Dec 25, 16 / Cap 24, 00 03:49 UTC

Re: Forum Feedback/Suggestions List  

U2F solves a different issue to the one I highlight. Insulating one software's use of 2FA from another piece of software does not stop a service authorised in the chain becoming compromised, and thusly allowing hostile actors to authenticate using those details. Which will then give them seamless access to all.

Dec 25, 16 / Cap 24, 00 10:30 UTC

Well lets end this discussion with a link to not longer run into off-topic:

Have a nice day.

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 04:26 UTC

Some additional improvements:

  1. The "Unread Topic" View should show the forum-path for each topic ( i would recommend a 85% font size for that information ) (UI Improvement)
  2. Forums with unread topics and unread topics should have a Different color in the list views. (UI Improvement)
  3. Locked topics should have a locked icon instead of the attached circled "x". f.ex.: (UI Improvement)
  4. Forums in list views should describe their purpose. (UI/UX Improvement)
  5. The "Subscribe" button should use AJAX/AJAJ for its purpose, a fly-over or modal should ask for confirmation. The page change is avoidable. (UX Improvement)

Optional things that might be handy:

  1. Logged-In Users should be able to request stickies inside the interface ( this feature depends hardly on the decision of the moderation team )
  2. A "open polls" view should be implemented. Maybe 2 different kind of polls ( important / regular ), so moderator could "stick" polls in that view by marking it important.
  3. horizontal divider between replies listed above the reply editor.
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Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 15:46 UTC

Since the inline links are not working and the list was growing very big, I decided to try out a new formatting style to fix the size and links. Let me know what you think.

Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 17:59 UTC

One thing i want to add also:

The unread topic view should be more manageable. I personally wouldn't know when some new topics has arrived in forums i don't want or i can't participate ( because of the language ). Therefore i suggest to make forums and sub-forums subscribable. The way this can be achieved could be a subscription blacklist ( at the database ) that blacklists forums from the unread topics view. Otherwise the unread topics feature went unusable to me.

@MaskedChimp: the new style looks good :)

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Dec 26, 16 / Cap 25, 00 19:48 UTC

Have a subforum that allows the user to see all recent threads regardless of the threads category. I feel as though this woul expand peoples horizons.

Have different themes for the forums, I tend to like dark themes becuase they burn my retnas less :)

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Jan 1, 17 / Aqu 01, 01 01:20 UTC

Better have some spam prevention plugins installed

Jan 3, 17 / Aqu 03, 01 19:11 UTC

Think about online chatrooms and ability to pass file Think about likes of topics to know its wheight About some picture that can viewed directrly in topics A tree or other pattern to found nearest citizen charactristic and mind

Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 19:55 UTC

I think, it will be helpful to have some sort of "New Official Topics" in addition to "Trending & Recent Posts", where we can find all of the latest forum announcements, "official posts" from ministries and threads from Civic.Asgardia, for example.

Sorry if this have been already mentioned.

Jan 15, 17 / Aqu 15, 01 16:12 UTC

add morocco Region

Jan 31, 17 / Pis 03, 01 23:48 UTC


I stumbled upon this topic after reading "Changes in the Pipeline" at

While all the suggested features are great, that immediately looked to me to be a huge waste of resources that could be better used to improve the Asgardia website itself.

It appears to me the IT team behind this website is essentially being asked to develop a whole forum from the ground up. That is an immense task to undertake; one that many more mature solutions have already tackled in far greater depth than any isolated team ever could. phpBB, vBulletin, Discourse, SMF are the most common packages available in that domain. I have seen them used by lots of websites that also have a separate user database like Asgardia has. These packages provide regular updates, especially to thwart security-related attacks that are certain to creep in when an isolated IT team tries to implement a forum on its own.

I hope my message did not seem condescending / offensive; my intention is only to see Asgardia prosper. Best regards

Feb 1, 17 / Pis 04, 01 01:15 UTC

There's even modules to drop phpBB into Drupal.

The only thing I'd classify in that list as a "waste of resources" would be item 6 - I can see legitimate purpose in the rest. Allowing HTML input might not be too clever. I'd really not imagine they'd build a forum from the ground up - it'd make far more sense to drop in an existing open source solution, least of all for the points you raise - What does concern me of that list is how long it takes to impliment.

Some of these should take seconds. Everything there has open source examples, as multiple varients across various languages.

Feb 1, 17 / Pis 04, 01 12:35 UTC

The confirmation on subscription request isn't really required. Any mis-clicks can be rectified immediately if the page reloads at the same scroll position. Testing with low-height windows makes it look like subscription completed, when infact the page is waiting for confirmation.

Feb 1, 17 / Pis 04, 01 18:55 UTC

Would it be possible to include a search function, its pretty hard to find a specific topic by scrolling down the list one by one. Including a search function will make the job much easier

Feb 1, 17 / Pis 04, 01 19:18 UTC

Search function is definitely on the request list(No 8 on: Doesn't appear to feature in the "in progress" list. Or at least the one I've been referencing. Unsure why, it should be trivial to achieve, and has clear purpose.

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