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Re: Punishment vs Rehabilitation  

The problem with punishment versus rehabilitation is most judicial systems only ever punish criminals. I have ever only heard of one nation that does otherwise and has been having astounding success. Of course, there is a reason for this and it is as another Asgardian has said. The punishment of criminals has become a huge business in the West. So, rehabilitation which is harder and would cost way more than simply punishing them with at times ridiculously long prison sentences so it is not chosen as an option. Considering the dangers of the environment in which Asgardia is to be in. It is safe to say Asgardia should NOT have any capacity to house violent criminals under going rehab. Too many lives would be risked. Those types of criminals should be shuttled back to Earth to undergo rehab in an Asgardian facility and given the option to return home if they so choose when they are finished rehabbing

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Interesting. Not one person that has posted has actually worked with the criminally mentally ill, the deviate, the murderer. I spent 10 years working with the worse of the worse. I saw what they did, they played the game as long as it was going to lead them to what they wanted. When it doesnt they lash out quickly. I have watched inmates receive counseling, intense therapy sessions, yoga, medication, psychotherapy, and everytime I release one back to the world I always tell them I dont want to see you again. Inevitably I would see them in about 6 months back for another stint, going to college classes, learning a trade and then they come back again and again.

Most criminals are not going to want to go to space where their options are extremely limited. They cant escape, so they will not want to be there.

What you will find are petty theft, misappropriation of funds, corruption, mostly white collar crimes. Your not going to find the next Jeffry Dahmer, Ted Bundy, or Charlie Mason up there.

Rehabing the guy who stole an apple is easier than trying to rehab Jeffery Dahmer.

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For all actual crimes, I only support indentured servitude. It not only helps the victim through compensation, but will give the criminal an actual opportunity to make for a better life. But when you want to talk about victimless crimes (ex. restrictions on guns, drugs, alcohol, and so forth), that the two words can even be combined in any language is a travesty and a failure of mankind to begin with.

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I'd agree those two words, victimless cirme, are somewhat contradictory and really have no place combined in that form but "indentured servitude" doesn't really give the criminal any form of opportunity, and instead forms the core of a concept otherwise known as slavery. Taking place in an evironment - looking at currently manifesting variables such as advancements in "AI" and automation - where concepts like "employment" are antiquated.

Doesn't sound very progressive to me.

Concepts like scarcity will more than likely be dealt with before we'll actually have the capabilities to account for our population responsibly. This will take massive infrastructural developments just to build the supporting infrastructure and components that would make a concept viable. You're very unlikely to be lifting that from the surface of the Earth, with the means available today or envisionable future. Thusly monetary "solutions" are unlikely to be viable.

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What you have to understand DVK9 is those people were what you would call institutionalised. Since most nations punish rather than attempt to rehabilitate violent criminals. By giving them ridiculously long prison sentences they in return end up having to become animals to survive the harsh prison environment they find themselves in and while it maybe harder to rehabilitate a murder versus a thief. It does not mean that it can not and should not be done, it just means that it will take longer. But due to their greed the people who profit off of imprisoning criminals will never seek to rehabilitate such criminals.

While it is true that residing in Asgardia would limit a violent criminal's choices when it comes to something such as escaping capture. It would actually be a wiser idea to relocate to Asgardia than remaining on Earth for reasons that should be obvious and that I will not go into detail about. The problem with that Leo is it does nothing to solve the problem of crimes like murder being committed and continues the same cycle that keeps criminals who would commit such acts violent. By reducing them to animals by locking them in cages remember people act the way they are treated. Rehabilitation should be the answer or at least the attempted answer for anyone found guilty of committing a crime

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