not even have physical territories yet might be interpreted as fraudulent. 

My suggestion is that Article 9, paragraph 5, "Asgardian citizens must pay lawfully established taxes and levies", gets re-worded to "Asgardian citizens are not subject to taxes from Asgardia, however they must still obey the tax laws of their country of residence. Asgardian citizens may however choose to donate (or not) financial support to Asgardia government. "

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Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 15:27 UTC

Personally, the only request I have from all Asgardians, is to stay on focus! Quoting a friend, "Don't follow the rabbit down the hole!" While this is our Constitution, and we want it to be fair and just...this is also our Constitution. It's the building block for the foundation! It's only a block, it's not the entire building. 

Thanks for letting me rant for just a moment! I am so glad to see this now, and it keeps inspiring me even more to know that this nation is coming together!


Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 18:25 UTC

I am noticing that alot of the people's suggestions have indeed been thoroughly integrated into the draft. 

At first glance I find the draft to be highly representative of the people's will as posted for the last five months. The draft is well balanced, and even includes some fun stuff, such as the "urbocops" (a concept which was originally proposed by one of the members here on this forum). 

The tax thing really is my only concern, along with the nature of the Gor (and its name - I mean, can we not find a name less, um, "gory"? ). Other than that, I'm pretty much satisfied with the draft. 

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Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 18:27 UTC

Конституция Асгардии-это основа для нового Устава ООН.

The constitution of Asgardia is the basis for the new UN Charter.

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Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 19:11 UTC

Hi Lena

Article 9:6 Systematic derogation of this duty may lead to legal consequences in accordance with the law

Does derogation in this context mean non-participation?  If it does, legal consequences seems a little harsh?

Thank you

Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 20:14 UTC


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Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 20:14 UTC

Hi Lena

It seems a good question to ask as manifestos are being published for UK elections right now as it is customary to cost out proposals.  Do we know what the tax structure for citizenship of Asgardia will be / how much taxes will be.  Will it be a straight tax only structure, will there be an aspect of national insurance / will taxes be payable in work or just cash?  Many Asgardians will I expect need to budget ahead for the year!

Thank you

Gem 26, 01 / May 18, 17 20:16 UTC

Also could I ask why the constitutional monarchy route was taken over other forms?

Also there is a line about Heads of State havino immunity , does that mean they are shielded from certain legal issues?