Space beer, yes or no.

Total votes: 34

85.3% Yes. Lets have a cold one.

14.7% No. It tastes like wee wee.

Asg 7, 01 / Jun 24, 17 23:17 UTC

Space beer!  

Enough conversation of all these trivial ;) topics like the constitution and voting. 

Lets talk about important things like space beer.

We're going to have it right? If not count me out.

Maby a space beer bottling company and we can ship it back to earth and charge all them rich folk a small fourtune. They ain't gonna know its just recycled urine with alcohol added :D



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Asg 9, 01 / Jun 26, 17 05:06 UTC

now ya talkin mate! Pour me a cold one will ya!

Asg 9, 01 / Jun 26, 17 13:45 UTC

Oah!! Demoted to the fun zone :(

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 16:53 UTC

Off course, I'm from Belgium and I can't live without beer.

Asg 10, 01 / Jun 27, 17 22:08 UTC

Hmmm. A nice asgardian ale sounds good about now.

Asg 11, 01 / Jun 28, 17 08:43 UTC

It is be nice. We drink.

Oct 28, 01 / Nov 4, 17 19:01 UTC

I'm Anglo-Asgardian and i love a good beer too, apparently all space beers have to have reduced carbonation to prevent burping. At least the zero gravity brews anyways. 

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Nov 13, 01 / Nov 17, 17 12:19 UTC

I wonder how zero-G would affect the fermentation process. (not in urine-beer, but in ACTUAL beer)

Jan 23, 02 / Jan 23, 18 12:10 UTC

Hard Yes! :D 

In specifically off-hours of course, and probably a limit to how much you are allowed to drink of course.

Turns out people have drank in space before, on the moon Buzz Aldren did communion, and Russians drank Coniac! But now Russians and NASA is not allowed to drink. But since we will be living in space for long periods of time/for the rest of our lives surely some Earth traditions can get into space.

I wish to know if marijuana consumption would be allowed as well XD

Feb 18, 02 / Feb 15, 18 12:15 UTC

Personally if booze is allowed marijuana should be. It's proven to be FAR more of a health benefit than drinking (which is no benefit to health). Also I worry if people got all fucked up and wrecked any part of the ship... That would be unacceptable. So I agree with the message above mine that it would have to be regulated really hardcore.

Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 15:42 UTC

I was thinking the same thing, pizzapal. We can make some tests, fermenting beer and wine... if it comes different, we can sell Asgardian Beer/Wine to earth, and start our own economy industry.

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Apr 9, 02 / Apr 3, 18 15:23 UTC

Been done

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